Bigtop Collectibles 1138 | Star Wars Superstore


Bigtop Collectibles 1138 | Star Wars Superstore

 12650 West 64th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80004

(303) 431-3757

What it is:

I had the pleasure of meeting Carlos Lopez, the owner, and talk with him about Bigtop Collectibles 1138. He has a sincere love for Star Wars and started collecting in 1991 when the Timothy Zahn books came out. He started buying and selling Star Wars collectibles in 1992 and has continued to this day. Hard core George Lucas fans will recognize the “1138” in their name – Bigtop Collectibles 1138.

Bigtop is the most amazing Star Wars Collectors store ever with the added bonus of having thousands of other collectible toys. They have an impressive collection of Hot Toys figures from some of the most popular current movies. From the video you can see the Avengers, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Star Trek and LEGOs!. This store opened on 12.12.12 but Bigtop Collectibles has been around since 1992.

IMG_3723 IMG_3713 IMG_3712 IMG_3709 IMG_3708 IMG_3703 IMG_3704

How Much it Costs:

They have figures from $5 to $300. I found many things very affordable and for the the discerning high end collector, very fair prices. I didn’t see any of the higher end items that were that were overpriced.

Is It Worth It?:

For the Star Wars collector, this is a must-visit store if you are in Colorado. There were items I haven’t seen anywhere else, except maybe online for outrageous prices. If you are into vintage Star Wars, they have a large assortment of pristine or nearly pristine still in the box play-sets and starships. It was simply amazing to see so much of it all in one place and in such great condition.

Bottom Line:

The thing I loved about Bigtop was how easy it was to find everything. The store is meticulously arranged in perfectly straight rows and perfectly organised. The display cases beautifully showed the higher end action figures.

Carlos, the owner,  told me that they are receiving something HUGE this week that no one in the state will have. He said it was Star Wars related and was such a cool big item that people from all around will come to check it out. He didn’t want to tell me exactly what it was, but we will cover it right here on Hush Comics for next month’s “Shut Up and Take My Money.” We can’t wait to find out what this item is!

Thank you to Carlos for the tour and the interview.

Bigtop Collectibles 1138 | Star Wars Superstore

 12650 West 64th Avenue, Arvada, CO 80004

(303) 431-3757

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