Familiar Faces Added to Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters Relaunch

Ghostbusters Cast

Paul Feig’s undoubtedly awesome all female Ghostbusters relaunch has added a few more familiar faces.

Michael K. Williams (The Wire, Community) will play a character named Hawkins, and Matt Walsh (Veep) will play a character named Rourke, but we have no idea who those people are and how they fit in to anything. Andy Garcia has joined the cast as the mayor of New York, and Cecily Strong (SNL) has joined the cast but we have no name or details on who she’ll play.

The plot of this movie is still top secret, so all we have to go on at this point are basically good vibes from the cast and a few shots on Instagram here and there. Personally, I’m still super stoked to see Chris Hemsworth take over Janine’s swivel chair as the new receptionist.

Source: The Wrap

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