Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 18, 2015

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be Indiana Jones?  Well the guys at Mythbusters have examined that for you.  Source: Discovery Channel

Kristen Stewart wants to be in a Captain America movie.  Source: Yahoo!

Because there is going to be a Suicide Squad movie, the TV series spin-off from Arrow is not happening.  Sigh.  Source: MTV

Reports say that a woman has been cast as a Stormtrooper in The Force Awakens.  Abrams is really causing some controversy with these Stormtroopers!  Source: Mirror

Mad Men and Bates Motel both have premiere dates! Set your DVR’s to April 5th for Mad Men and March 9th for Bates Motel. Source: Geek Tyrant


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 17, 2015

X-Files is on FOX’s radar. That’s right!  The network announced at the TCA that they are considering a reboot.  This is HUGE! Source: TV Line

Word on the street (ok, the internet) is saying that Tom Hardy left Suicide Squad because of a bad script and not much screen time. It looks like Deadshot (Will Smith) and The Joker (Jared Leto) will have the most story. This is not confirmed, and likely won’t be by the actor. Source: The Latino Review

Gotham has been renewed for season 2.  It also had the highest rated fall drama debut for FOX in 14 years.  Now that it has quite the future, we hope the show will go a little bit deeper into story lines instead of skimming the surface.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Frank Darabount of The Walking Dead fame has dropped out of directing The Huntsman, a sequel to the 2012 flick Snow White and the Huntsman.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Remember 5 years ago when RockBand was all the rage? Did you realize how silly you sound when singing “Chop Suey”? If this rekindled any love you had for the game, you could be in luck.  The games creator, Harmonix, released this survey.  Source: SurveyMonkey

According to Henry Cavill, cinematic expert, Batman v. Superman will make history and be a visual spectacle.  Source: Henry Cavill News

Felicity Jones (Oscar nominee for The Theory of Everything) spoke on her role as Black Cat.  Sorry fanboys. It looks like there are no current plans for her character in any upcoming films.  Source: Clevver Movies

Musical nerds: FOX is re-making Grease.  Set to star?  Julianne Hough as Sandy and Vanessa Hudgens as Rizzo.  Still waiting on a Danny, but we are already sold. Source: EW

FOX has so much news today! They also are considering bringing back 24 sans Kiefer Sutherland.  Source: IGN

Kit Harington knows one thing:  he wants to play Batman.  But the campy version.  Because superheroes are too broody.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Curious about how much The Interview ended up making? Well, Sony lost 30 MILLION dollars.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 16, 2015

Run the Jewels are finally getting the recognition they deserve. The rap duo composed of Killer Mike and El-P are hooking up with Marvel Comics for Howard the Duck (#2) and Deadpool (#45) variants. Even more interesting that this, or the free show in Denver on January 29th, is the successful Kickstarter for the charity release of Meow the Jewels – a reprise of their 2014 album with all cat sounds.  Source: Rolling Stone

In other music news, the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, Awesome Mix Volume 1, has been certified platinum. The compilation album fused generations and added the perfect ambiance to the film. Source: PR Newswire

The Heroes Reborn mini-series has found it’s lead in Chuck star Zachary Levi. Word is that the series will premiere in 2015. Source: CNET

A trailer for the upcoming Batman vs. Robin DC Animated movie has surfaced. After Son of Batman, I am ready for more Damian! The Court of Owls also make their DC Animated debut. Source: YouTube

There has also been a clip released for the Justice League vs. Bizzaro League animated movie. It looks like more of the same – and in terms of LEGO DC movies, that is just fine with me. Source: YouTube

Speaking of Bizarro, meet Nibor, Robin’s backward’s companion, in the Teen Titans, GO! episode “Robin Backwards.” Source: YouTube

Constantine may have been saved from the Friday night death slot and mid-season execution, but that doesn’t mean it’s guaranteed a second season. NBC execs claim that there are “too many superhero shows” on TV right now – not exactly sound logic, but it is NBC… Source: IGN

There will be no more Patrick Stewart in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. We’re getting a whole new gamut of characters, so this seems like a natural move forward for the franchise. Source: Yahoo! Movies

Matt Groening may get all the credit, but soon, The Simpsons will be yours to create thanks to Minecraft DLC available for Xbox consoles in late February. Sorry, PlayStationers.

So let’s add “Flash Appreciation Day” to the list of dumb sh*t that We the People have petitioned to the President in the past few years from comic book fans. Sad to say, the petition is over 99,000 votes short of its 100,000 required to be escalated. Way to exercise your Constitutional rights, guys. Source: We the People

The mobile game WWE Immortals has launched for iOS and Android devices. Imagine Injustice: Gods Among Us gameplay meets Mortal Kombat animation with WWE super-star moves. Oh, and it’s free.

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 15, 2015

Tom Hardy will NOT be in Suicide Squad afterall. It’s too bad.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

But… Jake Gyllenhaal is reportedly purported to take his place as Rick Flag.  It could be a really good casting choice.  Source: The Wrap

You can calm the hell down people: Tara Reid and Ian Ziering are going to be in Sharknado 3.  The world will be alright.  Source: EW

Idris Elba, God among men, is bringing the thriller Poe Must Die to the big screen as a trilogy. Edgar Allan Poe will be battling the forces of darkness.  Yup, that pretty much sums it up.  Source: Variety

Some images from the upcoming Harry Potter illustrated series have surfaced.  You can check them out from the actual artist’s site.  Source: Jim Kay

Emily Kinney has landed a guest role in the ABC series Forever.  Maybe they’ll figure out a way to bring her back on TWD? That would be a weird mash-up.  Source: EW

Image is continuing to flip it’s middle finger at the comic industry of old and creating their own mail-subscription order service.  You can find out more about it here, and sign up!  Source: Image

The newest Game of Thrones trailer has come out, and it’s pretty freaky.  Luckily, loyal fans have broken it down for you, so you don’t have to think too hard.  Source: The Huffington Post

The film American Drug Lord will star Jax Teller himself, Charlie Hunnam.  All we gotta say, is there better be some manbutt.  Source: Deadline

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 14, 2015

Kevin Conroy will be a voice in the upcoming animated Batman vs. Robin, but not the voice… rather he will be Thomas Wayne.  Oh and Weird Al will voice the Dollmaker.  Creepy.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Spider-Man will be in Avengers 3.  And there are a whole mess of other spoilers to do with the future of Marvel and Sony.  Only read this source if you want to be SPOILED!!!!  Source: The Latino Review


And then Sony promptly DENIED this “rumor.”  We shall see what comes of all this buzz.  Source: Comic Book Resources

Actor Devon Graye may be type-casted as a copycat actor. Getting his fame from playing a teenage Dexter Morgan (Dexter), he has now been cast as a new version of The Trickster on The Flash. Source:

Buncha new comic books came out yesterday, most notably Star Wars #1!  You can get a digital copy here!  Source: Comixology

Ross Marquand (he’s been in a bunch of independent stuff, but he’s from our home state of Colorado!) has been cast as a regular on The Walking Dead.  There is no official word yet who he will play, but speculation leads to Aaron, the scout for the Alexandria compound who finds our gang.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Coming in February 2015: The Crystal Ship. Without actually having to go by a replica 1986 Fleetwood Bounder (with bullet holes) from Breaking Bad, you can own the cute Pop! Funko version.  Source: Entertainment Earth

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 has begun filming.  Before you roll your eyes, there is a new director, there will be (for the first time ever in a film) BeBop and Rocksteady, and Casey Jones.  Source: Collider

Mike Myers just signed a 2 year contract with HBO.  It is unclear exactly what that means.  But it does look like there will be many different projects created by the comedian.  HBO is gold right now. Source: TV by the Numbers

Netflix and BBC’s agreement will END on February 1st.  If you haven’t caught up on your favorite British show yet, NOW IS THE TIME.  But if you have had plans to catch up on Doctor Who, it may be too late.  Source: SourceFed

A new Mortal Kombat X gameplay trailer has been released.  Kitana.  Kung Lao.  So exciting.

Avatar 2 has been delayed by a year because the writing is too complicated.  Perhaps that’s because FernGully 2 wasn’t the best source material for this film. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

28 Months Later is being discussed.  Because the zombie market isn’t over saturated.  Source: IGN

Sorry, ladies.  That Marvel book that would feature male superheroes in swim trunks has been CANCELED!  OUTRAGE!  Source: Tumblr

Game of Thrones fans!  Have you ever wanted to watch some crazy shit on the big screen in a room full of other people?  Season 4 episodes “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” are coming to an IMAX screen near you!  Check your local listings.  Source: IMAX

Image Comics is taking over! Diamond released the top Graphic Novels of 2014, and Image held 9 of the top 10 spots.  Source: Diamond Comics Distributors

China may soon become a hub for comic nerds.  According to Bloomberg, there will be a Batman themed casino built in Macau.  Always bet on the bat.  Source: Bloomberg


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 13, 2015

#SixSeasonsAndAMovie!  Community is coming to Yahoo! on March 17th.  Screw St. Patrick’s Day because the Greendale is back.  Source: Yahoo!

Remember how there will be a Green Arrow DLC for Lego Batman 3?  Well here is the trailer, and it is hysterical:

Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle has joined forced with ReedPOP, the group who puts on shows like C2E2 and New York Comic Con. Looks like this is the last year ECCC will be affordable. Source: ECCC

The team that brought you Gone Girl is going to remake Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. And yes, Ben Affleck will star.  Source: Deadline

In Sesame Street news, Macklemore made a guest appearance with none other than Oscar the Grouch.  You know it’s gotta be a kid-friendly “Thrift Shop” rendition.

Woody Allen is going to make his first ever television series through Amazon Studios. Looks like famous people really are above us peons.  Source: HollyWonk

Finally, Ghost in the ShellThe Jungle Book, and Pete’s Dragon all have release dates.  April 14, 2017, April 15, 2016 and August 12, 2016, respectively. Phew… we were worried about our plans for going to the theater for the next 3 years.  Now, we don’t have to worry anymore!  Source: IGN


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 12, 2015

Biggest news of the day: a brand-new trailer for Age of Ultron has debuted during the college football championship. It’s delicious. I might have to start building my own Hulkbuster.


I’m not sure how we missed this, but Tony Stark’s transparent phone seen in shots of The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron … is real. It won’t be released to the public, since such technology is reserved for billionaire, genius playboy philanthropists, but it will be an actual functional Samsung device. Source: International Business Times.


The final season of Parks and Recreation debuts tonight!


In other TV news, an introductory trailer has been released for iZombie, debuting on The CW March 17th, 2015 and based off the 2010 Vertigo series of the same name.


Okay, so don’t freak out, but Greg Capullo has posted some concept art for Batman: Endgame, including a drawing with Batman’s left hand replaced by a blade. As sweet as that sounds, hopefully Bruce Wayne does not go all Rick Grimes on us soon. Source: Twitter.


The Simpsons paid tribute to Charlie Hedbo in very classy fashion. Source: Time


Martin Luthor King Jr.’s biopic, Selma, is doing something pretty cool. Check out the link below for select cities that are giving away free tickets to the movie for 7th-9th grade students. Don’t be sad if your city if not among the list, because more will be announced tomorrow. Source:


The final season of Boardwalk Empire is out on home video today. This show had one of the greatest finales in recent memory, and neatly wrapped everything up by the series’ end. Link: Amazon.


Gotham will be coming to the circus! The Flying Graysons have been confirmed to appear on the show after some behind the scenes photos surfaced. I wonder if this means the appearance of Tony Zucco. Source: Ben McKenzie’s LiveJournal.


Still butt-hurt about the new lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode VII? Sucks for you! This fan has taken the time to show the world why this crossgaurd design is superior to the traditional one.


Mark your calendars, because The Late Show starring Stephen Colbert will debut on September 8th. Source:


Telltale Games (the ones behind story-driven games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones) will soon be making a new, original game as part of their expansion, which includes Borderlands and Minecraft titles. I’m personally happy to see a creative (and affordable) change in the market – proving that not all games need to be “epic” to  be enjoyable. Source: IGN.


Lando is back! Original Star Wars star Billy Dee Williams will reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in next week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels. Taylor has been reviewing the series thus far and has given it high praises, so if you’re on the fence about it, Lando’s appearance may give you the push you need to see it. Source: EW.

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 11, 2015

The Golden Globes happened.  There were jokes, laughs, and many boring parts.  You can see all the winners here.  Check out Common’s acceptance speech for his (and John Legend’s) win for Best Original Song in a Movie, “Glory”, for Selma.

The Disney Channel is making a made-for-TV remake of Adventures in Babysitting.  C’est la vie… there will be no “don’t fuck with the babysitter” line.  Source: E!

This is Firestorm’s costume in The Flash.  It’s pretty cool, but looks like it could get upgrades over time.

DC character Vixen is getting her own animated show online.  Don’t know Vixen?  She is basically an Animorph, but she doesn’t look like the animal she has become.  Source: Superhero Hype

Yesterday at TCA had a lot of CW related announcements.  Among them:

Brandon Routh, aka The Atom, maybe getting his own show.  Source:

Arrow and The Flash both got renewed for next year. Source: EW

And yeah, Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash – or rather, a Reverse Flash. Source: CBR


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 10, 2015

Today is football day in most houses as the Dallas Cowboys come up short against the Green Bay Packers and our hometown Denver Broncos aim to destroy the Indianapolis Colts. Go local sports team!

AMC is making moves in 2015! First, there is the new extended trailer for Better Call Saul. It looks like the show will depend more on Bob Odenkirk’s range than zany situations, a pleasant surprise to me. Also, it seems that this will be an all-Saul first season, as Breaking Bad stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will not be appearing in the premiere season. Source: EW.

Speaking of Breaking Bad, BuzzFeed put together a list of the “36 Times Breaking Bad Was The Cleverest Show On Television.” And it is awesome. There are even a few that we missed in our BrBa coverage. I’m going through withdrawals of that show. Source: BuzzFeed.

With Boardwalk Empire and Mob City over, AMC’s Making of the Mob seeks to fill your gangster needs. Focusing on the original five families that organized crime, this eight-part mini-series will debut sometime in mid-2015. Source: AMC.

House is back in the house! AMC’s upcoming The Night Manager, a mini-series based off the 1993 espionage novel by John le Carré, has just tacked on actors Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston. As if you weren’t already interested. Source: Nerdist.

Ready for the fanciest movie ever made? Starz is making a movie of the classic play The Dresser, and it will star Sir Anthony Hopkins and Sir Ian McKellen. Bow down to royalty! Source: EW.

Creepers have peeped The Flash‘s Barry Allen locking lips with Iris West. Are people getting a little too invasive with these set photos? We think so. Source: Facebook.

Mythbusters to test the science of The Simpsons. D’oh! How many donuts can a human eat? Source: Screen Rant.

The results from Ubisoft’s survey regarding the setting of Far Cry are in. And guess what? DINOSAURS win by at least 4x the votes of the next closest vote (Spaghetti Western). Source: IGN.

Finally, there is now a Princess Bride game available for iOS. It’s a collection of mini-games that’s full of the spirit of the movie; might be a bit over-priced, but looks like a lot of fun. Source: iTunes.

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 09, 2015

Diamond Comic Distributors released the top comics of 2014.  The shocker (to us)?  All four of the Death of Wolverine books made the top ten.  Source: Diamond Comic Distributors

Do you still play WOW?  Dark Horse Comics is giving you a reason to ditch your raid in November , because they will be releasing a new comic series titled World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1. Source: Dark Horse

So the reason that Viola Davis as Amanda Waller has yet to be confirmed is because the studio is trying to tap her for more than one movie.  It’s all rumor-ville at this point.  But it could happen, so here ya go.  Source: The Wrap

A crime solving pony?  An adorable baby? Two sets of multi-cultural twins? Why it’s the 16 best show out of 31 (according to The Hollywood Reporter)… season two of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver!  Catch the trailer below and set your DVR for February 8th.

Marvel is clearing things up. It seems like they were going to release all their planned Netflix shows in 2015.  That isn’t the case.  The gist: they’ll all be a year apart from each other.  Source: USA Today

Hot Toys teased the release of their Avengers: Age of Ultron line.  Why does everything have to be teased?! Source: Superhero Hype

Remember the feel good 70’s Disney musical Pete’s Dragon? If you keep up with pop culture news, you may know that Disney is remaking it, and just recently they cast Michael C. Hall (Dexter) and Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games, American Horror Story: Freakshow).  What a creepy cast for a story about a boy who is raised by a dragon.  Source: Variety

Minority Report is about to be a television series.  FOX ordered the series, which will be set 10 years after the film.  It’s bound to be damn good sci-fi… let’s just hope FOX doesn’t put it in the Friday night graveyard *cough* Firefly and Fringe *cough*. Source: EW

Can February 8th just get here already?!  The Walking Dead released the season 5 midseason teaser. While there isn’t much on the spoiler end (unless you haven’t seen the first half), the teaser shows a whole lot of bad-ass-ness. The comic book-esque silhouettes are gorgeous, and the many weapons are a spotlight.  Check it out below:

And now for the biggest news of the day:

Deadpool is gonna die, ya’ll.  Yup, Marvel is just killin’ off their best characters.  Pretty soon all they’ll have is Jubilee.  In the newest “we gotta kill someone so we can sell a bunch of comics” stunt, Deadpool will kick the bucket in Earth-616 in the 250th issue. I wish I knew when I was gonna die.  Source: The Nerdist