Power Couples: The Top 10 Couples in Comic Books Today

To celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, we are listing out the Top Ten duos in comic books today. In the spirit of the holiday, this list isn’t exclusive to romantic couples; bromance, womance and other creepy forms of couples-ship are represented here.


1.) Alana & Marko (Saga)

Power Couples - Alana and Marko

There couldn’t be any other couple at the top of our list. Alana and Marko are what Romeo and Juliet would have been if they weren’t both giant pussies. Love forged in wartime is especially difficult when the two parties have guns pointed directly at each other. Somehow these two fugitives managed to escape all sorts of danger on their way to having a baby, and temporarily sharing a nice, quiet life. They have problems just like any other couple, and are willing to risk horn and wing to keep their family safe and together. This isn’t just called a fantasy series for the pissing dragons and robot TVs; this is the quintessential relationship, the taboo story between star-crossed lovers with the guts to keep fighting.

2.) Susie & John (Sex Criminals)

Power Couples - John and Susie

While not your traditional super-powered protagonists, Susie and John share quite the special bond. Their ability to freeze time and commit crime after orgasming is a telltale sign that they are in sync as two people can possibly be. This super-weird ability aside, they are two of the most realistic characters in the pages of comic books today. They deal with everyday problems just like the rest of us, but are a model for how two flawed people can come together and find solace in each other’s Quiet.

3.) Superman & Wonder Woman

Power Couples - Superman and WW

If any couple here embodies the phrase “Power Couple,” it’s these two juggernauts – hell, the name of their first graphic novel is Superman/Wonder Woman: Power Couple. One an indestructible alien, the other a Princess of the Amazons and Goddess of War, that’s just about as powerful as you can get; all that’s left is for them to release a cover of “Drunk in Love” and it’s official. These two kick ass because their stories are not dependent on each other. Superman is going strong without even a reference of Diana, while Wonder Woman has the new Goddess of War concerned with much bigger problems. Yet, together they are a solid team, focused on one goal in one solid book.

4.) The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl & Tippy Toe

Power Couples - Squirrel Girl and Tippy Toe

Not every close friendship needs to be between two humans. Equipped with her pink bow tie, Tippy Toe is Squirrel Girl’s best friend. As Doreen Green embarks on a journey through college, Tippy keeps her grounded by reminding her of how proud she should be of who she is, what she does and where she comes from. I can’t say enough how great it would have been to have an encouraging friend like Tippy when I went to college. Tippy is down for Doreen, and even jumps in the middle of a fight between her and Kraven to save her. Only two issues in, and I am considering getting myself a pet squirrel.

5.) Spider-Man & Silk

Power Couples - Spidey and Silk

Holy pheromones, Batman! Since joining the Spidey-group right before Spider-Verse, Silk and our Peter Parker have had an animalistic attraction to each other. Watching them in work must have been twice as insulting for the bad guys they took down, who get the crap beaten out of them, then get to watch Spidey and Silk slobber all over each other while they bicker about who looked better doing it. Silk gets her own series next week, but you can’t keep her and Peter away for long. This relationship is one based off ass-kicking and making sweet spider love; what else do you need?

6.) Batman & Joker

Power Couples - Batman and Joker

Ah, crazy love. There is definitely some hate love in this relationship. During the Death of the Family storyline, Batman broke Joker’s heart. The yin and yang that the two had was completely thrown for a loop when Batman put an end to Joker’s game when he threatens to reveal the Joker’s secret identity. Oddly enough, it turns out that Joker knew Batman’s secret identity the whole time, but was only interested in the charade the played. It was theater to him – a loving partnership. Now that we’re in the thick of Endgame, we’re seeing a lover scorn. Joker is not taking any prisoners this time, and in reality, just seems to be really butt-hurt that the Batman doesn’t want to play with him.

7.) Tony Stark & Tony Stark

Power Couples - Tony Stark and Tony Stark

Nobody loves Iron Man quite like Iron Man can. In the relatively fresh Superior Iron Man series, Tony Stark has developed a mobile app based off the Extremis technology, transforming citizens into images of perfection – for an unprecedented fee, of course. This kind of ego stroking is just what makes Tony Stark the Kanye West of the comic book world. Everybody wishes they could find somebody who loves them like Tony Stark loves himself. It’s non-stop hilarity for readers, and hands-down the most self-adoring relationship out there.

8.) Hawkeye & Hawkguy

Power Couples - Hawkeye and Hawkguy

There’s no romance here… I hope. Kate Bishop and Clint Barton are like a big brother and little sister, and are both Hawkeyes. During the 21 issue run of Hawkeye (and the Hawkeye vs. Deadpool mini-series), they have been freelancing their way across the Marvel Universe as a crime-fighting powerhouse. There’s plenty of bickering and fighting, but even more kicking ass to save each other from sticky situations. With Fraction & Aja’s run ending soon, I hope that Kate Bishop doesn’t fall to the wayside. Then again, that’s something that the Clint Barton I know would never allow.

9.) Carl Grimes & Lydia (The Walking Dead)

Power Couples - Carl Grimes and Lydia

If you’ve been following The Walking Dead, then you know it has been a hard knock life for Carl Grimes. Mom? Dead. Sister? Dead. Right eyeball? Dead. Safe to say, he’s been through some shit. This whole time, he hasn’t really ever had a friend who can understand what he’s been through. Sure, there’s Sophia, but aside from losing loved ones, she hasn’t really ever seen the dark side. I mean, Carl’s a guy who talked with Negan for consultation. One day alone in a cell with one of the Whisperers, Lydia, and Carl are smitten. The jury is still out on this one, as there’s a good chance Carl is getting played, but for the moment, Lydia seems to be the best possible thing for Carl right now.

10.) Mark & Maggie (Postal)

Power Couples - Maggie and Mark from Postal

We don’t know too much about Mark and Maggie yet. We know she is his waitress and he is a regular in her section. We also know that she feeds into his OCD by stacking his fries just right. Maggie is nice to Mark. Therefore, Mark wants to have sex with Maggie. Even though Maggie, like the rest of the town, has a record, she seems like the type of gal Mark will want on his side when shit hits the fan. Together, they are better. – Adrian





Shut Up and Take My Money: Avengers Iron Man Power Bracelet

The money in our bank account is limited, so how unfair is it that there are endless gadgets, collectibles and toys out there that demand to be purchased? Let us help you sift through the crap, so you don’t can save that hard-earned cash for the things that deserve it. In other words, we give you the power to go to the counter and say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”


Item: Avengers Iron Man MAGTITAN NEO LEGEND Bracelet (Carbon Fiber/Titanium)

What it is: For people who want to look like Tony Stark but don’t exactly have the funds of a billionaire, genius playboy, this item is for you. This bracelet isn’t just a replica of the band Tony Stark wore in the Avengers; it is the actual product itself. It is claimed that these are limited edition but I’d be willing to bet that a simple search of the internet will allow you to snag one from somewhere. This is constructed from Titanium, Carbon Fiber, and Stainless Steel which is held together by a high quality epoxy resin. This is constructed from only the best materials. The only thing that is missing is the Mark VII armor that it is supposed to control.

How much it costs: List price is $200 but there are varying discounts around the internet that can be taken advantage of to score one as low as $150. Some websites say that it is Limited Edition but it seems to be easy enough to get one if you really want one.

If it’s worth it or not: If you are the type of guy or gal that thinks it’s worth it to spend money on any type of fashion then I think this could make a nice addition to anyone’s wardrobe. It has nothing but positive reviews on varying sites, however, it does mention to measure you wrist first and to make sure you order the appropriate size. There is nothing like paying good money for something only to have it not fit appropriately. Returning through the internet is a pain in the butt so make sure to order the proper size. Measure twice buy once.  I personally think it is worth it and I am seriously considering adding this to my collection; even if I don’t wear it often, it is still a cool piece of movie memorabilia.

photo courtesy of Amazon.com

The bottom line: If you aren’t into wearing jewelry or a big Iron Man fan, steer clear; however, if you are looking for a solid piece of jewelry to add to the collection, I would recommend giving this serious consideration. At this price point and these construction materials, you really can’t go wrong

Anything you feel this article is missing? Are you wondering whether or not a certain product is worth grabbing? Let us know!

Written by Robert Michael

Iron Man 3 Review

Did Iron Man 3 live up to expectations?

Yes and no.

Last summer at San Diego Comic Con there was such a big deal made about the suits.  They had them all lined up in their glass boxes being ogled by all, even people who weren’t at the con.  It was such a big deal to have all those suits there.  And to have RDJ there promoting the third film in front of the suits was surreal. So it was a little disappointing that the suits weren’t in the majority of the film.  The majority of the film was really a lot of Tony being a little cuckoo about the wormhole in NYC.  It was a great way to tie in The Avengers plot into this Iron Man film, but the Tony Stark from the comics (yes I’m about to get comic book geeky) is a raging alcoholic. Having a few anxiety attacks anytime someone (mostly children) mentions New York or the wormhole seems to take away the serious aspect of Tony’s life.  It also seems apropos to cast Robert Downey Jr. as the hero with a substance problem.  I mean, isn’t that who Robert and Tony are?  I would have given kudos to the writers had they entered that into the plot. Now that I’m done bashing, I actually did like the movie.  The first scene in Switzerland is brilliant. Tony is rude, his girlfriend is smart, Guy Pearce is crazy and Jon Favreau is comedic.  The song “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” fits the tone for the Iron Man franchise.  Tony’s treatment of Aldrich Killian sets up the antagonist easily for the rest of the movie. The rest of the movie is mostly about how Stark is coping with what happened in New York and The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) and how to keep Pepper happy.  There is very little action, until the final scenes.  The suits are only important because they are what stand between Pepper and Tony being as close as they had been.  His “tinkering” is causing distance between the lovers.  He uses them as his “hobby” but as Pepper says, they really are his “distraction.” The best part of the movie was the banter between Tony, now “The Mechanic” and the little boy Harley in Rose Hill.  Their scenes were some of the funniest, but also is the time when Tony can come to peace with a lot of what he has been feeling.  And when all is reconciled, who wouldn’t want the garage that Harley gets at the end? The best line is in the fight between Stark and Ellen Brandt.  Ellen says, “Is that all you’ve got? A cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner?”  To which Tony replies, “Sweetheart, ‘a cheap trick and a cheesy one-liner’ could be the name of my autobiography.”  And really it could be the name of this film.  They cheesy one-liners were really what made the film so good to me.  Robert Downey Jr. has great comedic timing as Stark.  And because Iron Man was stripped away from him for the majority of the film, he had to rely on his cheap tricks a lot.  It is a good thing to see the hero be vulnerable. Ben Kingsley was spot on as The Mandarin.  He was scary.  He was full of theatrics.  SPOILER!  He actually was an actor, which I think was great.  The Mandarin is really Trevor, just a junkie who wants to act.  And then Guy Pearce.  He is so good at being bad.  The British Brad Pitt.  Not as good looking and not as lovable.  His Extremis project is really one of the few things that can stop Iron Man.  It is smart and evil.  Pepper calls it, saying it is “highly weaponizable.”  It is hard to feel bad for Aldrich, even after he is snubbed in that elevator in Switzerland.  He just has an evil aura about him and you always no he is up to no good.  Those are some good acting chops on Pearce’s behalf. My last thought about the movie is how it ends.  Pepper Potts saves the day.  I am all for woman power and female strength.  My favorite things in the world promote it.  But those women are strong in every aspect and have always had a strength in their characters.  Paltrow and the writers have always portrayed Potts as Stark’s business savvy, wide-eyed girlfriend.  She has never been as smart, as funny, or as experienced.  And yet she saves the day.  It didn’t go with who she has always been.  I think it is wonderful she didn’t need to be the damsel anymore.  But after being utterly terrified to jump into her Superhero boyfriends arms and instead falling hundreds of feet into a pit of fire, it seems out of place to make her save Tony in the end.  And then to turn wide-eyed and say, “That was really violent.”  That’s the life you’ve been living, sweetheart.  I just didn’t think it meshed. At the end, Iron Man is gone and we just have Tony Stark.  What does that mean for the next installment of The Avengers?  I would assume he will have to find a happy balance between being Iron Man and Pepper.  He will have to deal with the wormhole.  Or he may not be in it at all.  But I find that hard to believe, but after all, he is Iron Man.

written by Adrian Puryear