The Walking Dead Review – “Try” S5E15


Michonne punches out Rick: Hey! He had it coming. It’s just too bad she didn’t get there sooner – or that no one else from the group decided to jump to the plate.

The Walking Dead - "Try"

Sasha, Michonne and Rosita vs. every Walker in Virginia: Despite Sasha’s bad choice, the battle scene where the three women take on the walkers was sick. I’m going to go a little 90’s here and declare this was absolute Girl Power. The difference between the 90’s and 2015 is that two of the women are black and one is Latina. My favorite part of the whole thing was when Rosita kicked the walker’s leg to break it, and then stabbed it in its head. I just thought this was brilliant because it is unlikely a woman her size would be able to pull off mass zombie murder with zombies at full capacity. Also, I’m glad Sasha isn’t the only one with PTSD. Michonne exhibited flashbacks that A) proved that our group belongs in the wild and B) reminded us of the brutality Michonne is capable of.

Carl and Enid standing in a tree, H-O-L-D-I-N-G … hands: I am about to ‘ship Enid and Carl, I swear. Enid tells Carl that they belong in the wild, and obviously I couldn’t agree more. When a small hoard of walkers comes their way, Enid finds a hollowed out tree. Even though Chandler Riggs admitted he was uncomfortable with the scene, the two young actors were really able to pull off the chemistry. The characters are both young, both smart, both strategically inclined, and both mysterious to one another. I just hope (like REALLY hope) Enid doesn’t turn out to be evil. By the way, am I the only one who sees the connection between Carl and Enid a hell of a lot more than the one with Rick and Jessie?

The Walking Dead - "Try"

Daryl, as usual, is so damn cool: Arrow through the walker eye and finding the freshly Black Dahlia-ed chopped up walkers. I just hope that his lack of scenes lately don’t mean the finale will give us lots of screen time and then…you know. 

The Walking Dead - "Try"

Sam hides behind Carol: When the fight is going on, Jessie and Pete’s son, Sam, hides behind Carol. I thought this brief scene showed us a lot about the family dynamic; he didn’t hide behind his mom or older brother, but rather the day with the guns because he knows she can protect him.

Glenn is straight to the point: Unlike Nicholas, who I call “pussy boy” now, Glenn cares about people, and in a really messed way, he cares about Nicholas. But still hates his guts. Glenn’s speech about staying inside the walls was the nice version of Carol’s cookie speech, yet still chilling. Go Glenn! 


Rick Grimes Decision Making: Wanna know the difference between Season 5 Rick and Season 1 Shane? At least Shane thought Rick was dead before he tried to bang the wife. What made Rick think going to Pete and Jessie’s home when Pete wasn’t there was a good idea? And why doesn’t Rick just leave when Pete gets home? Dumb. Also, bringing the fight to the street (albeit it is in the comic), was over the top and silly. And then for Rick to pull his gun on the people was a sure way to get kicked out.

The Walking Dead - "Try"

Jessie’s need to feel special: When Jessie asks Rick if he would protect anyone else like this and he tells her “No” (gag), she is willing to go with him. Um, wouldn’t you want the police officer of the town to take care of everyone, not just you? Double gag.

Nine Inch Nails Montage: Did anyone else burst out laughing when Nine Inch Nails was playing while there was a montage of Carol baking a casserole? It’s just silly.

Easter Eggs:

The Fight: Rick and Pete really do fight over Jessie and end up flying out the window into the street for all to see.

The Walking Dead - "Try"

Michonne punches Rick: Michonne did punch out Rick in the comics to get him to calm down after he pulled the gun on the people of Alexandria.


Daryl, Carol, or Glenn will bite the dust: One of these three will die in next week’s finale. There are too many hints to this happening. And it makes me sad.

Other Things and Stuffs:

-Is there a window repairman in Alexandria?
-If so, where does he get the glass? Or does he blow it himself like a colonial in Jamestown?
-Who does laundry? Do they have washers and dryers? Do they do their own laundry?
-Why is every decoration on the wall in each home really creepy?

Music from the Episode:

The song that played while Aiden’s family mourned him and Carol baked furiously was Nine Inch Nails’ “Somewhat Damaged.”


Hush Comics gives “Try” a B for all the emphasis on the power on the female, but for downgrading this power by giving Jessie a damsel in distress persona and for Rick feeding into that.