The Walking Dead Review – “Spend” S5E14


Noah, in it for the long haul: I still think Noah is the reason Tyreese died, but he redeemed himself as a human being a lot this episode. He was a pretty good shot, saving the group many times. He joked about wanting to practice shooting on Aiden, which is pretty relateable. He asked about learning to be an architect. In general, he did pretty good things. His death was unnecessary, unless you count the fact the actor, Tyler Jesse Williams, got another acting gig. His notebook with the line, “This is the beginning” just added to how Noah was just about to make a break through and is gone too soon.

Abraham the Builder: Abraham was a BAMF this time around. He has had a rocky past, but this episode, and his new job, put him back in his element. He saved Francine (new lover alert!) when Tobin was a total puss, he got the rest of the group to follow him, and now he is in charge of building the wall. Bonus points for proclaiming “Mother Dick” before his major carnage scene, which may I add, included a mace. Ah, yeah.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

Eugene the Coward: Eugene may be a total idiot, but he was an endearing one in “Spend.” He admitted he was a coward, but got some balls and got an ailing Tara out of danger, shot walkers on the way out, and basically saved Glenn (and Nick by default). He also refuses to leave without his group, despite the threat of death from Nick. Fuckin’ Nick. Eugene, you are an ok guy.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

Sam the Sage: Sam, the little boy who has quite the sweet tooth, is pretty smart. When he keeps trying to talk to Carol and she won’t have it, he says “We don’t have to be friends; it just doesn’t have to be quiet.” I like that. I like it a lot.

Glenn: Glenn was a great leader. He tried. He is my favorite in the show right now, so maybe I’m biased. Noah’s death will surely have an effect on him. Poor Glenn.


Too Much Gore: I’m sorry, but this episode was too bloody. I have never complained before, but I just thought it was cheesy this time. Ok, I’m not really sorry.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

The whole run scenario, really: The run to get the Micro Inverters in general pissed me off. Why not try to kill the walkers while they were behind the gate? In the comics, stabbing walkers through a chain link fence is employed more often than not. If they had done that from the beginning, they may not have lost so many people in the warehouse. Aiden was a dumbass who got instant karma for continuing to shoot the Army walker. And Nicholas is a little selfish bitch baby. Boo.

Rick Grimes, defender of owl statues: So Rick’s patrol includes him finding Jessie cleaning up the remnants of the broken owl statue. His first question is if she has any enemies. He may have been flirting, but it sure didn’t sound like it. It is so obvs he likes her, which seems like a bad move being the new guy in town and all. When her husband, Pete, comes to pay Rick a visit and pretty much says “I know about you and my wife” without actually saying it, Rick toys with taking his wedding ring off. Later he does, and it feels a little soon to fall that quickly for this woman. All she did was cut his hair and hold his baby. I guess it is slim pickins in the apocalypse.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

Kill ‘Em All!: Ok, maybe not all, but Carol’s first suggestion about Pete beating up Jessie is to kill him. Um? That is the first option? Not divorce? Couple’s counseling? A makeshift jail for domestic violence. Nope. Kill him.

Carol in general: Carol was a total b-word this episode. And for kind of no reason other than she is still salty for getting caught. Sam is just a little boy who wants cookies. Her attitude toward him was uncalled for.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

Father Gabriel: Eat your strawberries, Judas. I cannot get over this guy. Does he not realize he would be dead without our group? Ugh. Maybe I’m bitter because he doesn’t turn on everyone in the comics.

The Walking Dead - "Spend"

Easter Eggs:

Abraham at the Wall: Abraham really does save a lady at the wall building that Tobin leaves behind. Her name was Holly. Then they banged and Rosita was sad. Bound to happen here, too.


Deanna doesn’t believe Gabriel: I’m sorry, but if someone knocked on my door and started telling me that Satan disguises himself as the Angel of Light out of the blue, I would tell them to take a hike. Deanna is nicer than I am, but she didn’t seem to really believe what he was saying. Let’s hope that is case. What she will do about it, I don’t know.

Carol: I think Carol might die. She is getting a little out of hand. She is the bad guy. I’m surprised Daryl hasn’t said anything yet. When he gets back, he might have to take matters into his own hands. I’m not saying he’ll kill her, but maybe a stern look.

Pete: Yeah, Pete will die though.

Other Things and Stuffs:

-Did we need a 3 second shot of Daryl and Aaron leaving to recruit? Can’t decide.

-In the song playing in the van, the woman says “You’re going to die” as the shot cuts to Noah shrugging. Yeah, I shoulda seen that coming.

-If you can’t shoot a walker in the head, shoot them Eugene style! First in the crotch, then in the head.

-What was that weird yelling when Father Gabriel leaves Deanna’s house? That was strange.

-I can’t tell if Deanna is mad that our group is better than hers, or if she regrets letting them in.

Music from the Episode:

The terrible dub-step song that Aiden played in the van on the way to the run is called “Internet Friends” by Knife Party.


Hush Comics gives “Spend” a C+ for too much gore, making “us” the bad guys a little too much, but for still making me care about people the second before they die.

All images belong to AMC and are credited to Gene Page.

The Walking Dead Review – “Forget” S5E13


Carol, Harbinger of Nightmares: Honestly, she could have just said to me that I would be outside the wall and tied to a tree. I would have said, “Hey, Lady, you’re secret is safe with me. Now can I have the whole batch of cookies?!” I would have also peed and wept. But she kept going… and going. She is the Energizer Bunny of causing nightmares for curious little boys who might be a little too attached to their mommies. And I like it.

I brought cookies!
I brought cookies!

Daryl-centric episode: While Rick and Carol had their fair share of screen time, I really thought this episode was all about Daryl. The scenes with Daryl and Aaron outside the walls were particularly profound. I loved the line, “The longer they’re out there, the more they become what they really are.” He was referring to Buttons, the horse (RIP), but I really liked how much that line reflects on Daryl and our group. Daryl tried to get the horse to come to him and said, “You used to be somebody’s now you’re just yours.”

While the comparisons to Daryl and the wild horse were uncanny, what is even more uncanny is the amount of women in America who are now fantasizing Daryl the Cowboy… or Horse Whisperer? I’m not sure. Anyhow, Daryl being the other recruiter seems like a good fit for him. He can be out there without having to be out there. The problem with the horse is that he always ran – when he stopped running, that’s when he bit the dust. Daryl can’t do that so running via recruiting is a great option. Also, his table manners are great.

Aaron and Daryl: They work really well together. As long as all goes well, it will be cool to see the “outsiders” of Alexandria working outside the walls to kill the walkers and save the people. Aaron also seems to be one of the few people to get through to Daryl and his sensitive side. The moment when Aaron told Daryl that he can tell the difference between the good guys and the bad guys was a pivotal one for our biker redneck hero.

The Walking Dead - "Forget"

The Scarlet Letter: While Jessie’s husband has a red “A” stamped on his hand, it seems more significant that Rick gets the stamp on his had from her son. At the end of the episode they flash their “A”s at each other with big smiles, and then Rick goes to the wall and stares at his hand while listening to a walker. Jessie and Rick deserve the scarlet A for Adulterer, but neither of them is your regular Hester Prynne. I just like the imagery here.

Sasha: Sasha had some pretty important scenes this episode, too. She’s going through some serious PTSD. Which honestly, it seems a little weird that more of our group isn’t going through this. Anyhow, Sasha takes some random family’s pictures out and practices shooting, freaks out at the party about her favorite meal, and volunteers to stay in the clock tower as a lookout. After everything this girl has been through, I don’t blame her. I also love that they are making her the “Andrea” of the group, since this is the route Andrea takes (Because she isn’t dead in the comics. See the Easter Eggs for more!).

The Walking Dead - "Forget"

Dub-ya: The walker Carol killed with the “W” on it’s forehead was a nice way of continuing that mystery without making it overkill. I like that I am guessing on this one.


No Father Gabriel or Eugene or Tara: It’s not like the are really integral characters, or that I’m too hurt by it, but can you imagine Eugene at that dinner party? Because it would be pretty funny.

Michonne and Abraham: Ok, the whole conversation was pretty good on the surface. Michonne and her sword are an amazing partnership, and Abraham talks about that extensively. But the whole thing seemed a bit.. sexual? I don’t know, but there was chemistry there, and I don’t approve.

Ricktatorship: Rick Grimes is the bad guy, people. I don’t care how sexy Andrew Lincoln’s scruff is, or how sexy his come hither look to Jessie was, Rick is bad! He has a stolen gun on him, which he is semi-flashing around town by always holding onto it. And he grabbed for it when he saw Pete and Jessie walking away. You can’t just kill a guy to get some punanny, Rick. That is wrong so wrong! Also, him saying the Alexandria community is lucky now that they have him…ew.

The Walking Dead - "Forget"

Deanna: I don’t know why, I just don’t like her. Maybe it’s because her tiny face always looks too squinty. But also because she isn’t that smart. How is it that she doesn’t understand why Sasha isn’t dealing well in this situation? It totally makes sense, so for her to question it is silly. She seems to be a big picture person, which is always needed. But for her to think in terms of industry and commerce is a little too far in the future. Additionally, her “return” for Sasha being the lookout is to come to her party because then “she’ll see.” She’ll see what? And what kind of return favor is that? I just don’t trust this.

Easter Eggs:

The Sword: When Michonne finally starts feeling comfortable, she does hang her sword above the fireplace in her home in Alexandria. She also talks to her katana.

The Walking Dead - "Forget"

THIS IS WHAT YOU WORRY ABOUT?: This scene was very similar to one is Issue 72 where instead of Sasha (because she doesn’t exist in the comics) Michonne freaks out on a group of ladies in Alexandria.

Sasha the Sharpshooter: Andrea and Sasha have a lot in common. They both lost their siblings and lovers in the apocalypse. In fact Bob was taken out the same way Dale was in the comics. And since Dale was Andrea’s much older boyfriend in the comic, this makes sense. Additionally, Andrea and Sasha are pretty damn good shots. Sense we don’t have Andrea in the show anymore, I really am digging this Sasha as her replacement thing.

Spencer: Spencer, Deanna’s son, is a “lookout” in the tower. He technically isn’t assigned there, but now that Sasha is, he will be. In the comics, he is the charismatic son of the politician Douglas Monroe. He also likes Andrea and gets a little pushy with her, but Andrea lets him down gently, a lot. It looks like the same relationship is already forming with Sasha, aka the New Andrea.

Pete and Jessie’s Relationship: Pete is pretty curt with Jessie about going to get the drinks at the party. There is some tension going on there, and this will continue, as it does in the comics. And now I shall stop for fear of spoilers.

Tobin: Tobin is the man who offers to teach Carol how to shoot a gun. In the comics, Tobin is an Alexandria community member. He is part of the construction crew and cares more about himself than others, as he is the cause of death of several people when he is too worried about his own hide.

Noah: While Noah isn’t in the comics, Glenn and Maggie seem to take him on as a son/ parent relationship. Since Carol is dead in the books and Sophia is alive, Maggie and Glenn take Sophia as their daughter. Maybe Noah is her replacement?


Rick vs. Pete: This is still going to happen. Fight! Fight! Fight!

The Wolves: I don’t know who the wolves are, but there are too many references for this not to be figured out THIS SEASON. I capitalize this because I can’t be left wondering who The Wolves are from March to October. I think the walkers with the “W”s carved in their heads are being hunted by Enid’s group, who was mysteriously not in this ep.

Other Stuff and Things:

-I want to cut everything with a katana now. If Michonne can cut her tassles of her corset jacket, so can I.
-Also, Michonne telling Deanna that people will listen to her because she is in a windbreaker is pretty damn funny.
-Maggie looks totally different, and now she works in “government” with Deanna. I hope this doesn’t make her weak.
-Deanna’s husband Reg is a total dweeb.
-Mrs. Neudermeyer really knows her priorities.
-Rick looks weird in a white shirt. Sexy weird. And yes, I know the white is representative of a clean image.
-Carl laughing is weird, too.


Hush Comics gives “Forget” a B+ for making Daryl even better than he already was, for Carol making me pee in fear, but for Rick being a little too macho.

All images belong to AMC and are credited to Gene Page.