New “The Good Dinosaur” Trailer Released

Disney Pixar’s newest project The Good Dinosaur has released a new trailer. In an alternate timeline, dinosaurs were not wiped out before human life began on Earth and after being orphaned, a lovable dinosaur (Raymond Ochoa) and a little boy (Jack Bright) engage on an epic adventure.

From the same creators as Finding Nemo and Inside Out, this movie looks very cute. My inner scientist is happy that finally a movie that involves both humans and dinosaurs is aware of the fact that these two creatures didn’t exist as the same time, hence the alternate timeline scenario. However, the main dinosaur looks super dopey. Pixar is so well known for their stunning animation, that it surprises me how much this doesn’t meet their standard. The rest of the characters are designed fairly well, but seeing as Ochoa’s character is the focus, you’d think he’d look a little nicer.

Visual aesthetic aside, this looks like a good kids movie and with Jurassic World being a little too violent for little kids (though it doesn’t seem to stop parents from dragging their screaming children into movie theaters anyway), The Good Dinosaur will be a good way to spark their interest in archaeology.

The Good Dinosaur comes out on Thanksgiving.

The Voice Cast for Disney’s The Good Dinosaur Revealed

After a trailer was released last week, we’ve been abuzz about The Good Dinosaur, an upcoming Pixar film about the hypothetical world where dinosaurs were never wiped out by an asteroid. Here’s the first piece of news since the trailer – the all-new voice cast. This is not the same cast we heard of last year (which included Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, and others), but still full of surprises:

  • Raymond Ochoa (NBC’s “The Night Shift,” TNT’s “Rizzoli & Isles,” Disney’s A Christmas Carol) provides the voice of an Apatosaurus named Arlo.
  • Jeffrey Wright (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – parts I & II, Boardwalk Empire) was tapped as the voice of Poppa, Arlo’s father.
  • Steve Zahn (Captain Fantastic, Ridiculous Six, Rescue Dawn, Mad Dogs) provides the voice of a pterodactyl named Thunderclap.
  • AJ Buckley (Murder in the FirstJustified) voices a T-Rex called Nash.
  • Anna Paquin (True Blood) is the voice of T-Rex Ramsey.
  • Sam Elliot (JustifiedI’ll See You In My DreamsGrandma) was called on as the voice of a tough T-Rex named Butch.
  • Frances McDormand (Olive KitteridgeFargo) was tapped as the voice of Momma, Arlo’s mother.
  • Marcus Scribner (black-ish) voices Arlo’s brother Buck.
  • Jack Bright (Monsters University) provides the voice of Arlo’s unlikely human friend, Spot.

Be on the look-out for the news-asaurus as more about this movie develops. The Good Dinosaur makes its way to theaters November 25th.

Source: EW