Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 19, 2015

The Cookie Monster is getting his own one-hour special on Sesame Street.  And he will be an art thief. It debuts February 16th.  Source: Variety

Get well soon, Chewie!  Actor Peter Mayhew, the man who plays Chewbacca, has been hospitalized with pneumonia.  Here is to a speedy recovery!  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Will Arnett is getting his THIRD Netflix series.  Guess we know who Netflix likes. Flaked will follow Arnett as an L.A. lifestyle guru.  What does that mean? Heck if we know. Source: Vulture

Amazon will be getting into the movie business.  They plan releasing films in theaters and then via the internet 4 weeks later. Source: Vulture

Marvel has released the list of comics ending and others beginning in April.  Basically, it’s all for the “Secret Wars” arc in May.  You can say goodbye to:

  • The Avengers #44
  • Deadpool #250
  • Fantastic Four #645
  • Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men: The Black Vortex Omega #1
  • Miles Morales: The Ultimate Spider-Man #12
  • New Avengers #33
  • Secret Avengers #15

Source: IGN

Marvel will also be coming out with a Howard the Duck title about how exactly he wound up in the hands of The Collector.  Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Power Rangers reboot movie will start filming this year and Jason David Frank wants to be in it. Source:

Wizard World, company taking over all cons, just took over Pittsburgh Comic Con. Typically, we scoff at big businesses buying small cons, but this may be a good thing considering the history of the conventions owners…cuz, hey, murder isn’t cool.  Source:

Have you been working on getting dragon eggs, or planning on murdering your father while he is on the shitter JUST because you haven’t had a Game of Thrones fix lately? Well you can stop all your plans because HBO will air a behind-the-scenes special on February 8th.  Lucky you. Unlucky for you… it’s the same night as The Walking Dead and Better Call Saul premiere.  Ouch. Source: Superhero Hype

U.S. Rep. John Lewis is releasing March: Book Two this week. Considering the release of Selma (go see it now!) in which Mr. Lewis is portrayed, and MLK Day, you need to go get this book. Check out this interview with the man behind the story.  Source: Comics Alliance

Ryan Reynolds will begin filming the Deadpool movie this year. In Vancouver. That’s all I got.  Source: Global News

So even though there was that awesome fan art, and it seems impossible that Oliver would survive, Stephen Amell is saying the Lazarus Pits are not a plot point for his return in Arrow.  What the hell?!  All my theories are out the window, now.  Source: Collider

The Walking Dead spinoff will be called Fear The Walking Dead and has a cast member already.  All this seems like it might be a way for people to stop speculating.  I really hope that isn’t the title.  Source: Bleeding Cool

The Flash has some incredible new concept art featuring the Reverse Flash. Oh, and The Flash returns TONIGHT (January 20th)!!! Source: Comic Book Movie