Weekend Wrap-Up…May 4, 2014

Happy Star Wars Day!  And May the Fourth be with you.  We certainly hope you all were able to celebrate in fashion.  Check out our pictures from Denver’s StarFest we will post tomorrow!

In the news…

DC has released a list of the rarest Batman action figures in honor of the 75th Anniversary.  Shut up and take all the money.

Big Call of Duty news!  Not only is this trailer out… but Kevin Spacey voices the big bad.

The Lego Simpsons airs tonight! Geek out with the trailer…

Drew Goddard, writer of Buffy, AngelLost, and Cloverfield, is set to direct the Sinister Six movie based off of the comic series about all of Spidey’s nemeses.  (hey, that rhymed!)

#totalsausagefest…The White House Correspondent dinner was last night, hosted by Joel McHale.  Don’t get the hashtag?  Watch until about six minutes in.

Its been over a decade since Eddie Murphy has been in a good movie (its true, Shrek was made 13 years ago).  Is the 2016 reboot of Beverly Hills Cop his comeback?

Efrem Zimbalist Jr., voice of Alfred Pennyworth passed away this past Friday.  Rest in Peace.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 got 92 million topping the box office this weekend.  Have you read our SPOILER FREE review here!?

June 27th. Girl Meets World.  Mark your calendars.  Its official.

Dr. Who and Terminator?  Well, Matt Smith is slated to join the new Terminator trilogy.

That’s it for news this week!  Check back with us on Wednesday for our mid-week check-in!

written by Adrian Puryear