Supernatural Review – “Brother’s Keeper” S10E23

Supernatural season 10 packed more drama into the second half of their season than ever before. This finale is left us all with a giant “screw you” of a cliffhanger, possibly the biggest one in the series. While the final moments were intense, the overall episode took a more familiar path than I was expecting. Everything was lined up for the events to happen, but the preceding episodes have all had such shocking moments, I was a little let down that the finale lacked that pop I was hoping for.


Sam pleading Dean back to his humanity: Did you tear up? I did. There was something about Dean looking down at those pictures of him with his mom, and the look of defeat, despair, and acceptance on Sam’s face that was so moving. The brothers have had more than their share of heart to heart moments, but this one really got me. They’ve both had so much brushes with death (and they’ve both died a handful of times) but this one stood out because it wasn’t in the face of danger per se. This one hit deeper because Dean killing Sam was argued to the point of reason, not rage. There is a scary truth behind his arguments, that the Winchesters may in fact be the ones who are evil.

Supernatural - "Brother's Keeper"

Death: I love Death. I can’t imagine better casting or writing for the character. He is extremely fearsome, and almost completely neutral to human mortality. And yet, he has such affection for junk food. I always love when he pops up in episodes and I really hope he’s not actually dead. How do you kill death? More on that later.

Supernatural - "Brother's Keeper"

Rowena: If you are a Rowena hater you may be reading the wrong blog. She’s amazing! Of course I know she is exceptionally evil. She clearly demonstrated that when she killed Oscar; the only thing she’s ever loved. The reason she’s a pro is because of that decision though. Without even a second thought she stabbed Oscar in the neck, with tears in her eyes. Crowley thought he would get the best of her and she would be heartbroken, but instead her plan worked out perfectly. The spell worked, she is free, and Castiel and Crowley both seem pretty damn scared of her power now. I can’t wait to see what she does next season, hopefully she’ll stick around as a series regular.

Supernatural - "Brother's Keeper"

The Darkness: That was so freaking cool! Seriously, the way The Darkness came on screen as something tangible was downright bone chilling. I was in love with all of the angels falling to earth in the season eight finale, but I think this was actually more awe inspiring imagery. Dean and Sam were terrified, and frankly, so was I.


Death’s Death: I didn’t like this one bit. First of all, Death has always been kind of an ally for the brothers. He’s helped them on more than one occasion and while he’s creepy he’s still been kind of a friend. Second, you can’t just kill death, at least not without some SERIOUS repercussions. They tried this once before; people weren’t dying in season five because the reapers were being kidnapped. It was a pretty big problem. Now they’ve created a world where no one can or will die? I have no idea how that is going to work out well. This is going to be a hard one for them to write themselves out of.

Prediction Grade Book:

Here are the predictions I made throughout the second half of the season. Let’s see which ones I was right about-

  • Rowena will remove The Mark, and unleash something WAY worse: Right
  • The Mark will cause a brother vs. brother battle: Right, although it wasn’t as epic as I thought it would be.
  • Crowley will die: Wrong
  • Rowena will become the Queen of Hell: Wrong
  • The season finale will be amazing: Right. It was!

Season 11 Predictions:

The Darkness: While I would love it if this was actually just going to be the band known for “I believe in a Thing Called Love” I doubt that such an evil force would end up being so hilarious. Right now I’m imagining this a lot like The First Evil from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. An evil that predates god is bound to be a terrifying thing like nothing anyone has seen before. Perhaps there will be an angels/Winchester team up to fight it, but I hope not. Other than Castiel, I’ve had it with the damn angels for now.

Crowley vs. Castiel: Don’t worry guys, Cas didn’t kill Crowley. If he did it would have played out in “Brother’s Keeper”. Something will come up. He will either be able to move or Castiel will fight off Rowena’s spell.

Supernatural - "Brother's Keeper"


Hush Comics gives “Brother’s Keeper” an A for being a solid finale, and tying up some loose ends while also revealing the next big chapter.

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