Supernatural Review – “The Things They Carried” S10E15


Hmmm…: Give me a second, I’ll come up with something. I just have to really think about it. Well, Dean and Sam were both in this episode. I like them.

Supernatural - "The Things They Carried"
Dean is disappointed in this episode.


Ummm…: I don’t want to be a hater, especially on Supernatural, but at 9:20 I looked at my clock and was pretty bummed that I still had forty minutes left to get through. This episode was kind of a dud. Sam and Dean didn’t pop at all, the dialogue was bland and kind of bad, and after all the excitement of the death of Cain and then a month off the best they could do was worms? Really?


Worms: Really? Worms? They weren’t even really sentient. They were just stupid parasites that made people thirsty, and when water couldn’t quench the thirst they turned to drinking blood. And that doesn’t even make sense! Granted, human blood is approximately 92% water, but that is still 8% less water than actual water.

The Worm Special Effects: Seriously? THAT was the best they could do? The worms that came out of Kit’s mouth looked stupid enough, and I know Supernatural has never had the best special FX, but my god the worms slithering around on the cabin floor were so bad. SO BAD.

This Whole Episode: I hate to say it, but sometimes the truth hurts. This episode pretty much sucked. I have no problem with Cole, he’s likeable enough because he reminds me of Aaron Paul and Jeremy Renner but making him a huge plot point yet again when he has really no history in the show is just a little random. “The Things They Carried” just seemed to go so far to try and ignore the main storyline for this season. It honestly just gives off the feeling that they don’t really know where to go from here so they’re wasting time with stupid god damn worms. After a month long break I really think we deserved better.

Supernatural - "The Things They Carried"
Sam is concerned about this episode.


Random Thoughts and Questions Best Not Asked:

Who recorded the failed military mission the soldiers were on when they contracted these worms? Who does that? I’m pretty sure a big part of “classified” means not taking videos on your phone.

Kit’s wife sucks. I don’t know why, but I hate her.

You’d think after all this time and as many close calls Dean has had he might know how to do CPR. But no, he just punches a dude in the chest to get his heart going. But hey it worked so what do I know.

Cheesiest Line of the Week:

Cole: You save people from things they can’t even wrap their heads around … And you act like it’s just another Tuesday.

Dean: Oh buddy, it’s only Monday. (proceeds to electrocute Cole with a car battery)

Actually, that line was kind of awesome. But it was the only line with any personality, other than Dean referring to porn as erotica.


Hush Comics gives “The Things They Carried” a C- for stupid worms, disconnected writing, and for trying to make an episode out of an anecdote.

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