Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 15th, 2015

Just weeks after losing R&B legend Ben E King, we’ve lost one of the greatest Blues phenomenons in history, BB King. Not only was he one of the best guitarists that ever lived, but he’s been the King since before the Grammy’s were even a thing, all the way up until his most recent 2009 Grammy Award. Respect.

Underworld 5 is happening, and Kate Beckinsale will be returning for the lead role. Also worth noting is that the film will be directed by Anna Foerster – making it the first time a female director directing a female lead in an action/horror movie franchise. Source: THR

Here’s another sequel nobody really wants – Shanghai Dawn, the follow-up to the 2000 fun time Shanghai Noon (and 2003’s Shanghai Knights if you insist on talking about it) starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. I’m starting to wonder at this point, if China isn’t milking Jackie Chan for whatever is left in the tank. This movie will be awful. Source: Tracking Board

A full-body shot of Suicide Squad‘s Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (HBO’s Oz) surfaced on Twitter. He looks like a blend of the Arkham and BTAS Croc, so I’m a big fan. Somehow, the 6’2″ Adewale looks short here, but I’m sure he will look bigger in the theatrical version. Source: Twitter

Stoked to see the full costume of #KillerCroc.You won't be ready for this.Can't wait for you all to see #SuicideSquad
Stoked to see the full costume of #KillerCroc.You won’t be ready for this.Can’t wait for you all to see #SuicideSquad

This isn’t exactly news-breaking, but Matthew McConaughey has come out and said that has read for a few DC/Marvel movie characters. His view on finding the right character is a commendable one, but at this point, who hasn’t read for a superhero part? Source: Variety

The Kickstarter campaign that launched to fund three spin-off Archie books has been canceled. The crusade to beef up the July reboot of series (which will be written by Mark Waid and drawn by Fiona Staples) fell short when many outraged fans lashed out at the publisher and “the conversation no longer became about the books themselves.” I’m personally excited about the relaunch, and hope that my $3-5 sticker price will suffice it for funding. Source: CBR

I was surprised that the critically-acclaimed TV series The Mindy Project was canceled, but I was even more surprised to hear that Hulu has picked it up for a 26-episode long fourth season. Can you imagine if these services were around in 2003 were Firefly got cut? Source: Hulu

Whether or not you think Age of Ultron was better than the original Avengers (we don’t), you have to respect the fact that they made $1 billion in box office sales internationally. Good luck following that one up, Russo brothers. Source: EW

Stephen Amell spills his guts about Season 4 of Arrow as far as what to expect… which is actually nothing. With Roy Harper outing himself as the Arrow, Oliver can no longer dawn the “Arrow” costume. But what about the GREEN Arrow? Nobody will see that coming! Source: TV Line

For a second, let’s pretend that you care about Rock Band 4. Okay, now, do you want to know the first 6 songs confirmed for the game? Cool, because we know don’t know any of them, but you might! Source: IGN

All that drama for NOTHIN… David Lynch will be returning to direct Twin Peaks on SHOWTIME after all. Source: Twitter

Playstation gamers! Rush to your online store right now for a ginormous Flash Sale. Some of the biggest finds are: The Walking Dead game, Fables: The Wolf Among Us, The Mass Effect TrilogyBorderlands 2, Injustice: Gods Among UsOkami HD, and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale – all for under $5 each). Source: Playstation

Shut Up and Take My Money! Samsung is releasing a special edition Iron Man version of the Galaxy S6, and it looks damn sexy. Throw in a Jarvis navigation system, and I will stab somebody over this. They’ve been discussing this for a few months, with one rendering for each Avenger, but this is the first official look at a real product. UPDATE: The Samsung Electronics Twitter account that first broke the news has been deleted, so who knows what will actually happen. Source: CNet

Got an extra $500 to burn? You may want to pick up the newly-announced Superman Red Son statue. This thing is over two-feet tall and just screams “excessive spending.” If you don’t have alabaster stairways and a pet cheetah, don’t bother. But it sure is nice to look at. Source: Sideshow

If you’re gonna make a movie about making horrible rap songs, then you better damn well get Judd Appatow to direct it. Universal is making a Lonely Island musical. It’ll be a mockumentary kinda satire that will make fun of movies like: Michael Jackson’s This is It, Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never and Katy Perry’s Part of Me. Those who can’t wait for another Appatow production have Trainwreck to look forward to. Source: THR

Don’t freak out.. Okay, freak out! Word on the street is that Disney is planning to launch TV channels that are basically exclusive Marvel and Star Wars channels. The comment, made from Disney CEO Bob Iger, was very off-hand, so I’m not sure how serious they are about it, but this would be HUGE for the fans. Can you imagine an all-Simpsons channel where you didn’t have to sit through FOX News all day? It could legitimately compete with streaming companies that have left cable TV battered. Source: Daily Finance

Speaking of streaming services, the CW is hoping they can use the exposure of services like Netflix to help promote new shows like The 100 the same way it did Vampire Diaries and Breaking Bad. I can’t agree more with that sentiment; Whedon-verse alumna Dichen Lachman (Sierra from Dollhouse) has single-handedly piqued my interest to watch the show, so hopefully the delay between seasons will give me the time to binge it on Netflix. Source: Zap2it

The next Planet of the Apes movie will reportedly be called War of the Planet of the Apes. Sadly, it will not be titled Sequel of the Movie that comes after the Film that Reboots the Planet of the Apes. Koba is the reason apes can’t have nice things, and the war just got a whole lot bigger than the scope of the Dawn movie. One thing we don’t know is just how big the poor conditions of the last movie have extended. One thing is certain, the humans will regret going all in with the Apes. Source: Collider

The cuddliest face in Hollywood is now yours to print! In a promotion of the upcoming Spy movie, you can download a file of Jason Statham’s face for 3D printing. I’m secretly hoping for a heist with a dozen Jason Stathams. Source: Face/Off Machine

The Fifth Beatle, a graphic novel about Brian Epstein, the manager of the Beatles, is getting picked up for a feature film adaptation by IM Global (DreddInsidiousEverything Must Go) and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment (The X FactorGot Talent series). The graphic novel has gotten amazing reviews, so hopefully the film will be, too. Source: Variety

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 13th, 2015

The Supergirl trailer is here. It is six minutes long… just to warn you. The internet is torn on this preview, and the fact that it was six minutes long tells me that they are really trying to sell this show hard, especially since it will be up against Gotham. Honestly, this does look better than Gotham (because I think pretty much anything else is), but it doesn’t look like it will live up to the hype or to it’s cousin shows Arrow and The Flash. The new series looks like a combination of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Ugly Betty. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Along with the trailer are new pictures, a banner, and a series description. Source: Kryptonsite

Josh Boone, the director of The Fault in Our Stars, will co-write and direct the latest X-Men movie spinoff, The New MutantsSource: Deadline

Funko is releasing a set of Ant-Man vinyl figures, and I need the Yellow Jacket one right now. Source: Funko

Harry Shearer, voice of Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns (and many others) on The Simpsons, has left the show. The series is currently recasting his role. Source: HitFix