SDCC 2015 – Sherlock Christmas Special Teaser Released

Following the poster release of the much anticipated Sherlock Christmas Special, a brand new teaser was shown at San Diego Comic Con. From deerstalker to snowy streets to silly facial hair, the teaser would make any Sherlock fan tremble with excitement. The teaser shows that while the special will take place in Victorian times, it still holds much of the same modern, British wit the show is known for. It also seems to be poking fun at itself with Watson’s mustache as well as calling out some of the original text’s sexism. Mrs. Hudson objects to Watson’s depictions of her as a simple housemaid in his stories, arguing with him about it as they enter the house. While fans still have two odd years until series four, this teaser for the soon(ish) Christmas special is a good way to combat the hiatus blues.

Unfortunately, show stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss and Andrew Scott weren’t able to make it to the convention. Cumberbatch is tied up with playing Hamlet in London, Scott is working on “Spectre 007” and rumors are that Freeman is filming on the next Marvel-related flick. However, Scott, Cumberbatch and Gatiss sent their love and apologies through a witty video.

The Christmas special will be shown in select theaters across the globe alongside its Television release, a smart move given how long the episode will be (90 minutes.) Sherlock always feels more like a mini movie anyway, so it’s no surprise the BCC is finally giving it the large screen it deserves.

Stephen Moffat gave a few hints at the Sherlock panel at SDCC about the fourth series coming out in 2017 saying, “We know very clearly what stories we’re doing for the next season… and the never-stop-crying cliffhangers.” He also said that series four of Sherlock will include even more emotional turmoil for fans who can expect to be “sucker punched into emotional devastation.” He said this with a big smile on his face, which can only mean one thing. Grab the tissues. Gather the alcohol. Prep your ice cream scoops. We’re in for it.

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BBC Sherlock Teaser Poster Goes Back In Time

Photo by The BBC.

Sherlock fans get excited! The end of hiatus is approaching. BBC released a photo yesterday teasing the Sherlock Christmas Special that will be released this year. While there are no specifics yet, fans have known for some time now that the special will take place in Victorian London, hence the time period garb. The special will be a stand alone 90 minute episode, having no canonical connection to the main, modern series. Doctor Who jokes aside, things are looking good for the Sherlock fandom right now.

Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington on set.
Benedict Cumberbatch and Amanda Abbington on set.

“We’re really proud of it, we think it’s a real cracker. But that’ll be it until series four,” Stephen Moffat told the BBC and admits that he and Mark Gatiss haven’t started working on series four yet. Last series left Sherlock fans with a major cliffhanger and much to be awaited. The long anticipated series is due to return in 2017 and while the special doesn’t have date yet, it is likely to be released sometime around Christmas. Until then, enjoy all the Victorian goodness and look out for the inevitable AU fan fiction that will come out of this.