Kit Harington Maybe Returning to ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 6 Based off Creepy Airport Picture

Dead character sighting!

Kit Harington, rocker of man buns and portrayer of fan-favorite, and now dead, Jon Snow on Game of Thrones, has been spotted in the Belfast airport. Belfast is where interior scenes of GoT are filmed.

Fans have been in denial over Snow’s death for a little over a month now. People attached to the show have stayed behind the whole “Jon Snow is dead” thing, but speculators have many theories. The most interesting theory I have heard is that they are saying Jon Snow is dead, but not Jon Stark. So he could be coming back.

Watchers on the Wall has been following Harington’s moves for a while now and say that he has been in Belfast too much for this sighting to mean just a funeral or a flashback. Apparently, at this sighting, Tom Wlaschiha was also on the flight to Belfast. Wlaschiha plays Jaqen H’gha.

So how will Snow come back? It could be from Melisandre, or it could be that losing that much blood wouldn’t really kill you, or he could be a white walker. All I know, is that if he comes back, you better be prepared to block your social media if you aren’t watching live.

Source: Watchers on the Wall

New Set Photos from ‘The Walking Dead’ Prove that Daylight is Creepy

With San Diego Comic Con here, AMC and Entertainment Weekly have been slowly teasing us before the official Season 6 trailer drops tomorrow.

What we have gotten so far are startlingly bright set photos of Rick, Daryl, Maggie and Glenn. Rick is sporting some scars, and noticeably is not wearing his Constable uniform. Daryl looks like he might be modeling for an archery magazine. Maggie and Glenn are both aiming guns at someone, or something. Glenn also has scars, probably from his Season 5 scrap with Nicholas (that fuck boy).

The only thing I can gather from these photos is that we aren’t going to jump ahead in time. I am pretty thankful because the premiere is sure to be one high anxiety hour.

Don’t forget the Season 6 poster was also released. Rick and Morgan appear to be “facing off.” It remains to be seen how their relationship will grow, or wilt, more than likely.

TWDS6 sdcc poster

Again, the Season 6 trailer will be released at The Walking Dead panel tomorrow at SDCC. The Walking Dead Season 6 will premiere on AMC this October.