This Weekend in the Nerd Verse… May 29th-31st, 2015

Mark Millar took a lot of time out of his day to talk about movies over the weekend. After Kick-Ass 2 was such a flop it seemed Millar was not the hot commodity we thought he was, but since redeeming himself with Kingsmen: The Secret Service it looks like at least two more Millar properties will be headed to a theater near you sooner than you think. Not only does he have an insane idea for a Hit-Girl movie (which I’m really okay with not happening) but according to Millar, Starlight already has a script written for Twentieth Century Fox and Chrononauts is in production with Universal and has already found one of its two male leads. Source: Jo Blo

Editor’s Note: “We love you Mark Millar! Kick-Ass 2 was better than the first one, and we want a Hit-Girl movie yesterday!” – Adrian and Sherif

In other news, a group of six young lads flew down to Atlanta, GA where Captain America: Civil War is filming to screen test for the role of yet-another-rebooted-Peter-Parker-Spider-Man. Asa Butterfield, who was rumored to have been cast last week, was there as well as five other youngsters no one has really heard of. At this point they could announce that they cast Bill Murray as Spider-Man and I still don’t think I would care. Well, I don’t know, Bill Murray is so damn amazing… Source: THR

There is already talk about Jurassic Park 5, or would that be Jurassic World 2? Either way, Colin Trevorrow won’t be directing it. He’d like to stay involved in the franchise, but believes that having different directors for each film can add a dynamic feel to the series. Source: Coming Soon

Guys! Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) will be back for the Community season six finale! Source: Reddit

Despite David Ayers’ best efforts, spoilers and photos continue to leak from his highly secured Suicide Squad set in Toronto. The latest of which was a bunch of photos of Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn) on a motorcycle. While the internet is buzzing about the photos I fail to see how it’s really news. Yeah, she rides a motorcycle; that is a thing that happens? Can’t we just leave Ayers film in peace so maybe we can have a few surprises left when the film hits theaters? We can’t? Okay, my mistake. Spoiler on. Source: Daily Mail

Good news everyone! Lumberjanes is in development with Twentieth Century Fox to become a major motion picture. It even already has a writer attached, Will Widger. I’m a little bummed that an all female created comic will be written for the big screen by a man, but overall still happy to see this project moving forward. Source: The Wrap

Additionally, Kieron Gillen’s The Wicked + The Divine (Image Comics) has been optioned for a television series by Universal Television. Source: Deadline

Disney has pulled the plug on Tron 3, although they are arguing now that the project never had been official green lit. Somewhere out there people are pissed because there is already a petition going around to save the film. Source: THR

Ash vs. Evil Dead teaser trailer GO! 

Well that was fast. Ryan Reynolds released a pretty epic photo on Twitter to announce that filming for the Deadpool movie has already wrapped.

WWE star Seamus has been cast as Rocksteady in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2. So far the sequel is shaping up to be way better than the first. Source: Geek Tyrant 

Entertainment Weekly released seven new photos from the set of Fear the Walking Dead to give fans a glimpse of what to anticipate. I’m mostly excited to see what Greg Nicotero (TWD zombie creator, guru, god of monster makeups and my own personal hero) has come up with for the fresh out of the grave walkers. *Note: I know the zombies in The Walking Dead don’t come out of the grave, it’s just an expression. Source: EW