The New ‘Scream’ Mask is Enough to Induce Nightmares

Today EW released out first look at the killer’s mask for the upcoming Scream TV show on MTV. Ho. Ly. Crap. That shit is terrifying.

Scream Mask MTV

Executive Producer Jaime Paglia said that it only seemed appropriate to change the mask from the film series’ iconic ghost face mask as the TV show follows and all new group of characters in an all new setting. As in, it’s inspired by Scream but there will be no Sidney Prescott, Billy Loomis, or Gale Weathers. The mask is a homage to the original, and also reminiscent of the Jason Voorhees classic hockey mask and the Michael Myers staunch white mask. Wes Craven, who directed the original Scream and is also an Executive Producer for the TV show says he is very pleased with the new mask, and that it is “cool and scary.”

Personally I am pretty stoked about the new mask. I adored the ghost face mask from the original Scream when I first saw it and I truly thought it was terrifying. But it wasn’t long until it was turned into a stupid joke and became annoying as fuck instead of striking fear into the hearts of those who saw it. This new mask is really creepy. I was on the fence about the show because I just feel way too uncool to watch MTV anymore, and things that feature attractive 20 somethings pretending to be teenagers is kind of a thing of my past. Not to mention I’ll never understand the need to reboot EVERYTHING, but after seeing the mask I am pretty sure I will give the Scream TV series a try. If you’re not convinced, I ask you to stare into the creepy back eyeholes of what is about to start splattering the blood of teenagers everywhere, and watch this hilarious promo:

Source: EW