Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 08, 2015

As if we didn’t already love Captain America, Chris Evans took it upon himself to help America’s Sweetheart Betty White to the stage during the People’s Choice Awards.  Awww.

Have you kept up with the recent trend of simplistic travel posters?  Well, if you love them as much as we do, you have to check out the official NASA posters released, advertising travel to Kepler-16b, HD 40307g, and Kepler-186f.  By the way, Kepler-186f says that “the grass is always redder on the other side.”  You win, NASA.  Source: NASA

The Arrow mid-season trailer came out.  See if you can figure anything out. Oh, and spoilers and stuff.

The new Ghost in the Shell trailer is here!  The film will release this summer in Japan.  Good luck, America.  I’m sure die hard fans will find a way though.  Source: Anime News Network

The Latino Review dropped the news that the Batman v. Superman teaser will drop during the Jupiter Ascending premiere in a month. Now that is marketing, people.

Will Arnett has started dishing on the LEGO Batman movie and whether The Dark Knight can ever be happy? Aren’t all LEGOs happy?  Source: Comics Alliance

Edward James Olmos aka Admiral William Adama from Battlestar Galactica has been cast in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. His presence alone will shake things up in a major way.  Source: Marvel

The cutest Star Wars fan went viral.  If you haven’t seen 3 year-old James’ reaction yet, watch it here:

Game of Thrones is back on April 12th.  Set your DVRs!  Find someone with HBO!  Source: Cinema Blend

To round it all out, Image has a TON of news:

Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire are teaming up for a book called A.D. After Death. Source: Image

Todd MacFarlane will be co-writing a book called Savior.  It drops this April. Source: Image

Brian K. Vaughan will be working on a new book called We Stand on Guard.  It’s official: Image Comics is taking over.  Source: Image