Santa Fe Comic Con: Comic Book and Cosplay Guests

Santa Fe Comic Con

For those of you living in New Mexico or willing to make the commute there for a great convention, Santa Fe Comic Con is quickly approaching (Oct. 24-26)  and they have a great line up ready. From guests like Manu Bennet to events like the Open Wound Film Festival, SFCC plans to be a great closeout event to the convention season. In the next four weeks, we’ll be highlighting events and guest happenings so you spend less time figuring out where and when the best events are and more time actually attending them.

What Comic Con would be complete without comic book talent to get excited about? This week— the week of the convention!— we’re focusing on the comic book artists and Cosplayers who will be attending the event.

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Jim Ferguson

Jim Ferguson is a major pop culture artist and former NASA engineer; a worthy geek indeed. He is shown regularly at the Hollywood Studio Gallery 1988. He is most known for his artwork in The Princess Bride, Adventure Time, Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and Ghostbusters. Jim Ferguson will be at SFCC Saturday and Sunday.

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   Sam De La Rosa

  Sam De La Rosa has been a full-time comic book                   professional since 1982 and is best known for his art and     inking work on Venom, Spiderman, Green Lantern, Spider       Woman, Captain America, The Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man.         Sam has crossed all over the Comic Book spectrum               working  for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse Comics, and Disney       Comics just to name a few. He will be at SFCC Saturday       and Sunday.

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CCP Comics

It wouldn’t be a Comic Con without at least one comic book publishing company. CCP Comics will be represented at SFCC by McLain McGuire, Atom, Dale Carroll, Jimmie K Rankin, Eric Lumas, Kristeen Parmeter, Patrick Canter, Robert Saiz, and Bill Andres. They are a group of self-publishing comic book artists and writers and are one of the most popular up and coming in independent comic book publishers in Texas. CCP Comics will be at SFCC all weekend.

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   The D’Arda Sisters 

  Cosplay is an integral part of any convention. Well known     for being a dynamic duo in the cosplay community, sisters   Remi and Noelle d’Arda make up The D’Arda Sisters. The     two artists grew up around sewing. With a vast variety of     skills, these sisters have won several awards for their             cosplay including best in show as well as being recognized   for their workmanship and performance. Not only are           these sisters amazing seamstresses, they also have               background in dance and martial arts which makes for         incredible performances. Don’t miss this incredible duo         this weekend at SFCC.

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Rosanna Rocha

With over 100K followers it is no wonder, Rosanna Rocha has been asked to be a Cosplay Special Guest of this weekend’s convention. She is an incredibly skilled video gamer to cosplayer artist and is known for a huge number of cosplays ranging from DC’s Harley Quinn to Disney’s Esmeralda to Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers. She is also well known for her pin-up prints which she will be signing during the convention. That is, when she isn’t busy running the Cosplay contest.

So that wraps up our coverage of the many guests that will be attending Santa Fe Comic Con 2014. We’re very excited to see what else this convention has to offer. Look out for our pre-convention panel suggestions later this week and don’t forget to buy your tickets here. Tickets for the whole weekend are $35 for adults and $15 for children. VIP tickets are also available starting at $75. Police, Active Military, and Fire Fighters get in for free!