SDCC 2015 – Ron Perlman Will Never Give Up on ‘Hellboy’

An army of Perlmans fighting for Hellboy III.
An army of Perlmans fighting for Hellboy III. Image via Getty Images

While at the panel for his upcoming Amazon TV series, Hand of God, Ron Perlman was faced with the subject of Hellboy III yet again. You may remember last week when he broke Instagram by eluding to the film finally being made which was apparently just a tease. It also resulted in Perlman having to call a few studio execs and apologize for causing such a stir over nothing.

During the panel Perlman was honest, there isn’t really a script yet, although Guillermo del Toro knows exactly how the story would go, and there has been no forward movement on the project.

However, in an interview after that he explained how, in his opinion, Hellboy III must happen and it’s “non negotiable”. Perlman elaborated by saying this isn’t about him wanting to make the third film, as the make-up process is near torturous, but this is about finishing a story that was set to have an ending and never got it. The Hellboy movies are not the highest grossing comic book movies, but for the people who are a part of that fandom they are magnificent. So much was set up in Hellboy II: The Golden Army that fans never got to experience. What happens with Liz and Hellboy’s twins? What did the Angel of Death mean when he told Liz that Hellboy’s destiny was to eventually become the Beast of Hell and bring about the apocalypse? There was a final chapter to this saga and fans are owed that.

Ron Perlman is unlike so many other actors who take on comic book characters in the film world. This isn’t just a movie or a paycheck for him, this is about telling a good story, a complete saga because that’s what good storytelling is all about. Because the fans deserve it. Perlman’s heart is in this project, and he will not give up until it’s made.

Source: CBR