Expect to See a Whole New General Ross in Captain America: Civil War


Remember that time when we were supposed to just pretend that Mark Ruffalo and Edward Norton were the same guy for the sake of MCU continuity? Personally, I have a hard time including the 2008 Incredible Hulk movie into the Marvel Cinematic Universe TimelineĀ because it seems to not fit and has very little impact on where things went, except, of course, for the post-credits scene with Tony Stark and General Ross.

Marvel has decided they want to embrace that film into the MCU officially by not only adding William Hurt as General Ross to the cast of Captain America: Civil War, but by making his character a pretty big deal. Rumor has it that William Hurt will not only reprise his role, but will a part of its ultra transformation when General Ross becomes Red Hulk.

Hurt confirmed that he will indeed be in Captain America: Civil War and that he’ll be breathing a new life into Ross, but that is all at this point. As for whether or not he’ll actually Hullk out, we’ll have to wait and see.

In other news, Captain America: Civil War is quickly approaching being the most rumor-laden and spoiler-heavy film in history. With any luck, we won’t know every detail from start to finish before the movie hits theaters in May 2016.

Source:Ā IGN