Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Mar 2, 2015

BREAKING: Okay, if we all pool our money together we can buy the town that The Walking Dead is filmed in. For only $680,000 you (or I) could be the proud owner of 9 buildings and stretch of land in Grantville, Georgia where many episodes of The Walking Dead were filmed. Grantville is 35 miles outside Atlanta and you can put a bid up for it on eBay. Seriously though, I’ve already contacted my sister to get her in on this, anyone else interested in pooling money to buy our own little slice of heaven can hit us up on Facebook or Twitter. I will make this happen! Source: ABC News

Guys! We now have some dates to write on our calendars and obsess over because Netflix has announced premiere dates for a bunch of shows! Of the three shows they announced two are new properties – Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, with the most amazing cast EVER up to and including Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Jon Hamm, and Bradley Cooper will premiere July 17, and Sense8 a sci-fi drama from the One Hit Wonder-Twins Andy and Lana Wachowski will hit the stream on June 5. Most importantly though, Orange is the New Black Season 3 will premiere on June 12th so hells to the yes! Seriously though, go check out the cast of Wet Hot American Summer. It has EVERYONE in it, and if IMDb has an accurate cast list, I’m predicting that show will be a major do not miss. Source: Deadline

The Marvel hype is gearing up to full blown to promote Avengers: Age of Ultron with one sheet press posters being released via social media. Yesterday we were privileged enough to see Hawkeye’s, released by Jeremy Renner himself via Twitter and You can see his poster here:

Personally I am stoked that Hawkeye got his own poster, and that rumor has it he’ll get his much deserved attention in the upcoming Avengers flick. Not only is Hawkeye one of my all-time favorite Marvel characters (Matt Fraction’s version is AWESOME), but Jeremy Renner is kind of to die for. I once knew a girl who hated him, but it turns out she’s an idiot.

Speaking of the Avengers: Age of Ultron hype, there are teasers running amuck that a new Marvel movie will be announced later this week. A reliable source from Reddit has hinted that not only will it be ANOTHER standalone Spider-Man movie, but that it will in fact star Dylan O’Brien as Peter Parker, aka sadly not Miles Morales. The hints go on to imply that the director of this rumored movie will be Drew Goddard and that it just may include a Spidey vs. Iron Man scene. Some people are happy, I am not. Personally I don’t need another freaking Peter Parker, I’m on the Donald Glover as Miles Morales train. Source: Reddit

The Magnificent Seven remake will have a Training Day reunion as now both Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke are confirmed to star in the Antoine Fuqua movie. Source: Variety

An Orphan Black Season 3 trailer has been released and it looks AWESOME. You can watch it and read the press release here. Source: ScreenRant

Some new details and images have been released of Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin for the upcoming Daredevil Netflix series. Vincent D’Onofrio is freaking awesome, but I doubt the show will be. Source: USA Today

Dinosaur nerds unite! There has to be more than just me, right? Either way, Paleo-geeks like myself should shuffle over to to check out the new official artwork of seven new dinosaurs we can expect to see in the big screen in T-minus 101 days… Source: Jurassic World

So it is apparently news that Jared Leto may be saying goodbye to his “Buddy Christ” look and cutting off his hair and gaining some muscles to play the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. Yep, that was news today on multiple media outlets. I have to give it to him, David Ayers’ “will we, won’t we?” Twitter photo of shears next to Leto’s ponytail was pretty damn great. Source: SlashFilm

Hold on to your butts, there will apparently be an Adventure Time movie. I’ll add this to my list of things to dread hearing about for who knows how long. Boo. Source: Deadline

Sony may be making a “Gran Turismo” movie, and Joseph Kosinski is interested in directing it. Source: Variety

In case you hadn’t heard, FOX has decided to get their grubby mitts on yet another property in possible hopes of completely destroying it. As in, you should expect to see a Frankenstein drama hit your television in fall 2015. Only this time, instead of it being one of the best horror novels and movies of all time, it’s a gritty cop drama about a former corrupt cop, brought back to life as a younger stronger version of himself who must now choose between his former moral corruptness and his new sense of purpose. Today, the Hollywood Reporter announced that True Blood alum Rob Kazinsky will be playing the title role, who I will now call Frankencop. I would rather die, then be reanimated, then die again, then be reanimated again, then die a final time, than ever watch this show. Source: THR