Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 21, 2015

Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer are heading to The Flash because apparently the show isn’t science-y enough. Source: Variety

TLC (technically TC now, RIP Left Eye) needs your help to produce their final album. Source: Kickstarter

Literary snobs will be happy to hear that Jesse Eisenberg’s McSweeney’s stories “Bream Gives Me Hiccups” will be coming to Amazon as a half-hour comedy. Source: A.V. Club

Conan O’Brien and Sterling Archer fought mobsters together. Source: Team Coco

Netflix is planning on having 20 scripted series a year.  2-0. Source: Variety

Nicholas Cage is set to star as Colorado’s own Gary Faulkner in Army of One a satire directed by Larry Charles, famed for directing Borat. He better do his best “sexy cat” impression (thank you Community). Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Jake Gyllenhaal will NOT be in Suicide Squad after all.  Sigh.  Source: Variety

Simon Pegg and Doug Jung will co-write Star Trek 3.  Does anyones else think the story may be a little Scotty heavy? Source: The Hollywood Reporter

J. Michael Straczynski, creator of Babylon 5, will write the script for Red Mars, the TV adaptation of the sci-fi books of the same name, set to air on Spike TV. Source: Deadline

John Barrowman wants to write a Malcolm Merlyn comic book.  Because of course he does (in a good way). Source: Comic Book Resources

Milestone Media, home of Static Shock, is returning four years after the untimely death of creator Dwayne McDuffie. This is a good day for comic books. Source: The Washington Post

The six-part drama The Frankenstein Chronicles just cast Sean Bean (Game of Thrones). Source: Deadline

NBC has ordered a dramedy called Apocalypse starring Rob Lowe and Megan Mullally. Rob Lowe being funny?  Hell is freezing over.  Source: EW

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter (and we really mean it this time, gaiz, we swear!) will start filming in August.  In the mean time, all media outlets are showing the most ridiculous nearly-naked pictures of Mila Jovovich for this “breaking” news. Source:

Gotham will show Red Hood in their season finale.  Whew!  We were afraid they were going to show too many Gotham Rogues in this first season. Looks like.. oh wait, they are. Source: Comic Book Resources

Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are returning to comics!  But through IDW and not Marvel. Uncle Scrooge will start in April. Source: The Hollywood Reporter