Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 14th, 2015

The new trailer for True Detective season 2 looks gritty as f*ck.

Ever felt like eating with Indiana Jones? Now you can eat in an Indiana Jones themed restaurant thanks to Disney. Source: Disney Parks

The first looks for Legends of Tomorrow is here! SO MUCH DC IN THREE MINUTES! I could yak about this, but I’ll just say: Yay! Caity Lotz is back as White Canary, and she looks awesome!

Mark your calendars for June 12th because that is when the LEGO Jurassic World game releases! Source: IGN

SDCC always has cool exclusives. This year Mezco is releasing a 12 inch Heisenberg figure and a 6 inch Saul Goodman figure. You can also pre-order them online. Source: Nerdist

Emma Roberts perfects bitch-face in the newest Scream Queens trailer.

Asa Butterfield, the kid from Ender’s Game, is probably going to be Spider-Man. God damn it. Source: Deadline

OMG! The first remake that I am SUPER excited about is happening. The Craft you guys. The Craft. I cannot wait to hear casting for this. Source: THR

Gary Anthony Williams (The Boondocks) is you Bepop, ladies and gents. Source: Deadline

And if you need a complete guide to this fall’s TV schedule, EW released a great one. Source: EW

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 13th, 2015

The Supergirl trailer is here. It is six minutes long… just to warn you. The internet is torn on this preview, and the fact that it was six minutes long tells me that they are really trying to sell this show hard, especially since it will be up against Gotham. Honestly, this does look better than Gotham (because I think pretty much anything else is), but it doesn’t look like it will live up to the hype or to it’s cousin shows Arrow and The Flash. The new series looks like a combination of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Ugly Betty. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Along with the trailer are new pictures, a banner, and a series description. Source: Kryptonsite

Josh Boone, the director of The Fault in Our Stars, will co-write and direct the latest X-Men movie spinoff, The New MutantsSource: Deadline

Funko is releasing a set of Ant-Man vinyl figures, and I need the Yellow Jacket one right now. Source: Funko

Harry Shearer, voice of Ned Flanders and Mr. Burns (and many others) on The Simpsons, has left the show. The series is currently recasting his role. Source: HitFix


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 11th, 2015

FOX has released a cadre of trailers for its upcoming shows. The Frankenstein Code is all about second chances at a better life. Minority Report know swhat you’re going to be watching. And Lucifer is alive and well in Los Angeles. The trailers don’t make these look very fantastic but Minority Report might be good. The series follows the adult life of one of the precogs who is trying to use his ability to stop crimes before they happen. This looks a lot like the Dead Zone that was on USA almost a decade ago.

Fox’s Gotham has announced two new additions to the line-up of villains. This Fall we will be seeing the Joker, no telling if Gabriel Rush will be the proper role or not, and Victor Freeze will be making his first appearance. Hopefully Gotham won’t cool off. Sorry I had to do it. Source:

Ryan Reynolds has released a photo of the Merc with the Mouth leaping over a car whilst shooting pistols. It’s pretty sweet. Source: Instagram

So it’s a little ways off but Fox has announced the proper release date for the return of the X-Files. Set your DVR’s to January 24th, 2016. Naturally to try and snare ratings Fox is airing the debut episode right after the NFC Championship Game. Now you have a reason to maybe watch the game! Source: Vulture

So it looks like Marvel (read Disney) cut Black Widow out of her own scene when it comes to some toys. So if you’ve seen an Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer, which I’m sure you have, you may remember a scene where Black Widow drops out of the Quinjet to grab Captain America’s shield and toss it to him while he fights Ultron on top of a truck. It was a good scene. Well it appears that Hasbro (read Disney) decided to fundamentally change what happens. Now instead of getting a toy where Black Widow drops out of the Quinjet on a motorcycle she has been replaced by non-other than Captain America himself. And that just doesn’t make any sense. Source: Twitter

Fantastic director Brad Bird made the announcement that he will be making the “long awaited?” sequel to The Incredibles. I liked The Incredibles I’m happy it’s getting a sequel. Source: Collider




Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 12th, 2015

When you were a kid, you loved Archie Comics. It’s pretty safe to say this is fact. Well now Archie needs YOU! There is a new KickStarter campaign for bringing back Riverdale High School, complete with Chip Zdardsky. Source: Kickstarter

Marvel is considering Ava DuVernay (Selma) to direct either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. The studio is apparently set on hiring a woman to direct Captain Marvel and an African-American to direct Black Panther. I absolutely loved Selma and would be excited to see DuVernay attached to either film. Source: The Wrap

Morena Baccarin will officially be a series regular in season 2 of Gotham. And that’s about the only thing the show has going for it. Source: TV Line

Peggy is on the move! Season 2 of Agent Carter will place Peggy in Los Angeles, and fighting threats post WWII. Source: EW

Five new character posters for Terminator: Genisys have been released. They look like most other character posters. Source: GeekTyrant

The female Thor finally has an identity. Two months later. If you don’t want to know before you read the comic, don’t click the link. Otherwise, go for it. I dare you. Source: E! Online

The first poster released for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 is absolutely haunting and beautiful. Source: Vanity Fair

This Weekend in the Nerd Verse… May 9th-10th, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Not much happened in the nerdverse, but Ryan Reynolds wants to remind you he is Deadpool and that it is Mother’s Day with this. Source: Twitter

Avengers: Age of Ultron continued to rule the Box Office, but isn’t breaking any records yet. Source: Box Office Mojo

And in case you need to catch up on what TV Shows were canceled, renewed, or picked up, you can check out IGN’s article at the link. Source: IGN

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 8th, 2015

Hip, hip, hooray! Rosario Dawson will be coming back to Daredevil AND she could be in more Marvel shows. Source: Deadline

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will star in Dreamworks new sci-fi/action/comedy/cowboy/thriller Alpha Squad Seven. The concept is new, although the themes aren’t. Aw, what the hell, I’m sure we will LOVE this movie. Source: THR

Aaron Paul will star in the indie The Parts You Lose, which will reunite him with Breaking Bad producer Mark Johnson. Paul will play a fugitive who forms a friendship with a little boy who is deaf. Source: The Wrap

Here is James McAvoy’s big bald head. Source: Instagram

Tom Hardy is developing a super-secret DC movie. Proving he really isn’t mad about Suicide SquadSource: Screen Crush

Hateful Eight character portraits are here, and they are making me very excited for the next Tarantino masterpiece. Source: EW

In TV Show renewal/cancelation/pick-up news:

Constantine is done, but we pretty much new that already. Source: Deadline

FOX cancelled The FollowingSource: TV Line 

But FOX did pick up Lucifer and Minority ReportSource: EW

And ABC picked up a remake to John Candy’s Uncle Buck, starring Mike Epps, Nia Long, and James Lesure. Source: EW

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 7th, 2015

Hugh Jackman confirmed that Wolverine 3 will mark his last appearance on screen as Wolverine. What will he do with all his muscles now? Source:

Mercedes Mason of 666 Park Avenue has joined the cast of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC’s answer to failing numbers. Source: Deadline

Machinima will be developing a YouTube RoboCop series and a reality show about DC Comics’ Starman. Weird. Source:

In TV Show renewal/cancelation/pick-up news:

Agent Carter has been renewed for a second season, which is a little shocking since no one thought that would happen. Source: EW

And apparently all the hooplah about the new Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. spin-off was just to get the hopes and dreams of nerds up just to crush them. The spin-off has officially been put on hold. Source: Deadline

The hooplah for the Arrow/ The Flash spin-off is worth the hype, however. The series, now with the title Legends of Tomorrow will air this fall on The CW. Source: TV Line

Additionally, ABC picked up a season of The MuppetsSource: THR

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 6th, 2015

Joss Whedon did not quit Twitter because of militant feminists, but because he needs to concentrate. Source: BuzzFeed

Mark Ruffalo had a few things to say to those militant feminists in his Reddit AMA yesterday. While I am a self-proclaimed feminist, I understand both sides of the argument. Source: Vulture

Supergirl is the first news CBS show for 2015-2016 to get a full series order. Source: Variety

As for Powers, the series on PSN has been renewed for a second season. Source: THR

Also, iZombie has been renewed for a second season. Hurrah to all the nerd shows taking over the small screen! Source: EW

The new Ant-Man poster is here, and we finally get a look at the full cast. Yippee! Source: Marvel

Emily Van Camp’s Agent 13 will be returning in Captain America: Civil War. Source: Deadline

Set photos from Suicide Squad reveal a setting of Midway City, Michigan. The fictional city is home to Hawkman, Hawkgirl, and the Doom Patrol. Source: IGN


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… May 4th, 2015

May the 4th be with you, 2015!

The Simpsons has been picked up for 27th and 28th seasons, keeping the show on the air through 2017. I wonder if it is being kept on the air because of ratings or because cancelling it after all these years would be a pop culture travesty? Source: ScreenRant

Fan favorite Boba Fett will be getting his own movie, or Fetture film, and it will be the second Star Wars anthology installation due out in 2018. Rumors are pretty out of control over what the movie will actually be about, and as of right now nothing concrete has been revealed from the studio. Honestly it could be a Boba Fett/Ewok team up and people would still probably love it. Actually that sounds kind of great… Source: The Wrap

In a related story Josh Trank, who was originally set to direct the movie, has stepped down. He says it’s to pursue original creative projects, rumor says it’s because he was too intense and moody on the set of The Fantastic Four. Source: THR

Despite the fact that Bryan Singer addressed in an interview with the LA Times in 2011 that Cyclops and Havok are not brothers he revealed this photo of their parents on Instagram Monday. So they are brothers but Havok is the older one? Or they’re not brothers but they have the same parents? Or something. Source: Instagram

So an It remake is in the works and it will be directed by Cary Fukunaga. Normally I dread this kind of stuff but I’m pretty excited about this book being made into a non-miniseries movie for a whole new generation. Fukunaga has already cast the actor to play the part of Pennywise and it looks like Will Poulter (The Maze Runner) will be portraying the horror icon that made millions of people terrified of clowns. Source: Variety

Oh my GOD Annie Lebovitz took some AMAZING behind the scenes character photos for Star Wars: the Force Awakens, and in honor of Star Wars Day, Vanity Fair shared them with the world. I…have no words, just weird excited grunts. Source: Vanity Fair

Also released in the same batch of photos is the Gwendoline Christie, aka Brienne of Tarth, as Captain Phasma. She is big and evil and totally badass. Source: Vanity Fair

More cast photos came out for Suicide Squad. These ones feature the cast members in full costume but they are missing the Joker. Maybe the rumors are true and we actually were trolled with that last photo of Jared Leto. Source: Nerd Bastards via Just Jared

John Wick 2 has been announced, and Keanu Reeves, Chad Stahelski (director), Davod Leitch (director) and Derek Kolstad (screenplay) will be back. Source: Geek Tyrant