Walking Dead: Merle is Back!

The Walking Dead has been, hands down, one of the best dramas on television in the last few years. Fans of the comics have fell in love with the way Robert Kirkman alters the storyline for television, making it impossible to predict further plot developments, but still letting us feel like we have the upper hand over people who have not read the books.

Merle is a character that has never appeared in the comics, throwing a wrench into the way things would have gone. When he exited in Season 1, many (including myself) thought he would eventually return as The Governor, a horrible tyrant in the comics. When AMC revealed that the Governor would be played by British actor David Morrissey, it became unclear what Merle’s role would be in Season 3. All we can safely say is that he will NOT be happy with the crew that left him, and we will get to see how he interacts with his brother and fan favorite, Daryl, played by Boondock Saints’ Norman Reedus.

Merle is Back. dun dun dunnnn...
Let us know below what kind of role you think Merle will play in the upcoming season!

The Governor, Philip Blake
Being the Governor, like a boss…

Images courtesy of IGN