Best of 2014: TV – Best Sitcom

Another year is in the books, and we here at Hush Comics couldn’t pass at the chance to rank our favorites of this year’s releases in all types of mediums. Some of the winners will surprise you; heck, some of the results surprised  us. The results are completely subjective, and therefore were chosen with infallible logic. We would love to hear your opinions on what we have chosen, or if you thought we missed anything. This should be a fun review before we gear up for 2015.

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Best TV Sitcom

  • Big Bang Theory
  • Brooklyn 9-9
  • Community
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Parks and Recreations

WINNER – Community (NBC)

Season five of what might be the smartest sitcom to ever appear on TV marks the return of Dan Harmon, the plucky creator and head writer. Perhaps one of the best things about this season is the reference to season four as the “year of the gas leak” – an effective way to signify to the audience that, yes, things ran poorly in Dan’s absence, but the guys that took over did things as best they could no matter how widely they missed the mark. Season five felt surreal: by far the darkest with episodes mimicking a David Fincher movie, a Logan’s Run style dystopia, a Waterworld style Floor is Lava world, not to mention the suspicious absence of Chevy Chase and Donald Glover’s departure from the show. But despite all that, it continued to be the smartest funny show, and the one show I eagerly anticipated every week. #sixseasonsandamovie – Cuyler

Second Place – Big Bang Theory (CBS)

Big Bang Theory Best of 2014 TV Series Sitcom Runner Up 1

This is a series that people say keeps getting worse, but I have to disagree; it really is more of the same, and I love it. I don’t know what more people expect from this show, it is as hilarious now as it was when it started six seasons ago. Through the various plot advancements to that ever-looming moment of Amy and Sheldon having coitus (not this season but it is coming), things are moving along nicely for the characters. Unfortunately, I can’t see it lasting too many more seasons so enjoy them while you can. – Robert

Third Place – Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX)

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Best of 2014 TV Series Sitcom Runner Up 2

Fresh off winning two Golden Globe Awards early in the year, one for Andy Samberg as best actor and another for the series as best Comedy/Musical, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is at it again. Of all the funny shows that made our list this year, this is the only show that is still in its infancy, and only one other one will likely still be going in a year (Big Bang). It’s great to see a new sitcom take the spotlight for once and make me laugh in ways that other shows really don’t. Plus, the detective work by Samberg’s Jake Peralta is actually really interesting, putting it so far beyond stupid cop shows like Reno 911 or other parodies of the like. This show will be one to keep an eye on, as a cast and concept like this can only continue to blossom. – Sherif

RUNNER UP – Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Parks & Recreation Best of 2014 TV Series Sitcom Runner Up

I love everybody and everything!  That’s how Parks and Rec makes me feel.  It’s one of the most entertaining and feel good shows of the last decade.  Watching Leslie Knope, Ron Swanson, Andy Dwyer and the whole crew manage the Pawnee Parks & Rec Department, political relationships and their lives was something I looked forward to every week.  This show exemplifies excellent comedic writing.  This was evident in how hilarious EVERY character is.  And I don’t just mean the primary cast.  The peripheral council members, auxiliary government workers, the town’s people (oh the town’s people!!) were all gut wrenchingly hilarious.  I was crushed at the end of the series not knowing what the future had in store for this corner stone series.  I was then uncrushed at the announcement of the final Season 7!  We were left with a bit of a teaser in the last 60 seconds of the season finale and I’m anxious to see how and if that sequence plays a part in the upcoming season.  What’s certain though is we’re set to have more great and hilarious times next year. – Taylor

RUNNER UP – How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

Last Forever Part One

Oh how I miss this show! HIMYM is the only sitcom I’ve ever really gotten into. It’s the characters that make it so wonderfully engaging. Each of them are extremely dynamic with their own set of morals, motivation, and passion. Having been on the air for almost a decade, it was really hard to watch this show go in March. A big part of me wanted Ted to be perpetually single just so television wouldn’t lose such a brilliant, well-written, and beautifully executed show. With three Whedonverse actors, it’s no wonder this show lasted so long. It will be sad to start another year without the Five Brosketeers, but we are glad we had them for the time we did. – Charlotte

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