Captain America: White to be Released in September

The creators of Marvel’s “color” series are finally putting out the highly-anticipated Captain America: White comic book. The project that has been practically mythified after it was first mentioned in 2008, but Marvel Comics has announced that the mini-series will be released this September.

As one of the greatest tag teams in comic book history, Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb (together, the duo has done: Batman: The Long HalloweenBatman: Dark VictoryCatwoman: When in Rome) have created a line of Marvel Comics stories that chronicle formative years of certain heroes. The other books in the “color” series include:

  • Spider-Man: Blue – It’s Valentines Day, and Peter is feeling… blue. This is a recount of when Peter met Mary Jane Watson for the first time, and how he fell for Gwen Stacy. There’s some Spider-Man stuff in there, too!
  • Daredevil: Yellow – The main love interest of this story is Karen Page (same lady from the Netflix series, you noobs). It’s not a story that ends up particularly well for anybody.
  • Hulk: Gray – Bruce Banner isn’t an out of control beast ALL the time. Sometimes, he’s in loooooove. This time, with Betty Ross, the daughter of the Red Hulk, Thunderbolt Ross.

Marvel has released a description of the first two issues of Captain America: White:

Art & Cover: TIM SALE

• From his re-awakening in the present day to his days on the battlefield during World War II, follow CAPTAIN AMERICA as he recalls a special mission during THE BIG ONE!
• It’s 1941 and the HOWLING COMMANDOS are just looking to kick back and relax….
• But CAP and BUCKY are about to make their night a whole lot worse!
• The EISNER AWARD-WINNING team of JEPH LOEB and TIM SALE reunite to tell a shocking story of CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY!
• Extra-sized issue featuring CAPTAIN AMERICA: WHITE #0
64 PGS./Rated T+ …$4.99

• CAPTAIN AMERICA AND BUCKY are ready to lead the HOWLING COMMANDOS, but are the HOWLING COMMANDOS ready to follow?
• Things go from bad to worse and only Bucky can save the day!
• Will a shocking appearance from an old ally turn the tide of battle?
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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