This Weekend in the Nerdverse – Ultimate Catch Up Edition

Ever since San Diego Comic Con the Nerdverse has been turned upside down with a near constant overflow of breaking news. If you’ve been having trouble keeping up or if you missed anything our Ultimate News Catch Up Edition is just the thing for you!

The weekend box office numbers offered few surprises. Ant-Man came in at #1 with 58 million, which is none too shabby but certainly didn’t break any records. Minions (those god damn stupid bananas) fell to #2 with 50.2 million, while Trainwreck came in 3rd with 30 million. In 4th place was Inside Out with 11.6 million, and finally Jurassic World came in 5th with 11.4 million.

In what may be my favorite news story ever, Mark Hamill said that he would love to come back and voice the Joker in the newly announced The Killing Joke animated film. Wouldn’t that be the most amazing thing ever, if he and Kevin Conroy both came back to reprise their roles? I would demand a Best Picture Oscar. Twitter

Martin Freeman, that charming bastard, seemed to destroy the rumors that he would be playing Edward Chase in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. He said he plays a man who works for the American government (i.e. NOT the British Prime Minister) who plays both sides of the line, good and bad, and helps to “tame” superheroes powers. Freeman eluded more to his character actually being Everett Ross, which is who he was rumored to play in the first place. BadTaste.It

The last week we have been privy to more info on Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot than ever before. We’ve seen the uniforms and the Ecto-1, and now we know the characters names. Twitter

Hey, remember the 80’s? And your childhood? Well Hollywood doesn’t give a shit so in a recent interview writer/director Chris Colombus said the Goonies sequel (boo) and the Gremlins remake (BOO) are in heavy development. If it helps he said he’s staying as involved with the projects as he can so the properties don’t get destroyed. Yay? ScreenCrush

Disney is developing yet another live action version of a classic animated movie, only this time it’s The Sword and the Stone. One by one all of their properties are being brought to life in live action on the big screen because they want all of our money. I urge you friends, do not give it to them. Also, with the way things are going when are we going to get a live action Bambi? THR

Hey, remember the 90’s? And your childhood? Well it looks like Xena: Warrior Princess will be leaving your memories and crash landing back on your TV because NBC is rebooting the series. And Lucy Lawless may co-star in it. THR

Sigourney Weaver was apparently pretty depressed about the Alien vs. Predator movies because she was proud of the Alien movies and the former kind of ruined their good reputation. She also thought 2012’s Prometheus caused more problems than it was worth. On a positive note she is really excited about Alien 5, and it being helmed by Neill Blomkamp. RadioTimes

Barry Allen got a new suit for The Flash season 2. It looks exactly like his suit from season 1. Geek Tyrant

Hasbro may decide to reinvigorate M.A.S.K. for a whole new class of youngsters for it’s 30th anniversary. If you don’t know, M.A.S.K., or Mobile Armored Strike Kommand came out in 1985 and was kind of the poor mans G.I. Joe. The best thing M.A.S.K. has ever done is this clip from Robot ChickenYouTube M.A.S.K.! Do they know command isn’t spelled with a K? Hisstank

John Boyega, or Finn from Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens released a freaking awesome photo of Finn and Chewbacca on his Instagram. The team up isn’t surprising, but it’s still damn cool. Instagram

Hellboy III – the little picture that could. Or couldn’t. Guillermo del Toro said over the weekend that he expects the film to cost at least 120 million, so there are not a whole lot of studios trying to get their hands on it. However, Legendary Pictures reportedly told him that if Pacific Rim 2 is a big success they just might be willing to bankroll the final film in the Hellboy trilogy. I’m not sure I like those odds. I loved Pacific Rim, but apparently I was one of few. And even I don’t know why it’s getting a sequel. The Daily Beast

Michael Cera will be voicing Robin in the Lego Batman movie, due out February 10, 2017. Rumor has it he turned down some pretty high profile stuff to do that. THR

Disney is planning a live action Aladdin prequel called Genies because [see above]. Still holding out for live action BambiVariety

Some blurry as hell photos of Jon Bernthal as the Punisher surfaced on Twitter. If you haven’t seen them you haven’t missed anything, it’s literally a blurry photo of him standing there. Twitter

Tilda Swinton confirmed that she will indeed be playing The Ancient One in the upcoming MCU Doctor Strange movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and she’s pretty damn excited about it. ScreenCrush

Marvel announced a new Blade comic series and this one will star his daughter. It will be on shelves in October 2015 and is guaranteed to be badass.

Official/unofficial photos have surfaced of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage from the upcoming Netflix series, Jessica Jones. The photos are super high quality, which made everyone believe they were official releases but in fact they are paparazzi photos. CBR