Lucy Lane to be New “Supergirl” Character

Lois Lane’s little sister looks to be joining CBS’s “Supergirl” ranks. The 20-something character is described as strong, driven and smart and in DC lore becomes Superwoman. While her sister has also been Superwoman, it looks like they’ll be giving the title to Lucy. Of course, it also may be too soon to tell.

This character looks like an exciting new addition to the “Supergirl” show and while casting for the role hasn’t been announced yet, we’re excited to see another badass lady kicking butt this Fall. In Smallville, Lucy was played by Peyton List (now The Flash‘s Lisa Snart) but it is unclear whether she will reprise the role in CBS’s depiction. No casting choices for this portrayal of the character have been announced yet.

Source: Comic Book Resource

Batman Day – Best Batman Girlfriends

DC Comics has dubbed today Batman Day. The Dark Knight has been fighting crime and serving justice for his 75th year since the 1939 debut of Detective Comics #27. Batman has been a big part of our lives, and was responsible for making us into the comic book fanatics we are today, whether it be through comic books and toys or television and movies. To show our appreciation for the man, the myth and the legend, we have compiled a plethora of Bat-themed lists. We hope that we can inspire you to read more about Batman and his legacy, or even give us some feedback if you agree or disagree with the lists. Sound off below! And click on the picture below to take you to all of our Batman Day articles.

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So who are Batman’s best girlfriends?  Do you know the name of his first girlfriend?  Or that he hooked up with Lois Lane?  Read our countdown of the top 15 women in Bruce Wayne’s life to find out more!

15: Pamela Isley

Poison Ivy and Batman get hot 'n heavy in The Animated Series.
Poison Ivy and Batman get hot ‘n heavy in The Animated Series.

Let’s face it, Pamela Isley AKA Poison Ivy and Batman have never been… together.  Poison Ivy has had a strong physical attraction to Batman for a long, long time.  This attraction has only recently been requited by Batman.    Ivy has even saved Batman a few times, granted an antidote for her own poison, delivered by kisses.  While the two have flirted, their relationship has never gone beyond coquettishness.

14: Lois Lane

Batman and Lois Lane in Superman: The Animated Series.
Batman and Lois Lane in Superman: The Animated Series.

I know what you are thinking.  Lane and Wayne rhyme, so of course their relationship would never work out.  Rhyming names is just silly.  Oh!  How could I forget!  Yeah, Lois is actually Superman’s girl.  How douchey of Batman!  In Superman: The Animated Series, Bruce meets Lois Lane while making a deal with LexCorp.  The two immediately fall for one another and briefly date, much to the chagrin of Clark Kent.  In just a few days, they get so close that Lois tells Clark that she will be moving to Gotham, and she and Bruce are practically engaged.  After getting his cowl pulled off as Batman in front of Lois by a robot in the copy room of the Daily Planet (yeah), she finds out Bruce’s true identity, and Lois decides she can’t be with the Batman.

13: Jezebel Jet

Batman and Jezebel Jet share a kiss in the comics.
Batman and Jezebel Jet share a kiss in the comics.

Jezebel Jet is the sexy model who Bruce dated right before Batman: RIP.  They both are rich, they both lost their parents, and they both have their secrets.  After some crazy tabloid rumors about a tryst in the mountains, the pair start dating.  After they both get kidnapped by one of Dr. Hurt’s Bat Men, Jezebel deduces Bruce’s secret.  He tell her the truth and takes her to his cave.  Ooh, la la!  But then it turns out she is a spy for the Black Glove, you know, the same guys who drive Batman crazy and buried him alive. As Jezebel is on her flight back to the African country she owns, her plane is ambushed by Talia Al-Ghul’s Man-Bat ninjas and murdered.  Talia then gives Jezebel’s severed head to Batman during a battle.  If it wasn’t for the fact she was an evil spy, ahem, and Bruce’s ex was slightly crazy, Jezebel Jet would have been a great gal for Bats.

12: Lorna Shore

Batman and Lorna Shore in the comics.
Batman and Lorna Shore in the comics.

In the Lovers and Madmen arc of Batman: Confidential, Bruce meets museum curator Lorna Shore.  This happens during his second year as Batman.  She happens to be the first person to make him happy since the murder of his parents.  Because this is early in Batman’s career, he has yet to make many of his most famous enemies.  When a man named Jack, soon to be The Joker, decides he wants to draw out the Batman, he kidnaps Lorna and slashes her stomach, leaving her in critical condition.  She eventually recovers, but both she and Batman decide it is too dangerous for her to stay in Gotham City and she skips town, and their relationship.

11: Julie Madison

Batman and Julie Madison in Detective Comics during the 1940's.
Batman and Julie Madison in Detective Comics during the 1940’s.

Julie Madison.  She ranks so high on this list because she is the first girlfriend of Batman.  Debuting in 1939 in Detective Comics 31 (aficionados will know this is only 4 issues after Batman’s debut), Julie Madison is Bruce Wayne’s fiancé and chief damsel in distress.  Julie is a wealthy socialite and actress.  She also loves Bruce more than he seems to love her.  Bruce can’t keep his second life out of his billionaire life, and often leaves Julie to fight crime as Batman.  Eventually, Julie breaks off their engagement, claiming that Bruce isn’t ambitious enough.  If she only knew.  Julie Madison has made appearances since then, even once as an old woman recounting her time with Bruce Wayne.  Even though they didn’t work out, Julie Madison will always be remembered as Batman’s first girlfriend.

10: Wonder Woman

Batman and Wonder Woman in the comics.
Batman and Wonder Woman in the comics.

The Amazonian Princess did have a thing for The Dark Knight.  It’s true that the two haven’t always liked each other.  They have had many a fight, but in the Justice League of America comic series, the two had a flirtatious relationship.  At one point, they even shared a kiss before saving Aquaman.  In JLA #90, Wonder Woman uses Martian Manhunter’s Transconsciousness Articulator and finds herself in a dream state of different scenarios of her life with Batman.  To put it lightly, none of them end well.  The couple decide to stay friends and nothing more, even though Wonder Woman still feels something for Batman.  The two also had a relationship in the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited TV Series, leading to an infinite about of fan-fiction.  This pair is really controversial, causing some awesome rifts on many a message board, but we personally think the duo are so strong, they are hard to beat.

9: Vesper Fairchild

Batman and Vesper Fairchild
Batman and Vesper Fairchild in a flashback in the comics.

Vesper Fairchild wasn’t Bruce Wayne’s girlfriend for long, but their relationship caused a major story arc in the Batman comic series.  Vesper was a late night radio host in Gotham.  After some prodding from Alfred, Bruce agreed to go to the radio show to boost his appearance as Bruce Wayne in Gotham.  Vesper and Bruce form a romantic relationship.  After the earthquake in No Man’s Land, Vesper leaves town.  She returns and begins investigating Batman. At this point, Bruce feels she may find out who he really is and breaks ties with her.  Unfortunately, Vesper is murdered in his home.  Bruce is set up for the murder and sent to jail, the story of Batman: Murderer? and Batman: Fugitive.  It turns out that Vesper was killed by David Cain, a prominent member of the League of Assassins.  While it seems that Vesper and Bruce would never have worked out, their relationship perfectly explains Batman’s relationship patterns.

8: Rachel Caspian

Bruce and Rachel Caspian get in engaged in the comics.
Bruce and Rachel Caspian get in engaged in the comics.

Many a woman has been modeled off of Rachel Caspian, including other list-makers Rachel Dawes and Andrea Beaumont.  Caspian was featured in the 4 issue arc Batman: Year Two, the daughter of Judson Caspian.  Rachel and Bruce become very close, and he even proposes marriage and considers dropping his vigilante ways.  But Rachel’s father turns out to be The Reaper, the original vigilante of Gotham.  When Batman decides to go after the murderous Reaper, he enlists the help of the crime lords of Gotham, needing help against the man who used weapons to defeat his opponents.  The crime lords comply, but only if Batman works with Joe Chill.  Batman decides to kill Chill with the gun he used to kill Bruce’s parents in the same alley they were killed in, but The Reaper shoots Chill first.  In a final battle, Batman realizes The Reaper is also Rachel’s father.  He falls off a rooftop to his death and Batman swears off ever using guns. Rachel is so distraught she breaks it of with Bruce and becomes a nun.  Ouch.

7: Rachel Dawes

Bruce played by Christian Bale and Rachel Dawes Played by Maggie Gyllenhaal in The Dark Knight.
Bruce (played by Christian Bale) and Rachel Dawes (played by Maggie Gyllenhaal) in The Dark Knight.

Rachel Dawes is Bruce’s childhood friend, the daughter of one of the house servant’s for the Wayne family.  Rachel’s character only appears in the Christopher Nolan movie franchise in Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.  Even though Rachel only appears in two films, she made an impact on many Batman fans.  Rachel and Bruce used to play around Wayne Manor, but when his parents were murdered, Rachel and her mother left.  As an adult, Rachel goes to law school and gets an internship at the Gotham District Attorney’s office.  After talking to Bruce about Joe Chill and Bruce’s intention to murder Chill, Rachel tells him that his parent’s would be disappointed in him.  It is this conversation that leads Bruce to travel the world and learn about the world of criminals.  Upon his return, it is clear the two share a mutual love, but don’t act on it.  At the end of Batman Begins, Bruce hints at his true identity.  Rachel and he kiss, but she decides they can’t be together while he is the Batman.  In The Dark Knight, Rachel is the girlfriend of District Attorney Harvey Dent.  Rachel is eventually killed when The Joker makes Batman decided to save Dent or Rachel.  Batman picks Rachel, but The Joker deceived Batman by switching the addresses where each victim is located.  It is later revealed through a letter that Rachel never planned on choosing Bruce over Harvey Dent because Bruce would always choose to be Batman.

6: Silver St. Cloud

Bruce and Silver St. Cloud share a moment in the comics.
Bruce and Silver St. Cloud share a moment in the comics.

Silver St. Cloud not only has a really cool name, but she is also a really important piece to Bruce Wayne’s insanely complex puzzle.  Silver was a rich socialite who dated Bruce.  That’s not really why she is important.  Bruce Wayne has a way with the ladies, especially rich ones.  What set Silver apart (and it wasn’t her hair), was that she figured out his secret.  It may not sound that hard, but Silver is one of few who figured out that her boyfriend was also Batman.  Also, she is the first woman in the comics shown to bed the Bat.  That may seem odd, but considering she was his 1970’s flame, it was a really big deal.  Silver leaves Bruce because she couldn’t bear losing her lover while he was saving Gotham.  In Justice League of America #159, Batman says he wanted a family with Silver. Awww.

5: Vicki Vale

Batman (played by Michael Keaton) and Vicki Vale (played by Kim Basinger) get ready to fly in Tim Burton's Batman.
Batman (played by Michael Keaton) and Vicki Vale (played by Kim Basinger) get ready to fly in Tim Burton’s Batman.

Face it, Vicki Vale is Batman‘s answer to Lois Lane.  Introduced in 1948, Vicki Vale was a photojournalist for The Gotham Gazette.  In the comics, Vale was a minor character and sometime love interest of Bruce Wayne until 1963.  Throughout her run in the series, Vicki often suspects that Bruce and Batman are one in the same, but Bruce always fools her into thinking otherwise.  She never finds out his true identity.  Vicki is perhaps most famous for being Bruce’s girlfriend in Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman film, portrayed by Kim Basinger.  She and Bruce get hot and heavy quickly, but The Joker takes an interest in the blonde beauty.  After a horrific night at an art museum in which everyone is killed by The Joker except Vicki, Bruce decides to tell Vicki the truth.  At the end of the film, Vicki waits at Wayne Manor for Batman to return home.  While Vicki has never had a lasting impression on audiences, most fans know of her because of her portrayal on the big screen.

4: Andrea Beaumont

Picture Perfect couple Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont.
Picture Perfect couple Bruce Wayne and Andrea Beaumont.

Although Andrea Beaumont was introduced in a Batman animated film and only made a few cameos in other mediums afterwards, her legacy lives on over 20 years later.  You may remember a little movie called Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm.  Ok, it really is the most famous and popular Batman animated film in existence.  Andrea Beaumont was Bruce Wayne’s first true love.  They met while both visiting graves; her mother’s and his parents’.    After having a serious relationship, Bruce proposes to Andrea and even decides not to go through with his plan to become a vigilante.  When Andrea’s mobster father finds out he will be killed soon, he takes Andrea and goes into hiding.  Bruce’s loss is what pushes him into becoming Batman.  After some years later, and the death of Andrea’s father, she returns to Gotham to avenge his death, even donning a masked costume.  The similarities between Andrea and Bruce are countless, but their difference is what sets them apart; Andrea is ok with killing people in order to gain peace.  Eventually, Andrea figures out that Bruce Wayne is Batman, but it is too late for them to reconcile.

3: Talia Al-Ghul

Batman and Talia share a very steamy moment.
Batman and Talia share a very steamy moment.

O.K.  Here’s the deal.  I am not going to sugar coat this one for you folks.  Talia Al-Ghul is bat-shit crazy.  In case you were wondering, the pun was totally intended, but I do use it in my every day vocabulary.  To put it in a nutshell, Talia is the quintessential girlfriend who you never take home.  When you break up, you may want to go into hiding, or even change your name because she will find you and you new lover and destroy you both.  Also, don’t ever let her drug you.  Talia is the daughter of Ra’s Al-Ghul, leader of the League of Assassin’s.  Ra’s gets it in his head that he wants Batman to become his heir and tries to marry him to Talia.  Even though Batman isn’t too down with the idea of going to the dark side, he still finds Talia attractive.  This turns out to be a huge mistake.  Talia and Batman have sex, and then she uses his goods to make a test tube baby, Damian Wayne.  She is always on the fence about who to follow, Batman or her father, but in the end it turns out that her father always wins in her eyes.  And let’s not forget that she plotted Jezebel Jet’s murder and brought her head back for Batman to see.  C-R-A-Z-Y.  So why is she number 3?  Well, she is the mother of Batman’s child, so we have to give her some credit for that.

2: Justice, Itself

Batman and Justice

Justice.  No, that isn’t the name of a girlfriend, but the actual idea itself.  Batman loves Justice.  It is what he lives for.  In the 75 years that Batman has existed, only one lady has stayed close to his heart.  Many of his lady lovers choose not to be with him because of his alter-ego, and the others he decides not to be with them for the same reason.  It’s true that he really could give up the cowl.  But women are not what Bruce Wayne lives for; justice is what Batman lives for.  Sorry women of Gotham City, but the most handsome and richest bachelor in town will never love you as much as he loves the smell of Justice.

1: Selena Kyle

The Kiss by Jim Lee in Hush.  Batman and Catwoman 4eva!
The Kiss by Jim Lee in Hush. Batman and Catwoman 4eva!

So maybe Batman does love Justice more than he loves Selina Kyle.  But he really does love her alter ego, Catwoman.  Unlike all the other lover’s Batman has had, Catwoman really understands him.  And even though she has had her times of being the villain, the two have always had a thing for each other.  From the original comics, to Julie Newmar, to Batman Returns, and to Batman: Heart of Hush, these two have been off and on for decades.  There are even universes and parallels that suggest Bruce and Selina had a daughter together, who grew up to be Huntress.  Perhaps Batman and Catwoman’s love affair works because they really get each other.  It has  long been known that Bruce Wayne considers his alter ego to be Bruce Wayne, and Batman is who he really is.  Catwoman knows that, and feels that way about herself, too.  Plus, their kiss in Hush is just too hot to deny.  These two creatures of the night were absolutely meant for each other.  Meow!

all photos are credit to DC Comics.

Diggin’ Through the Crates: Laws “Dark and Twisted”

Song: “Dark and Twisted”

Artist: Laws

Album: (Non Album Freestyle)

Lyric: “Can we get much higher? So high oh/Doomsday-Doomsday went and killed your Superman/Hoes in his red cape, Lois Lane, red face/Around my hometown, so many people know how meth taste.”

Character Reference/Meaning:

Coming to the “DTC” stage this week is up and coming rapper, Laws, sampling Kanye Wests hit, “Dark Fantasy.” And what Laws brings to us today is not only awesomely nerdy, but it hits a serious note as well. DRUGS! WHAT IS DRUGS? Drugs are not only a crippling epidemic in reality, but they have played their part in comics as well. That are a copious amount of fictional drugs that run rampant through the comic book world which bring with them similar problems as they would in reality. Even some of our most beloved heroes such as Iron Man, Tony Stark, have had personal battles with drugs and alcohol, which has been apparent in the movies and comics. Particularly the nine issue story arc of Iron Man titled “Demon in a Bottle.” Green Lantern has also made drug culture front and center in Green Lantern Vol. 2 Issue #85-86, better known as the “Snowbirds Don’t Fly” arc. This was a anti-drug campaign meant to show people the harsh realities of drugs. This was done by Green Lantern and Green Arrow fighting drug dealers and dealing with Roy Harper’s addiction to drugs. This is prevalent seeing that the cover to issue #85 where the green duo walk in on Roy shooting himself up with drugs.

Drugs are a main theme within this Laws song and he presents it so elegantly with this comic book lyric. I viewed this lyric as one big metaphor. Just take a moment and try to come along this imaginative journey with me where “Doomsday” is actually drugs. Doesn’t matter the drug; meth, heroin, alcohol, cocaine, any will do. As many comic book fans out there know, back in 1992, DC released a comic titled, “The Death of Superman.” That’s right, one of, if not the most powerful superhero known to mankind was killed. And he was killed by none other than Doomsday. They fought, scrapped, rumbled, and exchanged blows until Superman lay unconscious in Lois Lanes arms. So what I would guess Laws is trying convey is that even though drugs have the potential to make you feel invincible and high flying like Superman in their peek, ultimately, drugs don’t truly end with anything other than death. So at the time you feel you can outrun death, and stop bullets, when it all catches up to you, it could be you slumped over in the streets with your loved ones around you (Lois Lane) sobbing, mourning your decisions (red face). Also it is not uncommon that many children view the adults in their life as being their “Superman,” and in the end it could be those children left read faced with their Superman completely broken by “Doomsday.” Oh snap, this lyric is so metaphorical.

So now that we went on our little journey, we can safely return back to reality where Superman is Superman, and Doomsday is Doomsday. And if you want to see more of that action you do not have to wait. Superman: Doomed #1 is set to release May 14, 2014 where we will get to see this infamous match-up once again between Superman and Doomsday. With Doomsday sporting some new abilities, this title has been one of the most anticipated stories to come out of the New 52 lineup. So if you are looking for an awesome battle between two powerful forces, than this comic needs to be in your face immediately. Basically if you want action pact panels, with some hit and miss dialog then Superman: Doomed is here to meet your needs. I would say that if you think this is a good place to get into Superman, probably not. This comic seems to be aimed more toward die hard Superman fans, who want that next thrill. However, as a jumping off point, there are many other options that would be much much better. Regardless, it is a comic book and it should be read by all to enjoy. And remember kids, say no to Doomsday…or drugs…just to be safe, say no to both.

Diggin’ Through the Crates: Army of the Pharaohs “God Particle”

Song: “God Particle”

Artist: Army of the Pharaohs

Album: In Death Reborn (to be released April 22, 2014)

Lyric: “You know Lois Lane know my name/I’m throwing flames at your brain like Ghost Rider, my flow’s tighter.”

Character Reference/Meaning:
Coming to the DTC stage this week is none other than the rap super group, Army of the Pharaohs. This group originally formed by Vinnie Paz, the MC for another hard hitting under-ground rap group you may have heard of called Jedi Mind Tricks. With their soon to be released album In Death Reborn, which has been in the works for several years, they are pulling no punches in hopes of creating greatness. What better way to show the Hip-Hop community that you are rough, rugged, and Hip-Hop royalty than spitting off some nerdy lyrics. I can’t think of one, because as I have said time and time again, if you are nerdy you will become a rapper. Therefore, if you are a rapper, chances are you are nerdy. The proof is right in front of us with our lyric of the week.

Time to break it down people. Now why in the world would Lois Lane know who this group is? I mean, isn’t she only caught up on the big stories about big name people such as Superman and other heroes? EXACTLY, what Esoteric from Army of the Pharaohs is trying to tell you is that they are a big deal, and if you aren’t convinced, then their next album is out to prove it. Seeing that Lois Lane is a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, she seems like the only viable and capable candidate to bring their story to light in their rebirth. Basically, Esoteric is telling you that Army of the Pharaohs is big enough to capture the attention of Lois Lane. Sure, Superman can fly, lift heavy things, and stop bullets, but can he make you sing along to lyrics and nod your head to a beat? From the sounds of this lyric is appears that their album is going to do more than make your head nod. It’s quite possible it’ll make your whole head explode.

Similar to Ghost Rider, AOTP is going to be spitting hot fire like Dylan, so much in fact that by the end of the album, you’ll just be a skull with flames. Ignition point, the headphones. However that is not the only thing AOTP has in common with Ghost Rider, similar to how they are releasing their new album and it being titled In Death Reborn Ghost Rider is also being “reborn.” Just recently Marvel has regained the movie rights to the Ghost Rider franchise and look to do a possible reboot with the series. Even though nothing is confirmed about releasing new movies, hopefully this won’t be the last we see of Johnny Blaze. So even though we may not see Ghost Rider on the big screen any time soon, we will see him return to comic book shelves this month. Well actually, Johnny Blaze won’t graced the shelves at all. In fact writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore are introducing a brand new Ghost Rider completely.

The new hot head goes by the name of Robbie Reyes, a young high school student who grew up in the harsh inner city of East L.A. Even though he isn’t as experienced in life as Blaze, he still shares the same mistrust of people, quick to anger attitude, and violent surroundings that define Ghost Rider. Possibly one of the biggest changes that we will see in the comics is that Reyes won’t be sporting a Harley or a Hog, but rather he will be on 4 wheels. Instead of driving a motorcycle, the new series will have Reyes in a classic Dodge Charger. Don’t fear though, the wheels and a majority of the car is still engulfed in flames. Honestly I’m not sure how I feel about this, but based off the prints that have been appearing, it still looks bad ass. With issue #1 set to drop in March, issue #2 in April, and In Death Reborn the same month, I can already tell it’s going to be a month full of bad-ass-ery. Moral of the story, check out Army of the Pharaohs new album, check out All-New Ghost Rider (#1 drops on 3/26), and above all else, be a fancy pants nerd.

Written by Evan Lowe

We Can Do It! Lois Lane

“We Can Do It!: Women in Comics, Television and Beyond” is Hush Comics’ answer to what women in comics mean to the world and to us  Visit our page every Monday to learn about a new super lady!



Lois Lane


Lola Lane (to her sister, Lucy)


Depends on the timeline… she is an amazing investigative reporter.  She is also pretty witty.  In other timelines and books, she has been known to be trained in martial arts, and it the current “background” to her story, her military father trained her how to fight and use guns.

Origin Story:

Wow.  Where to start?  Lois Lane has been a staple in comic books (and plenty of other media) since Action Comics #1, released 76 years ago.  In the 30’s and 40’s she was a witty reporter for The Daily Planet (which used to be The Daily Star).  Around the early 1950’s, the Comics Code Authority started censoring many comic books.  Among them was the Superman series.  Lois went from being strong-willed to a damsel-in-distress, depending on The Metropolis Marvel.

In 1958, Lois got her own series, Superman’s Girl Friend: Lois Lane.  In its run until 1974, Lois had her own wild adventures, many of which made her out to be unsympathetic.  She tried unsuccessfully to marry Superman many times and found herself in incredibly unrealistic situations.  In today’s world, they all seem incredibly sexist, and sometimes even racist.  You can read more about it with BuzzFeed’s article chronicling some of the strangest covers the series had.

Lois has been given a few reboots in the comics since the 1980’s, including her Earth 2 version. However, most of time, Lois has been depicted as she originally was: a tough as nails reporter.  In the 90’s, she and Superman were finally married.

Lois has taken many different roles in the comics history, from Superwoman to Red Tornado. But for 76 years, she has remained linked to Superman and Clark Kent and has long been thought of as the ultimate comic book woman.

Why is she important?:

In the modern sense of the term “comic book” Lois Lane is the First Lady.  Everyone knows who Lois Lane is, just as much as they know who Superman is.  Lois debuted alongside with Superman back in 1938 and she is still in comics.  She even had a one-shot come out just 2 weeks ago.

For the first decade she existed, she was the star reporter in an industry that was male dominated.  And she was portrayed this way in a time when women were usually married by their early 20s, and if they did have a job, it was as a teacher (nothing wrong with a teachers).  She cared more about the story, and nabbing it away from her rival Clark, than marrying anybody.

During the silver age, Lois’ personality changed from wit and reduced to trit.  Unfortunately, Lois became an annoying woman who begged for Superman to marry her.  In the ‘80s to present, she has regained her status as a tough woman; thus proving that Lois Lane is the fictional archetype for the public view of women.

Her importance to today’s society is due to her portrayal for the last 76 years.  The time that really changed how the public viewed Lois came in the 90’s.  She was drawn in comics, acted by Teri Hatcher in the TV series Lois and Clark, and was taking the lead in the newsroom in Superman: The Animated Series.  She was no longer the damsel in distress.  She was no longer the bothersome journalist trying to beat out Clark at every chance she got.  Instead, Lois became a powerful woman in her own right, even without super powers.

What she means to me:

Lois Lane is universal comic book woman.  As a little girl growing up in the 90s, and watching all her incarnations on the screen, she proved to me that a woman doesn’t have to be all-powerful to still be strong and influential.  Lois says what’s on her mind.  Yet at the same time, she is capable of being sensitive, falling in love with Clark Kent.  She is an inspiration for all girls in the modern age who wonder what they could do without powers or a revealing outfit.

written by Adrian Puryear

Comic Book Reviews 02-26-14

Review Scale:

The mythical A+: Classic comic book material. Belongs next to your copy of The Notebook and The Joy of Cooking.

A: Would definitely recommend to all comic book readers. Even more so to fans of the genre or characters

B: Enjoyable read. Fans of the genre or characters will especially like.

C: Non-essential read. Can be enjoyable for fans of the genre or characters, but likely for only one or two events in the books.

D: Unenjoyable book. Read at your own risk. Might find satisfaction if major flaws are overlooked.

F: Please don’t buy this book. Donate your money to a local comic book writer’s workshop instead to inspire future generations to write something better than this trash.

Pick of the Week:

deadly class reagan

Deadly Class (Image Comics) #2 – A

This book is awesome, it’s a classic high school scene like Harry Potter or Freaks and Greeks, except the children are there to learn how to be assassins. I just love the story behind this book and what it is going to develop into. At first, when Sherif told me about Deadly Class, I honestly thought it was going to be stupid and not very entertaining, but I have been proven wrong. With so many cool characters, and an interesting concept, Deadly Class has tickled, no, molested my fancy and I cannot wait to continue to see what comes out of this comic. In issue #2, we get our very first look into the school it’s amazing to see where everyone comes from and how everyone there plans to become an assassin. Even though there isn’t a ton of action in this issue, the writing is enough to keep the reader engaged and interested through the entire book. I can truly appreciate a comic that doesn’t need action to make the story great. If you have not started reading Deadly Class yet, I highly recommend it. – E

Other Reviews:


Superman: Lois Lane #1 – B

Lois Lane hasn’t been a major part of Superman’s life like she has in the past thanks to the reboot of the New 52 and Superman knocking boots with a goddess now. This story proves that Lois Lane is still a badass reporter that doesn’t need to be rescued by the Man of Steel. The plot revolves around Lois’ sister and some sort of trouble that she got into with drugs that have crazy side-effects. Lois of course sets off to investigate and get into all sorts of hijinks related to the investigation. The story overall isn’t too bad and the art is great, which also matches the artwork from the new 52 superman book. I wasn’t sure what to expect from a one-shot like this but I can say that Lois didn’t disappoint. She is still the only woman I can see Superman ending up with.  – R

Batman Superman #8 – B-

I’ve finally woken up from the bad dream that has been the past couple months of Batman/Superman and found myself back in the real world. I’m not sure what kind of hell was happening with the last few issues, but we are back in the Greg Pak/Jae Lee universe that we signed up for in the first place. Issue #8 saw an alternate universe’s Robin and Supergirl (now Huntress and Power Girl) meeting Batman and Superman for the first time. Seeing Batman’s estranged daughter interact with him for the first time is worth a laugh, and Superman’s attempt to protect Power Girl from himself is exactly what you’d expect. The plot is just a transition to what will happen in the next issue of World’s Finest, so don’t get too attached to the story. Really, though, the art is what will save the book. It’s just beautiful, and it’s reason enough to invest in the series going forward. – S

Dark Horse Comics:

Tomb Raider #1 – B+

This issue is about what I expected it to be when I heard there was a new series coming out. This issue is an introduction to a few key characters and the buildup for the first arc. What I didn’t expect was that it is a continuation of the story from the latest Tomb Raider game that came out. I absolutely loved the game and if you haven’t played it yet, I would highly recommend it – you owe it to yourself. This continuation has me especially excited because I was left with a sense of wanting to know what happens next after the game. If the writing is as good as it was in the game, then I expect there to be great potential in this story. This is still a very young Lara and that leaves tons of room for development beyond anything we have seen before in games or film. – R

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #2 – C+

If the debut issue of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind was the honeymoon, issue #2 is like the awkward first week back. The Serenity crew is forced with a tough decision regarding Zoë’s condition, and they pick up an old pal in Jayne Cobb. With Jayne on board, things should feel back to normal, but the identity just isn’t there in this book… yet. There are many moving pieces in Leaves on the Wind: the new revolution, Zoë, River, and an unwelcome visitor by the name of Jubal Early (last episode of Firefly). So far, nothing has been established to make me feel part of the experience. Hopefully the next issue will make me feel the magic. – S

IDW Comics:

Teenage Mutant Nina Turtles #31 – A-

As the turtles regroup in Northampton from the events of City Fall, we’re finally getting to see our heroes in their familiar light: joking, training and feeling like family again. There are some really awesome moments with Casey and Donatello (very nostalgic of the first TMNT film) and Raphael and Alopex. Even Leonardo and Splinter iron out some issues. This issue isn’t all feels though, as a new mutant assassin of the foot emerges. What really sets TMNT apart from other books is that even in the lulls, there is always something to push the story along. The dialog may seem lengthy at times, but it’s heavily tied to the story and character development. The art of Ross Campbell is beautiful, and is greatly complemented by it’s bright colors. Enjoy it while it lasts, as after issue 32, Mateus Santolouco takes over. Regardless of who is drawing, with Tom Waltz at the held, TMNT can do no wrong.  – S

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Utrom Empire #2 – B

In this Krang-centric book, we get a look at the bigger picture. Krang, although ruthless and power-hungry, cares deeply for the fate of his people. It’s almost admirable, in a creepy kind of way. As he battles extinction from all angles, Krang proves he is willing to do whatever is necessary to save the Utrom people, even at the cost of his own life. The 80’s action flick vibe is still in full effect, here. Vog, the triceratops mutant, is quickly becoming one of my favorite villains in the book, and I just hope that the turtles never have to face such a foe. I’m not nearly as interested in this side-story as I have been in the past TMNT mini-series (the best among them being Secret of the Foot Clan), but Utrom Empire has managed to take the turtles most dangerous foe and make him the protagonist… sort of. – S

Samurai Jack #5 – B

BOSS FIGHT! We were just saying in our review of issue #4 that it’s time for the story to pick up steam and progress the story. Like the top of a roller-coaster ride, all this issue needed was a light push and the story went from 0-epic in one page. In fact, it might move too quick, as the art and dialog is all over the place, and a bit jumbled. That being said, Jack confronts Aku, and it’s every bit the showdown we were waiting for. The Threads of Time play a big part in his strategy, but the turn-around from start to end is so fast, it seemed a bit rushed. Pace aside, Jack is still a great pick-up for those raised on the series and genre. – S

X-Files Conspiracy: Transformers #1 – B-

Above most other aspects in creative media and storytelling, I appreciate creativity and new ideas.  IDW supplies in X-Files Conspiracy.  The fourth installment of this series merges the adventures of Scully, Mulder and their cohorts with the infamous robots in disguise – Transformers!  Being one of my favorite childhood interests it was great to see Optimus and others in still panel form.  The premise is simple; the X-Files team is out to unravel a conspiracy and in the process, save the world.  Continuing on from the previous issues featuring the Ghostbuster’s crew as well as our favorite heroes in half-shells (TMNT!!), the Autobots assemble in support of the cause.  There were a lot of humorous moments in the pages of this issue that really add to the enjoyment factor.  It wasn’t the most action packed comic, but all in all this was a fun read.  I recommend it if you’re looking to add a little bit of light-hearted variety to your comic stack.  – T

Image Comics:

Black Science #4 – A

Of the numerous volumes of comic books I’m reading right now, very few come close to Image’s Black Science.  This series tops even the Star War issues in my current stack (and that’s saying something).  Don’t sleep on this one, people.  Rick Remender’s (writer) creative genius has brought us a story with depth, intrigue, adventure, conflict/plot variety and everything that makes the Hush Comics family giddy!  An issue hasn’t passed where I wasn’t left anxious after at the very last page and panel!  Issue #4 plays out is similar fashion as the debut issue – a race against time before our dimensionaughts are forced to jump again to another dimension.  The intensity is juxtaposed with powerful character monologue and gorgeous art work.  I give, yet again, another big round of applause to Matteo Scalera (artist) and Dean White (painter).  What they put on the page…it’s like love-making for eyeballs.  By the conclusion of the issue, the plot has taken on a completely different pace and tone.  This beautiful evolution opens up vast possibilities for the continuation of Black Science.  I hope Remender and team keep this unique adventure engaging and exciting. – T

The Revenge #1 – B

Uhhhh, I’m not entirely sure what I just read, but it was good! This is definitely unlike other comic books that I have read in a long time. With lots of blood and boobs, The Revenge is a comic for a mature audience. This story is pretty clear and laid out, but I still have no idea where it is going to go. Some points in this comic and just demented and gruesome, yet I can’t find fault in it because that is the identity that the book has found for itself. Honestly, I found the book strange but a good strange, not like a “this is so weird and stupid I don’t even know what is going on strange.” So if you are in the search for a comic book unlike the rest, and are up for some boobs and blood, then I would recommend The Revenge. – E

Sex #11 – B-

After last issue’s tease at what a world with the Armored Saint looked like, we are back to the foreplay of the other nine issues. While the tension is certainly rising in Saturn City, I can’t honestly see the Saint making a comeback for at least another five issues if they continue at this pace. All the major characters and motives (or lack thereof) have been established and the only logical next step this story can take is to introduce the Armored Saint to save the city. They show us in the beginning that Simon clearly still has the skill but he just doesn’t have the proper motivation to break his vow yet. Simon is reminiscent of how Oliver Queen was behaving in the beginning of his New 52 run; they both desire to be something else yet neither one quite knows how to make it happen. I’m sure that wrinkly old ball sac called the Old Man will help him out with that. Speaking of ball sac, there has been a marked increase in the amount of penis that they started showing since its first introduction a few issues back – perhaps we could tone that down a bit. This isn’t Game of Thrones or Spartacus, after all.  – R

The Walking Dead #122 – C-

Uggghh!  If you’re wondering whether I’m disappointed or practicing my walker impression, know that it is the former… Chalk another one up for an uneventful TWD issue.  As various members of the Alexandria and Hilltop communities cope and adjust to the aftermath of the savage battles the plot remains in a state of limbo.  Minor developments and hints as to what will happen next pepper the page, but I’ve already lost track of the number of times an issue has lead me to believe, “oh the next issue is gonna be crazy!”… And I can count pretty high.  Kirkman’s focus on the All Out War arch is far too centralized war rhetoric and how it affects everyone.  I don’t know about you, but the impacts of war are lost on me in this post-apocalyptic time frame.  The world has already gone to shit and a series of skirmishes termed as “war” adds little to the series.  Only four issues remain until the All Out War story ends.  I hope for the sake of continued TWD support that the conclusion is epic.  It may not be long before this TWD fan is walking away from this dead series. – T


Hawkeye #15 – B+

It feels so good to be back in New York with Hawk-guy. I’ve had enough of Kate as Hawkeye, with her disastrous exploits living on her own. I really enjoy Clint Barton’s everyday adventures: the guns, the butt-kicking, and most especially, the Bros. The Russian (?) Bro Mafia is hilarious. They are one building away from owning the whole neighborhood – a building illegally owned by Hawkeye. Sometimes, it’s the most humane stories in the Avengers’ world that make for the most clever and entertaining books. Throw in a legitamite villain to the mix, and you have plenty of gas in the tank for Matt Fraction’s best book out. – S

Fantastic Four #1 – B

After an exciting first few pages, I was actually pretty excited to continue reading to see what was coming next. It started on such a serious and mysterious note that it grabs the reader attention right away. Yet, the rest of the book didn’t really carry that same mood and tone up until the end. Seeing that it is a first issue, I can understand the need to set up plot lines and background story, I just wish all that middle stuff was a bit more interesting. However, I am still interested to see how this story is going to play out. It seems like it is going to be more of a somber comic than a typical superhero book. And by getting a glimpse at that somber tone, it allows the reader to want to know how it got there. What went down in order to bring these people to the places they are at now? I guess only time will tell, but I would enjoy finding out. – E

Origin II #3 – B

Three issues in out of five and I’m still not sure what the purpose of this book is. I have enjoyed the art immensely but there hasn’t been any actual character development. So far Logan hasn’t actually said a single word, unless of course you count onamotapeia as language. I get the feeling that given the direction some of Wolverines other books are taking that this will perhaps be an origin for how his feud with Sabertooth ultimately began. Somehow, Sinister also fits into the picture, too. Being a major fan of Wolverine, I can’t help but continue to read this but I also can’t help but as why is there a sequel. – R

Indestructible Hulk #19 – B-

As of right now, there is a lot going on in the Indestructible Hulk series; yet with this particular comic, I felt like not much was happening. We got to see the effects of another one of Banner’s solutions to a problem and the consequences that happened because of it, but a majority of the comic was just uneventful. We did get to see some pretty cool action toward the beginning of the comic; however, it wasn’t able to carry the book by itself. I’m hoping the next issue can bring more excitement following the events that have transpired over the last couple issues. – E

Deadpool #24 – C+

Issue #24 ends the long saga of Agent Preston being stuck in Deadpool’s body. It’s drawn out, and uncharacteristically emotional, but it’s still the same Deadpool you know and love. There are a couple moments in the mush-fest that stick, though, as Deadpool is truly alone now – excluding the cacophony of voices in his head. It’s a decent transition issue, but it’s not much more than that. With all the hoopla at Marvel over a Deadpool wedding, I can see the need to explore those feelings, but #24 really forces the issue. Overall, I’m happy with the direction the book is taking, but turning Deadpool into a soft-hearted murderer won’t sit well with me. – S

Wolverine #2 – C

Heroes and villains have a way of dying or having a major crisis that somehow majorly affects them all the time. It’s the comic book industries way of reminding us that we should appreciate what we have because at any minute it could be taken away. Just look at Peter Parker; not only did they kill the Amazing Peter but they also killed the Ultimate universe’s version of Peter, too. Logan has a run-in with Superior Spider-Man‘s “Peter Parker” that shows a side of Logan that I don’t really think we have experienced before. This is a Wolverine that is de-powered, broken and, for the first time ever, afraid. I can’t help but think that this is just some plot to bring him back better than ever, or maybe change him in some major way kind of like what they did to Jubilee. That being said, this depiction of Logan pretty much shits on the whole idea of the character. I hope that Paul Cornell knows what he is doing. Too much of this Wolverine is definitely a bad thing.  – R

Superior Spider-Man #28 – C-

After such a stellar display in issue #27, Superior Spider-Man feels like an awkwardly-long continuation instead of an expansion upon the Goblin Nation story. Some secrets were revealed, and it still feels like this is going somewhere, but I had gotten my hopes up after the last issue that things were finally turning around. While Otto is dumb-founded that the Green Goblin has out-smarted him, the subconscious of Peter Parker is getting sucked further and further into Otto Octavius’ psyche. Maybe Superior is trying to avoid taking the easy way out (segueing into April’s re-emergence of Amazing Spider-Man), but it just seems now that it is stalling for time until Parker returns. I’ll still keep reading, but I wouldn’t recommend this to new readers. – S

George Romero’s Empire of the Dead #2 – D

This issue is pretty much nothing but buildup for the inevitable plot arc involving some ridiculous rise of the zombies with consciences, or perhaps some type of battle between zombie and vampires with humans caught in the middle. The story remains vigilant that there is a way to domesticate zombies and that they have some feeling or memory of their former selves. I know that George Romero is considered one of the greats but I think he has crossed over that fine line of innovative into ridiculousness. This doesn’t even feel like fresh material after watching his last few subpar films. He has already explored many of these ideas in his earlier work and it didn’t pan out very well there either. I am left wondering how he thought it could pan out better in short spurts that don’t really have any coherent ideas so far. And as a bit of a personal gripe, the art is a bit all over the place. It is hard to determine who is who sometimes when the art doesn’t even match from one panel to the next. – R

GPA by Publisher:

DC Comics: 2 B’s, averaging out to a 3.00

Marvel Comics: and 4 B’s, 3 C’s and 1 D, averaging out to a 2.38

Independents: 3 A’s, 6 B’s and 2 C’s, averaging out to a 3.09

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Fantastic Four #1 Alex Ross variant
Fantastic Four #1 Alex Ross variant
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