Community Review – “Laws of Robotics and Party Rights” S6E5

We were privileged enough to get another new episode of Community this week, but unfortunately it didn’t quite hit the spot. I worry that the novelty of Community still existing is wearing off and the true colors of this season are showing through, and they’re not so bright.


The absolutely hilarious physical comedy: I dare you not to laugh at the prisoner iPads on wheels. Maybe it’s just me, but that gag stayed funny throughout the episode. I have to say the highlight was Willy trying to kill Jeff by pushing him down the stairs but instead just repeatedly rolling into him. There’s a lot you can do with something as silly as that, and the concept was successfully exhausted by episode’s end when Abed took them all over and basically turned into a Blorgon.

Community - "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights"


The group – except Jeff: I understand that everyone in the study group of old was weird. They all had their quirks which made them unique, funny and loveable. So far this season, and especially in this episode actually, it just feels like everyone has become a caricature of themselves. Except Jeff. He seems to be the only character the writers are doing justice for anymore and is at all like the network TV version of himself. Chang has maybe three lines an episode and they’re all still about what a crazy homeless person he is. It’s basically like they’ve turned all our beloved characters into static versions of themselves and each week they’re just inserted into absurd situations. It’s really not working that well for me. Not to mention they brought in two new characters who are basically not even in the show. Where is my Keith David dammit?!

Community - "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights"

Britta: I know Britta is the worst but it’s like they’re not even trying to make her likable anymore. She’s really turned into a female Chang, and maybe they thought that would be funny but for me it’s just disappointing. Remember back in season one when Britta was Jeff’s love interest because she had likable qualities and allure? Why did they decide to just make all of that go away and basically completely rewrite her? For shit’s sake she sleeps on Annie and Abed’s couch and got arrested at the end of the episode! The writers turned Britta into the girl from her past they used to make joking references to and I just don’t understand why. I think it’s shitty.

A Community college with no classes: Remember back in all the previous seasons where the group were all students at Greendale? Remember when they were a study group because academics were a thing? Why are Annie, Britta, Abed, and Chang even there anymore? I’m assuming Annie, Britta and Abed are students, but it’s funny how that’s not really a plot point at all anymore. What happened to grade grubbing Annie? I think she’s still studying criminology, but who knows? Does Britta still want to be a therapist? Because I’m pretty sure you can’t get a Masters in Psychology at a Community college. Same goes for a Masters in film for Abed. It just feels like they’ve cut so many corners and therefore deviated from the original plot that the show doesn’t even really make sense anymore.

Community - "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights"

Final Ramblings:

Full disclosure, despite my displeasure with this episode I still laughed a lot. It kind of hurts my heart to write this review. I love Community, SO MUCH. I’ve been a dedicated fan since season one and I want to always be in their corner and defend things I love, but the truth is this season seems to be going off the deep end of insanity. Community’s charm was in its varying zaniness, be it with Greendale or study group members actions and responses to things at Greendale. In short, the comedy in the show was not things being a constant stream of BATSHIT CRAZY. The novelty wears off quite a bit when every episode very time is so absurd, it makes the viewer start asking questions they shouldn’t be asking like why the hell is Greendale even still a place? Not every episode can be paintball and lost pens, ya know?

Community - "Laws of Robotics and Party Rights"


Hush Comics gives “Laws of Robotics and Party Rights” a C because the episode was funny, but the departure from characterization is disheartening.

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Community Review – “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” and S6E4

After a bit of a lackluster start, Season 6 of Community finds its groove by leaning on its most eccentric characters, Dean Pelton and Ben Chang. “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” brings back the heart of the show: laughing at itself and turning clever dialogue on its head. New additions Keith David and Paget Brewster are also proving to be great additions to the cast, and the show feels like less of a drag and more of an enjoyable program. Did I mention that it’s free to watch online?


Off the Chang: Poor Chang is always getting the short end of the stick. It was so gratifying to finally see him get the spotlight he deserved, even if he had to be beaten to a pulp emotionally before his potential could be realized. So what if he got cast because of eye shape?


The truth about Karate Kid: Thanks to an amazing guest star appearance from Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi from The League) as the film director, we get an honest take on who the real star of Karate Kid was. It was even better to see Annie pushed from her high horse. She did sound like Vinny Barbarino (John Travolta) from Welcome Back, Kotter. And how hilarious was it that Other Annie got cast as the Karate Kid? I need to keep a few of those insults on-hand next time somebody pisses me off.


Whhhhy-Fi: The conversation about Wi-Fi and IT guys is hilarious. “We have oxygen. We need wi-fi.” It’s casual conversations turned malarkey that bring the heart of the show back. Elroy (Keith David) really brings it home with by adding his outdated tech references. “Tera-? They did it, those bastards; they finally did it.”

Keith David is amazing: How long before Abed realizes that Elroy was also the owner of The Cape?? Keith David hasn’t necessarily replaced Troy (token jokes aside), but he bring a sort of wit that Troy never had, and Elroy’s team-ups with Abed are more intellectual than silly and adorable. It’s not Donald Glover, but it’s passable. “I’m a big fan of the Performing Arts, but I’ll go to Chang’s play anyway.”

The Gay Dean theme song: Here’s another classic Community musical to add to the list of already great ditties. This one parodies Dolly Parton’s “Jolene.”


They’re totally Britta’ing Britta: To prepare for the Sixth Season of Community, we went back and started from the beginning. It’s only then that I noticed how far Britta has fallen as a character. Some people might feel like that’s just where her character is in life, but she’s become a total floozy, reduced to shitting her pants for comedic effect.


Gay Dean: I’ve always liked the idea of not addressing Dean Pelton’s sexuality. The lack of transparency made it a bit more mysterious and the writing always seemed to be more clever when the jokes weren’t so obvious as they have been in the last couple episodes. I did love that they took the double-standard of homosexuality and rubbed our faces in it, but it was not a rocket-ship, thrusting the show to new heights.


…They… They really killed the birds: That’s just cold. How are they gonna do the little baby birds like that?



It’s time for some Jeff: There has been a noticeable lack of Jeff this season – no speeches, no “too cool for school” jokes. As the top-billing actor on the show, it’s time that he get some love. He still exhibits leadership over the group, but it’s his horrible judgment and manipulation that usually takes the stories into the zaniest places.

Hush Comics “Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing” a for bringing the funk back to Greendale Community College. The episode left me wanting a bit more out of the story, but a Chang-centric tale and solid guest star provided plentiful laughter.