Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 26, 2015

The SAG awards happened. The full results can be found at Entertainment Weekly. Can you tell we are over award shows? Source: EW

Cameron Romero, son of George Romero, will be writing and directing a prequel to his father’s Night of the Living Dead. Zombies just won’t die, will they? Source: Variety

Chris Weitz, writer of About a Boy and the new live-action Cinderella, will be writing the stand-alone Star Wars movie. Does this mean it could be sappy? Source: The Hollywood Reporter

FOX is more than likely adding an X-Men TV series to their line-up next fall.  There is no other word as far as creative team or direction, but if they are aiming for a September air-date, the ball better get rolling.  Just in case FOX is reading this (ha!), I have a great idea for an X-Men live-action series. Call me. Source: TV Insider

David Tennant (Doctor Who) has been cast as The Purple Man aka Zebediah Killgrave in Netflix’s Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad). Source: EW

Daniel Brühl of Inglourious Basterds has been cast as Baron Zemo, one of Captain America’s main foes in Captain America: Civil War. Source: MovieCastingCall

Every nerd-boy’s fantasy, Emma Watson, has been cast as Belle in the live-action Beauty and the Beast movie. Source: Facebook

CBS has ordered a pilot based off the Rush Hour movie. Source: EW

Mission: Impossible 5 has been moved up from December to July. It looks like the strategy is to make as much money as possible… it will release the same weekend Guardians of the Galaxy released last year. Source: Variety

Colm Feore (The BorgiasRevolution) has been cast as The Dollmaker in Gotham. Source: Deadline

A full list (as of press time) of this fall’s TV pilots has been released. Source: EW

Hot Toys is taking pre-orders for Chris Evans… or the super-realistic statue of him as Captain America.  Can we say wow?! Source: Facebook 

Joss Whedon is tired of not having his own project to work on. In an interview with Empire Magazine, he says that doing Avengers 3 and would take up all his time for the next 4 years. Marvel fans maybe sad, but true Whedonites could be looking forward to something that comes from that beautiful brain. Source: Comic Book Resources