Supernatural Review – “Inside Man” S10E17

At long last we FINALLY got the Supernatural episode we’ve been waiting for! We got the see the return of Castiel, Metatron, Crowley’s metaphorical balls and BOBBY! This is the one we’ve been waiting for, it’s the episode we deserve and the episode we need.


Castiel! And Sam: I have missed Castiel. Even when he’s been around, I missed who he used to be. I don’t know about you, but for me, him traveling around with the angel equivalent of a baked potato (Hannah) was kind of soul-sucking. It was so nice to have the awesome Cas back this week. And the team-up between him and Sam was pretty freaking badass. They were kind of ruthless against Metatron (that dick); it was refreshing and kind of sexy. In a badass way, of course.

Supernatural - "Inside Man"

Bobby: Oh, Bobby. I still think the biggest mistake Supernatural made was killing him off. They did it well, and of course I cried, but Bobby brought something to the show that no one else can. He was the heart of the show in many ways, and it’s felt a little lost without him. Or maybe it’s just me. Either way, it was so wonderful to have him back this week. Every moment he had on screen was bittersweet because while he was a sight for sore eyes, his current existence is heartbreaking. It was humorous to see him in heaven, sipping whiskey, reading and listening to “The Gambler,” but he was alone and more notably, he was lonely. He misses his boys and they miss him too, and it kind of ripped my soul out. I really hope to see more of him this season, and I am terrified to find out what his punishment for escaping and opening the Gate to Earth was.

Dean and Crowley, just having a drink: I don’t understand their relationship anymore. Are they friends or enemies? There is a bond there, and while it’s a little weird there was something heartwarming about Dean’s family speech to Crowley. It was very genuine of him to care enough to encourage Crowley to stand up for himself. The whole conversation started out like they were embittered ex-lovers, but once the bite wore off, it was a very powerful scene. Oh, and Crowley was drinking a piña colada, HA!

Crowley vs. Rowena vs. Rowena vs. Crowley: It’s no secret that I think Rowena is amazing, albeit kind of completely bat-shit power-crazy. But I never grow tired of her antics; I root against her, but she is a tip-top villain for this season. Crowley has been quite the sad sack for a while now and a pretty piss poor King of Hell, Rowena has been the real bad mofo. Crowley finally putting her in her place was long overdue. Maybe he has a soft spot for her because she’s his mommy, but it was foolish how quickly he gave into her bullshit and manipulation. I’m glad Crowley got his groove back, and it was kind of sad and satisfying watching poor lost Rowena, all alone walking down the street with her cloak and bags and no place to go.

Supernatural - "Inside Man"


Metatron: Okay, I first have to acknowledge that Metatron is freaking hilarious and he brings a lot to the show. He’s such an asshole, but he’s so clever and surly to our heroes that it’s kind of impossible not to enjoy his onscreen time. That being said, my only reason he is a con is WHY do Sam and Castiel keep going back to him thinking he’ll help them? He’s a dick. He was just screwing with them to kill time, he even admitted it tonight! Seriously, at what point to you just try to find a god damn plan B? I’m glad it’s finally out in the open that Metatron does not know how to help with the Mark of Cain so that whole thing can go away, and I am glad that he will stick around as he leads Castiel to what’s left of his grace.


Rowena will be the secret to removing the Mark of Cain: Called it! I knew Rowena knew something. She may not know how to remove it yet, but she’s obviously familiar with it since she knows it’s just a curse. I’m not sure what she will barter or bargain once she finds out how to remove it, but she knows if she can get that mark off of Dean he will be easily killed. Hell, maybe she’ll do it just to break Crowley’s heart.

Rowena vs. Crowley vs. Crowley vs. Rowena – The Sequel: I think we’re in for quite the battle between mother and son from here on out, now that he’s kicked her out hell. Rowena is heartbroken, alone, and enraged. Crowley has minions, and he thinks he’s tough but I don’t think he has any idea what he’s up against. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. And Crowley is the King of Hell. I have no idea what that equation breaks down to but it will most likely be a lot of fun to watch.

And the Rest…:

A voice on the angel walkie talkie says “The Bobbies are fighting back. The Bobbies are surly” as an alert to the other guards. While that is hilarious, why do angels have walkie talkies?

The Gate to Earth from heaven is door #42. 42, get it? The answer to everything. Awesome.

Best Line of the Week:

Castiel: I’m an angel.
Oliver Pryce: No. You can’t be!
Castiel: Why not?
Oliver Pryce: Because I’m an atheist!

Supernatural - "Inside Man"

Hush Comics gives “Paint it Black” an A because it really moves the story along and brings the excitement. Also, because every character rocked every scene..

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