Hush Comics’ 2015 Midseason TV Preview

TV season is upon us! No more having to make conversation with your boring roommates. Now you can live vicariously through all the fantastic shows that are returning to action. Make sure you’ve got plenty of DVR space, because there are some great programs coming your way. Check out the list below to see which ones you need to see.


Gotham – FOX, January 5th

Jim Gordon may not have done so well in the eyes of the mayor, but he has led us to the heart of Arkham, and that is A-OK with me. We also get to meet Leslie Thompkins, played by Morena Baccarin (Firefly‘s Inara), which should automatically bring in a slew of fanboys and horndogs, alike. Gotham’s bleak future will likely have a see-saw effect on Gotham‘s future.

Eye Candy – MTV, January 12th *NEW SERIES*

Hot tech genius hunts a serial killer. Based off an R.L. Stine (Goosebumps) novel.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore – Comedy Central, January 19th *NEW SERIES*

This show is replacing the time slot left by the Colbert Report. No pressure, Larry. Another Daily Show alumnus gets the spotlight. Has great potential.

House of Cards – Netflix, February 23rd

Ahh! I only have a month and a half to catch up on two seasons of House of Cards before the 3rd season is available to stream. Everybody is talking about this show, and I look forward to catching up on it.



Agent Carter – ABC, January 6th *NEW SERIES*

A spin-off of sorts from last year’s Captain America 2: Winter SoldierAgent Carter will flesh out the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., with name-drops and Easter Eggs from the Marvel Universe. Peggy Carter is one bad chick, and the timeline of the show has me even more interested.

Parks and Recreation – NBC, January 13th

It had to happen eventually. Parks and Rec‘s 7th and final season will be only 13 episodes long, and surely leave a gaping hole in the sitcom world. As sad as it will be to end, I’m sure the finale will be worth it.

The Kroll Show – Comedy Central, January 13th

I have no idea how this show is still a thing. Nick Kroll, who you may recognize from The League, has quietly held this sketch comedy show for two seasons. Good news is that this will be the last one.

The Flash – The CW, January 20th

This line-up of comic book shows had one of the craziest series of cliff-hangers I have seen, and the entrance of the Reverse Flash was no exception here. Look forward to more meta-human nonsense and hopefully some clarification to the giant mystery that is Harrison Wells.

Justified – FX, January 20th

Another long-running series is coming to an end. Raylan has come a long way as a character, so it will be interesting to see how the series wraps up.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC, March 3rd

After the crazy reveal at the mid-season, Agents is taking a prolonged break to avoid competition with Agent Carter. The weird, crawling pace of this show can be frustrating, but I just close my eyes and say, “it’s Joss Whedon; he has a plan.”



Empire – FOX, January 7th *NEW SERIES*

Terrance Howard and Taraji Henson face off as ex-spouses vying for control of the record label they helped create. It’s a continuation from Hustle & Flow, probably the last movie I ever expected to live on as a TV series. Could be interesting.

black-ish – ABC, January 7th

Anthony Anderson’s racially-charged sitcom comes back for more.

American Horror Story – FX, January 7th

AHS: Freak Show has been one of the most interesting installments thus far – but by far the least frightening. There have been clues alluding to an inter-connected story, but with only 3 episodes in the season left, it had better cut to the chase. More clowns!!

Man Seeking Woman – FXX, January 14th *NEW SERIES*

This is the End (and How to Train Your Dragon)’s Jay Baruchel stars as a mid-20’s guy looking to get laid. Or true love. It’s not rally clear yet. What a concept. Hopefully there is more substance to this show, because I find Baruchel hilarious.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FXX, January 14th

This show remains one of the last standing long-running sitcoms on television. It’s a winning formula that has kept a cult following for nearly a decade.

Arrow – the CW, January 21st

Uh, I need Arrow, and I need it now. After the mid-season cliff-hanger (heh, not exactly), I have been in hysterics about what the heck is going on in Star City. There are SOOO many loose ends here – what a spectacular show.

The Americans – FX, January 28th

Just ten years ago, Keri Russell and Phillip Jennings were known for their roles as cutesy-wutesy characters in family shows. Now, they are murderous Russian spies living next to an FBI counter-terrorism operative during the Cold War. If you love Murrica (or hate it, whatever), you will watch this show.

Fresh off the Boat – ABC, February 4th *NEW SERIES*

With all the sitcoms dying out, it’s great to see a new one pop out. This is like an Asian-American version of Everybody Hates Chris, where the show’s creator, chef Eddie Huang, tells a loosely autobiographical version of his life. Note: this show will air regularly on Tuesdays starting February 10th.

CSI: Cyber – CBS, March 4th *NEW SERIES*

I will usually be the first one to wave off a new CSI series, as I have found them extremely formulaic and unprogressive since their inception. CBS must have heard my cries because after having two of their spin-offs cancelled (NYLA), they finally decided to catch the show up to current times, targeting cyber villains. Oh, and Bow Wow is in it. Sold.


Archer – FX, January 8th

Last season of Archer took a wildly different approach by dissolving ISIS (no relation) and making the group a bunch of outlaws. It was quite entertaining, but I sincerely cannot wait for the show to get back to its roots this year.

Big Bang Theory – CBS, January 8th

Will Amy and Sheldon finally consummate this relationship in coitus?

This is Not Happening – Comedy Central, January 22nd *NEW SERIES*

I’m always a sucker for new stand-up comedy. It’s great background noise, and I feel the most accomplished when I can clear it from my DVR. This is Not Happening is a simple concept; comedians tell stories of things that have happened to them. It’s like listening your friends, but likely much funnier, and you can hit fast forward when you don’t think they are funny.

Scandal – ABC, January 29th

Seriously, stop being a bitch baby and watch this show! I consider this my guilty pleasure because I do know how utterly insane the storyline has gotten, but I can’t stop watching. Kerry Washington is just too beautiful, and Joe Morton (Olivia’s dad) is downright terrifying.

How to Get Away With Murder – ABC, January 29th

How many dead girl phone penis shots does it take to convict a guy, jeez! This super raunchy, ultra dramatic show is back after a bombshell of a mid-season finale. It might seem a bit ridiculous to the casual viewer, but if you can just enjoy the ride, you’ll enjoy yourself.


Fridays & Saturdays

Glee – FOX, January 9th

Say goodbye to Glee, you guys, because this sixth season will mark the show’s last. The concept has been great; the show has given power and a voice to so many under-represented groups in our culture. Jane Lynch has been phenomenal, and it’s still the only place you can find Gwyneth Paltrow singing Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You.”

King of the Nerds – TBS, January 23rd

King of the Nerds may be the only reality competition show I have ever been excited for (aside from maybe Skin Wars). Pitting a variety of nerds against each other to see who is the nerdiest results in one of the funnest displays of geekiness on TV. Chances are you will hate everybody who is good at this in one way or another, but living the competition vicariously through them is as close to the show as most of us will get.



The Simpsons – FOX, January 4th

You know… The Simpsons, man!

Bob’s Burgers – FOX, January 4th

Bob’s Burgers didn’t win Best Animated Series of 2014 here at Hush Comics for no reason. The show is hilarious, and one of the few out there that I really do not care what happens in it. Archer voice actor H. Jon Benjamin is perfect in this role as the only normal one in a home full of lunatics.

House of Lies – Showitme, January 11th

This is one of those that nobody watches because it’s A) on a premium network and B) not easily pirated… so I hear. Don Cheadle (Denver, represent!) is amazing in House of Lies, the story about a marketing exec who chases the high life more than his own life. The characters are dynamic and the main characters have just hit a huge road bump. I can’t wait to watch this live.

Girls – HBO, January 11th

Girls is coming back and it feels like it’s been forever. Hannah was accepted into the University of Iowa writing program, so it looks like she and Elijah will be out there, Shosh is finally a real adult. And Jessa and Marnie are still the same. What I’m really looking forward to is Ray’s story. He’s by far the best character, and I hope that something good finally happens to him. Plus, it isn’t Girls if we don’t get an awkward sex scene in the first episode, so there is that to look forward to, as well. Did I mention this is an adult-themed show?

The Walking Dead – AMC, February 8th

It’s off to Alexandria we go! I mean, right? It has to be… The Walking Dead gave us a big kick to the shins and ran away to end the midseason last year, and we haven’t quite recovered. All I know is that the walkers will get more and more disgusting, and more people will surely die.

Better Call Saul – AMC, February 8th *NEW SERIES*

No description necessary. Will we watch this show? You’re goddamn right.

Last Night Tonight With John Oliver – HBO, February 8th

Hot damn, are we in for a treat this day or what?! In one evening, we’ll get to enjoy Hush Comics’ Best TV Series of 2014 (TWD), what will likely be 2015’s Best New Series, and also the 2014 Best New SeriesLast Week Tonight, the exposé news show from John Oliver that tells it like it is, no matter who he offends.

Battle Creek – CBS, March 1st *NEW SERIES*

We know Vince Gilligan is a genius, so anything he creates carries a life-time seal of approval from us. In addition to Better Call Saul, Gilligan is also producing Battle Creek, a cop dramedy set in Battle Creek, Michigan. Before the success of BrBa, Gilligan couldn’t even get networks to look at Battle Creek, one Heisenberg later, and CBS ordered a full 13 episodes without even seeing a pilot.

Last Man on Earth – FOX, March 1st *NEW SERIES*

It may be a tired concept, but with all these post-apocalyptic horror shows out, it’s refreshing to see a sitcom that answers “what would it be like to be the last man on Earth?.” Well, if you’re Will Forte (SNL), then it freakin’ rocks. It’s only been approved for 4 episodes – due to the highly likely chance that it will crash and burn.

Game of Thrones – HBO, April…ish?

No official word as to when GoT is coming back, but we do know that the story gets even further spread apart than it has already been. Characters will change like never before and I am extremely excited to see how the Martel family reacts. The only bummer so far is that there will be NoMor Hodor or Bran this season.





Hush Comics’ Fall TV Preview

Fall is here!  It’s time for the leaves to change, white women to order the PSL, and for our DVR’s to be crammed with recordings.  This is the year of the comic book TV show; there are so many!  It’s hard to not be excited about forgetting our beach bodies and become couch potatoes because the line up is non-stop.  Here are our Fall TV Previews…


Boardwalk Empire – HBO, September 7th

All great things must come to an end, and thus, the final season of HBO’s Boardwalk Empire is upon us. The shine has finally rubbed off on this crappy piece of land off Jersey Shore and the ugliness of it all has floated to the surface. The bootlegging business is pretty much kaput, and the once “new blood” is taking over the town. The show has largely followed the path of great shows before it; like in The Wire, The Sopranos and Breaking Bad – things fall apart. It’s sad to see the despondency of all our favorite characters (at least the ones still alive), and immediately jumping seven years into the Great Depression will allow us to look deeply into one of America’s most shameful times, a characteristic of the show that has never disappointed. So step right up and get a front row seat to another one of TV’s best shows out. Enjoy it while it lasts, because soon Steve Buscemi will become too ugly for TV. – Sherif


Madam Secretary – CBS, September 21st

I’m pretty sure the preview on CBS for Madame Secretary is pretty much a play by play of the first episode. Usher in the intense dramatic music. This show is also new to the CBS line up for the fall. It is about a professor/former CIA operative Elizabeth Faulkner McCord, played by Téa Leoni. She’s asked to become the Secretary of State, after the one previous is killed in a plane crash. Simple enough premises. After watching it I found myself captivated my Leoni. Her character is assertive, but has this witty sense of humor that I am sure will be needed for a show like this. I think it will appeal to my optimism, while at the same time it’s going to give me all sorts of conflicted frustrated feels.  I’m looking forward to this show and hope it doesn’t disappoint and that the main character doesn’t get lost by her position in a high ranking political job. Anyway, the show can go in many directions. I just hope it’s in the one I want.  – Jene


The Simpsons – FOX, September 28th

If you think the longest-running animated show/sitcom in television history has run out of steam, you would be damn wrong. Entering its 26th season, The Simpsons is hot off a complete series marathon on FXX that made it the most watched channel on air, and this next season looks to capitalize on that momentum. Their brand of “it’s funny because it’s true” comedy has made it a staple in American households, but their dynamics have been pretty stagnant over the past few years. This season, look for some crazy events to spice things up: a notable character dies in the first episode, and there is a Futurama crossover event scheduled for November 9th. If you were looking for a time to get back into The Simpsons, this would be the year to do it. – Sherif


Brooklyn Nine-Nine – FOX, September 28th

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is back!!  I think I just J’d in my P’s.  With the absence of some of my most cherished comedies – Community, 30 Rock, Park’s & Rec – I’ve been in desperate need of something hysterical in my life.  Samberg, Braugher and the whole precinct return to fight crime in the most hilarious way possible.  The first season was brilliant (if you missed it check out Hulu – all the episodes are available for free)!  Samberg was great in his role as a talented, but lazy detective.  At its core, this show is a series of episodes that are just plain fun to watch.  However, season 1 left viewers hanging on some key cliffhangers that could have an enhancing (or deterring) effect on this new season.  But really, everyone is most excited to see more shenanigans as lived by the uniquely funny cohorts of detective Peralta (Samberg).  I fell in love (literally) with detective Rosa and her stone cold toughness.  The oblivious and innocent detective Boyle is a guy you hate to laugh at, but just can’t help it.  And quite possibly the funniest of them all is Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher), who maintains the exact same facial expression and demeanor regardless of any emotion he exclaims to be feeling.  Scully, Terry, Santiago, Gina, all of them are infectious and could probably carry this show on their own; though it wouldn’t be nearly as awesome.  So, even if you didn’t appreciate Samberg’s reaction to being on a boat or what he gave his girlfriend for last Hanukkah (you know… what he put in that box), the second season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is certain to make you laugh. – Taylor


Once Upon a Time – ABC, September 28th

So, I still don’t know why I feel the need to torture myself by continuing Once Upon a Time. Maybe I’m trying to see how far they can fuck it up. Last season the characters of Storybrook had to defeat the evil Peter Pan who ended up being Mr. Gold’s father and then The Wicked Witch of the West, who ended up being Regina’s sister. Both story lines had potential and could have been better than were. True to OUAT form, certain threads of stores were introduced and dropped.  I’ve watched the 30 sec promo, because the extended 1min preview makes me want to vomit all over my computer. Guess who’s coming to Storybrook? Elsa. With the mania that Frozen garnered, we will now be forced to endure Anna and Elsa, leading me to believe that writers have no direction and no talent. I’m very disappointed in Jane Espenson, writer for Buffy; she was the reason I even tried out the show.  This show will be my rage go to siphon. I have no hopes for this next season and honestly I’m hoping to hate it so much that I give it up. – Jene


The Walking Dead – AMC, October 12th

By far the most popular show here at Hush, there’s nobody that wants to see what’s cookin’ at Terminus more than this guy here. I’m a die-hard fan of the books, and writing the reviews has been the highlight of many a weekends. WhileTWD can fall victim to its own suspense at times, the show keeps finding its way out of seemingly dead ends by blowing the story wide open. Many of the characters have been scattered and we really have no idea what is going to happen to any of them. We’ll have our own theories, but the fact that the show branches off so much from the books at this point is completely refreshing. We know we’ll get to see additional alum from The Wire, including Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel. There’s rumor of Negan, a bad guy who’s seen just as much page-time in the books as The Governor, making a debut here, but I wonder how they will get his, uh… vernacular right in the show. Seasons of training have led me to have complete faith in the show’s amazing writers, but our instincts won’t keep us from writing tons of speculation about what could have been. – Sherif


Death Comes to Pemberley – PBS, October 26th

This show will be a miniseries based off a book by the same name by P.D James. Death Comes to Pemberley is a continuation of Pride and Prejudice, taking place six years later. On their way to Pemberley for a ball an argument breaks out between Wickem and Captian Denny. Shots are heard, people go to investigate, and Denny is dead. Dun dunt duh. Murder mystery ensues. Being a fan of the Pride and Prejudice fan fic, of course I’m excited. After all, we get a peek into the happily ever after. I am quite excited to see Mathew Rhys (Kevin Walker from Brothers and Sisters) back on the screen as Darcy.  – Jene


The Newsroom – HBO, November 9th

Season three (the final season) starts on November 9th and Aaron Sorkin has revealed that it takes place five months after season 2. Not much is known about what to expect, but, Sorkin revealed it will have to do with “government and journalism”…(vague enough for ya?) Will and Mac will get married and we’ll get two new characters. Kat Dennings and an actor yet to be named will be playing Reese’s (Chris Messina) half siblings. Knowing that it will take place five months later tell us we’ll probably see news moments like the Boston Marathon bombing, some North Korea craziness, and probably more Syria. It’s the final season, so hopefully it will end on a strong note. – Cody



Gotham – FOX, September 22nd

Gotham officially marks the start of DC’s over-saturation of the television market. In the next few years, in addition to the shot in the dark DC is taking with this show and Constantine (we all know Flash will kick ass), DC will also be producing Suicide Squad (which will only survive on SpikeTV) and Supergirl shows. Without pretending that the TV comic book market won’t give me Superbetes, I’m genuinely intrigued about this show. Anything that explores the pre-Batman days of Gotham City is guaranteed to get priority on my DVR, but what really intrigues me is that, unlike Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the GCPD and the rogues they face are more than capable of carrying their own show. Don’t believe me? Just read up on Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central. All I’m saying is that while Gotham has the potential to be the next Birds of Prey, I’m willing enough to watch it to bet that it isn’t. – Sherif


The Voice – NBC, September 22nd

Thanks to the chemistry of the judges, and one fantastic first-year phenom to start off the show (seriously, check of Javier’s “October Sky” if you don’t believe me), NBC’s The Voice has somehow managed to survive to its SEVENTH freakin’ season. Original judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton are sticking around, and replacing last year’s Shakira and Usher are Pharrell and Gwen Stefani. There’s not a whole lot of interest for me here – not because I dislike the concept of the show, but because it feels like they spend entirely too much time in the “audition” phase and not enough time in actual competition, where the show really shines. If anybody can coach a winner, it’s Pharrell Williams, so I might check in on this show throughout the season to see if it can really live up to its reputation. – Sherif


Castle – ABC, September 29th

This upcoming season is bound to be good with the added suspension of thinking Castle is dead, but I imagine this will be resolved in the first episode as I don’t see them going long if even a full episode with Nathan Fillion’s wonderful charm as Richard Castle. – Jacob


Star Wars Rebels – Disney XD, October 13th

Here we go people.  The first Star Wars experience brought to our galaxy under the new empire that is Disney – Star Wars Rebels.  Amongst the fair number of haters out there I, for one, am uncontrollably thrilled.  Ever since the release of Phantom Menace, the bright, shining galaxy of “far, far away and a long time ago” has continually been losing its luster twinkle by twinkle.  It’s been almost two years since Disney purchased the Lucas-based franchise.  The world is going to get a big dose of what’s in store for decades to come in just a few more short weeks.  I’m holding my breath that this new start is just what us fan-boys and girls have been waiting for.

The basic premise of Rebels will follow a band of (can you guess?…) rebels in events following Episode III and before Episode IV.  This adventurous band is comprised of a Jedi survivor, a force sensitive youngling (love that term), a muscle-bound alien, a sexy (but deadly) lady Mandalorian, a crafty (also sexy) pilot and a clever little astromech droid.  Little has been revealed about the greater plot, but it’s been shared that the show will take a unique look at the birth and growth of the Rebel Alliance that would eventually topple the evil Galactic Empire.  Many folks are nervous that this show will feel a lot like what The Clone Wars (The Animated Series) was – a sloppy, cash-grab attempt to explore a very interesting event in the Star Wars timeline targeting mostly children.  From what the most anxious of us have been able to determine, it seems like the new production crew has taken the hints from the die-hards.  The Disney team appears to be committed to telling a story that more closely models to the original series while simultaneously reaching out to new audiences and bringing fresh ideas to the galaxy.  In 2 weeks, the world will be watching as the trademark text flies into the scream amidst the John Williams theme.  It’s finally here.  Star Wars Rebels. – Taylor


Mike Tyson Mysteries – Cartoon Network, October 27th

“They call me a ‘rapist’ and a ‘recluse.’ I’m not a recluse.” Do you want the man who said these words solving the most dangerous, daring, and important mysteries. Abso-freaking-lutely. I said from day one that Mike Tyson’s career trajectory after boxing would be solving mysteries with a ghost named John Chambers the 9th Marquess of Queensberry, a young Asian girl he raised named Yung Hee, and of course his pigeon very appropriately named, Pigeon. Mike Tyson Mysteries appears to be hilarious and also extremely awkward, but in the best way possible. Whoever said voice acting was easy never told that to Mike Tyson, yet I believe it is for the best. Iron Mike and crew are set out to prove to the world that his fists can kick the crap out of anything and everything if it means getting to the bottom of any mystery. Even if it means fighting, Chupacarmas (Yes, I meant to say Chupacarmas). Tune into Adult Swim on October 27th to watch it all unfold. – Evan


State of Affairs – NBC, November 17th

Was your first reaction to State of Affairs, “Ugh… Katherine Heigl is getting hired?”  I’m sure that was a lot of people’s reaction, but not mine.  It may have something to do with the fact that I just started watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and am only in the middle of season 3, so I still find her likable.  Heigl may be the top billed actress, but the real reason to watch is for Alfre Woodard as the POTUS.  Heigl’s character, Charleston Tucker, is the daily advisor of the threats aimed at the good ole USA to Woodard’s President Payton.  State of Affairs may be basic cable’s Homeland, but it looks like it could be the right mix of suspense and melodrama. – Adrian


Utopia – FOX, September 7th

Have you ever wondered what Big Brother would be like if it took place on a farm?  I haven’t either, but it sounds like a pretty cool idea!  Fox seems to think so too as they bring us Utopia this Fall.  While I’ve never really had an interest in Big Brother (never seen an episode) I was pretty intrigued by the Utopia concept.  More than just horny & obnoxious young adults pissing each other off for our viewing pleasure once a week, Utopia is out to actually show the people of America what a true and honest “social experiment” really looks like.  Unlike Survivor, The Amazing Race, The Real World or any other show coined as socially experimental, Utopia contestants aren’t “competing.”  There’s no grand prize or winner at the end of it all.  There are no rules, or producer-forced objectives.  All that there is, is what the 15 contestants bring to “their Utopia.” The series began last week and it’s already garnered a strong following – continually increasing in viewer rating each episode.  Utopia is a show about pure interaction.  The Pioneers come from vastly different walks of life and hold varied opinions on what a perfect world entails.  They’ll have to learn to live with one another and survive in a very conventional sense.  They’ll need to source food and water.  They’ll have to develop their own amenities and comfort-furnishings (i.e. a toilet).  They’ll have to find a way to earn money so they can pay their bills and improve their lifestyle.  The real kicker is that this experiment will go on for one year.  ONE YEAR!!  Can you imagine living with 14 roommates for one year?!  Reality TV is so frequently misrepresented due to the fact that viewers are so rarely presented with real situations. Utopia may not be the perfect model, but as I see it it’s the only show around that come closest to being relatable.  – Taylor


Sons of Anarchy – FX, September 9th

The final ride is upon us, Men of Mayhem. This final season of Sons of Anarchy will be one like we have never seen before. I have a strong feeling that this season, we will see a whole new Jax. In past seasons, we have seen Jax’s personal values and club ideals fight for supremacy in almost a poetic fashion. However, after the surprising ending of season 6, the Shakespearian side of our favorite biker may never appear again. No more wavering, no more second guessing. Jax is all in, and is ready for whatever may come. Throughout the teaser trailers, Jax embodies the reaper in a strong display of symbolism. All I can guarantee is that this season will be full of more blood, bullets, and probably some naked man butt. If you didn’t know already, naked man butt appears quite a bit in this series. Who will live? Who will die? Who will ride? Who will show their butt? – Evan


Forever – ABC, September 22nd and 23rd

So a few years ago, I got an idea to write a story about a 200 year old man when I was reading an essay by David Sedaris.  The truth is that the human life expectancy is getting longer and longer and before long, 200 years old won’t sound strange.  But if someone was currently 200 years old, it would be an anomaly.  I know I went on about that for a while, and I’ll tell you, it’s because I’m pissed that someone beat me to my own story, and then had the audacity to wrap it up into a crime drama.  While the concept is interesting to me, I hope the show spends a significant amount of time on Ioan Grufford’s Dr. Henry Morgan’s past and very little time on being a medical examiner.  I’ll give the show a few episodes, but the second it turns into CSI, I’m out. – Adrian

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC, September 23rd

After barely holding on in its debut season, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was bailed out by a massive breech in content byCaptain America 2: Winter Soldier and even a cameo by Nick Fury, Sam Jackson, himself. Hail Hydra; am I right? I have to admit that I loved the story of the mole, and how the infiltration of Hydra has dismantled S.H.I.E.L.D. entirely. Even the character dynamics have changed a lot since the series debut. With the whole organization left in disarray, there’s a lot more action to be had this season. For the last five-ten episodes of Season One, it felt like Captain Joss Whedon was finally back in command and less like a Marvel-branded knock-off of CSI. Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson) can only do so much, and it will be up to the rest of the cast to avoid another repeat of last year. With all the comic book shows flooding the market, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. will really have to step up its game if it wants to remain relevant. – Sherif


The Flash – The CW, October 7th

The moment Arrow fans have been waiting for: The Flash is almost here!  After Grant Gustin’s appearance on Arrow last season, I have been so excited for him to get his own spin-off.  Not to mention, I think The Flash is one of the most under-rated heroes in the DC Universe.  I am hopeful that this update on Barry Allen will create a new fan base, much like Arrow did.  Barry Allen, whose mother was killed when he was a child, is now a forensic investigator.  When he is in an accident with a particle accelerator, his whole life changes, and changes the lives of the ones he loves.  I really love Arrow, so I have high expectations for The Flash to tell the captivating story of fastest man alive. – Adrian


Supernatural – The CW, October 7th

Finally, after months of crying over Dean’s (Jensen Ackles) death and demonization, Supernatural fans are finally getting a taste of just what Demon Dean is capable of. From the looks of it, “Deanmon” isn’t holding back this season. From murder and mayhem to singing drunk karaoke, our precious Dean doesn’t care what gets in his way; he’s going to have a hell of time. He’s joined forces with Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) is bent on getting his big brother back. Castiel is still weak from his diminishing grace and Hannah has taken up the job of his caretaker as they both search for Metatron.  This season promises to be a good one. Writers have confirmed that the 200th episode will be musical and that our beloved Charlie Bradbury (Felicia Day) will return. The first episode comes out Oct. 7th, so if you still have some binge watching to do in order to catch up, maybe you should skip out on a few hours of sleep. – Charlotte



Red Band Society – FOX, September 17th

A new show this season, Red Band Society documents the lives of a group of kids all living in the same pediatric ward. The show is from Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television and stars Academy Award Winning The Help actress Octavia Spencer. This show could honestly go either way in quality. I suspect it will either be an amazing depiction of hospital life or a gross romanticization of being ill. Lovers of The Fault in Our Stars and It’s Kind of a Funny Story will be drawn to the series. I can’t wait to see how it unfolds. – Charlotte


Key and Peele – Comedy Central, September 24th

Peabody winner Key & Peele returns to our screens on September 24th and I cannot wait. Last season we saw the return of the popular sketches such as: The East/West bowl as well as a rap by the players, the Valet Guys who love Liam Neesons, everyone’s favorite substitute teacher and A-Aron, and of course, Luther the Anger Translator. We also were treated some other great sketches like: the new vampire who thinks the vampire life is strange, black ice vs. white snow, the suicide cult, “practice on a peace”, and so many more. So far, we’ve seen a sketch released from Comic-Con where Stan Lee pitches just the worst heroes ever and that’s about it, although, I’m sure it will be as funny as it’s always been. I hope we will get to see another round of East/West bowl, DeVon the landlord, and of course the Valet Guys. And don’t forget, “Put the Pussy on the Chain Wax!” – Cody


Black-ish – ABC, September 24th

Do you like black people? Ish? Then this is the perfect show for you! Anthony Anderson, Laurence Fishburne, Tracee Ellis Ross and Yara Shahidi star in what hopes to be a black sitcom that lasts more than 1 season. I don’t know about you, but I believe this is exciting stuff. Black-ish looks to top the charts of comedy while showing the world black-ish pride (The mythical and majestic black family), black-ish beliefs (African rites of passage), black-ish customs (field hockey), and black-ish traditions (Hip-Hop bar-mitzvahs). Upon first viewing this preview, several thoughts came to mind, mainly, can this sitcom hold up to the other great black sitcoms? The Steve Harvey Show, Family Matters, What’s Happening, Everybody Hates Chris, Martin and of course The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I could keep going people, there are tons of solid black sitcoms that exist. However, this show strikes me as a mix of the Cosby Show and The Bernie Mac Show, the right mix of wealth, family unity, and that little something something most black families can relate to. It has been many years since there has been a black sitcom that has the potential to thrive, so let’s cross our fingers and hope we all want to know what it’s like to be black-ish. You can tune in to watch Black-ish Wednesday nights on ABC. – Evan


South Park – Comedy Central, September 24th

Like The Simpsons, South Park is another show that’s been around as long as I can remember. Circa 1997 (I was 10), I would sneak out and play this at the lowest volume setting so as not to get caught, and hold in my feverish laughter at the show’s brazen lack of give-a-shit about anything status quo. Since then, South Park has broken past just about any standard of decency previously thought to exist. Nearly 20 years later, creators are still at it, albeit for shorter seasons. Like last year, Season 18 will only run 10 episodes long. By now, everybody should know whether or not they enjoy the show; it’s just a matter or whether or not this season will bring about anything worth boasting about. Do you know what I am saying? – Sherif


Stalker – CBS, October 1st
When I first heard about Stalker, I thought it may be a constant hour of me facepalming myself because women runup the stairs.  After seeing the preview, I am a little more intrigued, but still skeptical.  Since Nikita was canceled, Maggie Q had to be hired for something.  It’s cool that she is the lead detective in stalking cases, which is a nice twist to the typical gender stereotyping of plots like this, but the creator of the show is also the screenwriter for Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, in addition to being the creator of Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries.  I am prepared for lots forlorn stares into the camera and even more cheesy lines.

American Horror Story: Freakshow – FX, October 8th

Barnum & Bailey, Cirque de Soleil and the Ringling Brothers have got to be so pissed right now. As if clowns, contortionists and people with tattoos weren’t creepy enough, now America’s premier horror show is invading our minds and removing all notion that a sideshow was ever anything but pure evil – as close to evil as McDonald’s claims their meat is to real beef. And speaking of that, the new terrifying creature, Twisty the Clown, is going to make Pennywise (Stephen King’s It) look like Ronald McFuckingDonald. I joke now, but I’ll be having nightmares for weeks. I know this, and I will still wait with baited breath. The way the show switches up themes every year with mostly the same cast is a testament to the writers and actors, who fluidly flip from face to heel (wrasslin’ term). The change of scenery also means that you can catch one season without watching the other. This is our generation’s Twilight Zone, people, so give yourself the night terrors you deserve. – Sherif


Arrow – The CW, October 8th

Starling City just can’t get a break. After The Glades were utterly destroyed in Season 1, Slade Wilson terrorized the populous with Mirakuru-infected super-soldiers. Arrow has become the best show on television, using the suspense and mystery of the fist season and combining it with the bows-to-the-wall action of the second. The hoard of celebrity and comic book guest stars (Summer Glau as Ravager, Michael Jai White as Bronze Tiger, etc) have kept the story, which is already top-notch, refreshingly exciting. Oliver Queen’s story is built on lies and secrets, so look for plenty of those to creep up this season, too. Now that Roy Harper is assuming the Red Arrow mantle, Malcolm Merlin is back in the picture, and Laurel will be using more than he stupid face to fight tough situations (and a laundry list of stories that have no closure to them), Arrow will surely blow minds this fall. DC/WB found a goldmine here with Arrow and is finally willing to put forth the resources to show that they believe so too. – Sherif



Tim and Eric’s Bedtime Stories – Cartoon Network, September 18th

Tim and Eric are definitely one of those comedy groups that takes awhile to like, and even then most people don’t care to watch.  With this show, we can expect bad production value, cheap gags, plenty of gore, guest stars, and enough craziness to make even Timothy Leary quit doing acid. If you like insane short attention span targeted, gore, humor, and occasional famous person being involved, then this is for you.- Jacob


How to Get Away with Murder – ABC, September 25th
Finally!  I can Google “how to get away with murder” and not get results for Casey Anthony.  Murder is Shonda Rhimes’ newest show and will round out her Thursday night monopolization of ABC. We will follow Viola Davis as law professor and practicing criminal defense lawyer Annalise Keating who brings on four of her students to work in her firm.  It is sure to be seething with lust, betrayal, criminal activity, and overly intense monologues by old men; the plot of all of Rhimes’ shows, just set in a law office with the added bonus of a university (will there be crazy college kid party antics with lots of sex?  Let’s hope!). I’m not complaining though because Rhimes’ character driven shows have been leaving us begging for more for years, and Murder is sure to leave us shrieking over the drama every damn week.  Yup, I’m already invested. – Adrian
Scandal – ABC, September 25th

Oh, Jesus… Alright, I guess it’s out there. Yes, I watch Scandal. Yes, I’m in love with Kerry Washington. And yes, I am so damn thankful the series is coming to a close. A combination of lackluster TV, Django Unchained and Netflix led me to a show about a group of fixers who got mixed up pretty deeply in political… scandals. It’s like the hot version of Brothers and Sisters (and yes, I’m ashamed to say I’ve seen that, too). Each season gets more and more ridiculous, so much so that it is a parody of itself. Don’t get me wrong; I honestly enjoy the fixing and the betrayal and the affairs, but I’m not hesitant to admit that the malarkey has elevated to bullshit level orange. You can call this show my Teen Mom, myKeeping Up With the Kardashians or my Days of Our Lives, and when the season is over, I will be just fine going about my daily routine without worrying whose lady parts the President is “uncontestedly arriving” in. – Sherif


Grey’s Anatomy – ABC, September 25th

I love Grey’s Anatomy. I get that it’s over-dramatic and at times has that soap opera feel to it. But the characters are dynamic and intriguing. I have yet to get away from an episode without tears. The writers are doing something right if you they can get me to cry week after week. Grey’s is also one of the only shows I’ll watch as it airs rather than saving it for later. I’m that involved in the characters. Seeing as Grey’s usually wants to keep a tight lid on the storylines the promo is pretty simple. Basically what’s going to happen with Meredith and Derek? I’m more excited for Weber’s and Grey’s love child more than anything. – Jene


Gracepoint – FOX, October 2nd
At first I was intrigued with Gracepoint just because of Anna Gunn.  Then I started my research and, holy shit, this show has so much history before it has even begun.  David Tennant (yes, that David Tennant) stars not only in Gracepoint, a mini-series revolving around the murder of a young boy, but also stars in the original British version, Broadchurch.  Tennant and Gunn play detectives who investigate the murder on an island off of the Northern California coast.  There are so many characters and facets to the show, it seems like it may be the first time something close to The Wire has been on broadcast television.  I have no doubt this series will be one of the best shows on the air this fall.  – Adrian


Constantine – NBC, October 24th

Well, first and foremost, fuck NBC network for putting this show to air on a Friday night. The “Friday night death slot,” as it’s referred to, is where shows go to die. Shows like X-Files, FridayNight Lights (ironically the only show that belonged on the Friday night line-up), and Supernatural have all survived the death sentence by their respective networks. If there’s anybody that can cheat death, it’s John Constantine. Matt Ryan (not the NFL quarterback) stars as the supernatural detective, sans the signature chain-smoking, but with a whole lot more loyalty to Alan Moore’s source material than the 2005 movie. Let’s prove NBC wrong and tune in to this show they have doomed for failure, where we get to make our acquaintance with one of DC’s most interesting and obscure characters. – Sherif



Saturday Night Live – NBC, September 27th

A new year, some new cast, a whole bunch of new material to work with, and we get a new Weekend Update host. Last year was one of the better years for SNL in quite some time and saw some great hosts. Lately, SNL hasn’t had many memorable moments, other than everything Bobby Moynihan. Cecily Strong is out as the Weekend Update host and they brought in Michael Che, who has most recently been a correspondent for The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. – Jacob


Transporter: The Series – TNT, October 18th

Drive. Deliver. Don’t die. Simple enough right? Better not be if this series is going to last and be awesome! If you are looking for a show using foreign people, foreign cars, foreign sexy ladies, and foreign badass action to make you feel like less of a man, you better just sit down and take it. Stemming off the first few Transporter films, Transporter: The Series looks to make you question everything you ever knew about surviving having machine guns constantly shooting at you, the basic laws of physics, and the capabilities of automobiles fighting both physics and machine guns. This is the kind of show you watch with either extreme criticism or pure acceptance that maybe, just maybe you chose the wrong career path. If you are a dreamer like me, you probably get extremely hyped on driving action, and end up going 45 in a 30 next time you are in your car, with a slight smirk on your face that scream in your best foreign accent, “Holy crap, I should slow down, I might get a ticket.” Face it, watching Transporter: The Series is the best way to live your ultimate man dream. – Evan



Transparent – Amazon, September 26th
Amazon is putting itself on the streaming map with Transparent.  The general concept is that Mort Pfefferman, father of three, transitions into Maura, played by Arrested Development’s Jeffrey Tambor.  The series is making a bold statement about family in America; not every family is straight and Christian.  However, the premise of a man in the transition of becoming a woman is not what the show is about.  I believe Transparent will be a heartfelt look at family dynamic, dysfunction, and how we all deal with change. – Adrian