This Weekend in the Nerd Verse – Feb 28-Mar 1, 2015

Kanye West’s favorite artist (which, as it turns out, is Kanye West) is coming out with a new album, titled So Help Me God. Source: Twitter

A random Tesla S owner used his espionage to find a James Bond Easter Egg hidden within the car’s interface. Double. Oh. Seven. Source: jalopnik

Michelle Rodriguez has made waves in comic book circles by making a bold statement about minorities and diversity in superheroes. She later back-tracked on her statement, but it opened the doors for some real conversation. Source: TMZ

Yesterday marked the beginning of March and some returns to some Sunday night television; though I’m betting most binge watched the whole of House of Cards Season 3?

Adventure Time IS getting a movie, and it seems as though some of the creators from the LEGO movies at Warner Bros. will be in charge of said movie. Source: Deadline

Red Sonja has a new movie writer. After the Rose McGowen version never saw the light of day nerds were beginning to think it was never going to happen. It’s just a writer that’s been chosen though. So who knows if it will actually happen. Source: AV Club

How many crazy people can Leonardo DiCaprio play? How about 25 at once?! Leo has been pegged to Billy Milligan in The Crowded Room, centered around the first man who successfully used the defense of multiple personality disorder to be acquitted for murder. Source: The Hollywood Reporter

The Minority Report TV series finally has its main cast. Source: Comic Book Movie