Hip Hop Spotlight: Logic

Many young MCs spend years simply trying to get their name heard. Most of them put out a fist full of mix-tapes to demonstrate their flow and technique. Yet with only three mix-tapes under his belt, Young Maryland rapper Logic a.k.a Young Sinatra is increasingly growing his fan base. Ever since the second tape, Young Sinatra, Logic has made it known that he has what it takes to compete with the big boys. By the release of his third tape, Young Sinatra: Undeniable, which dropped April 2012, Logic has scheduled a national tour doing 25 shows, covering 17 states, and even a show in Canada. The Visionary Music Group Tour kicks off on July 11th in San Diego, California.

With reoccurring themes of stardom and determination to become legendary in the rap game; Logic has pulled no punches on perfecting his craft. It’s obvious in his music and classic flow that he puts in the time and effort in the studio so that when his time comes it’s difficult to deny his skill. One thing that impresses me about this guy is his versatility he can bring to his songs. On his mix-tapes he demonstrates this by putting out songs that will get crowd moving in a second, yet he also talks about his struggles growing up in a not so pleasant childhood, as well as deeper subjects that run through his thoughts. Logic is a breath of fresh air to the rap game and its obvious he puts his heart onto every track.

You can check out all his official mix-tapes, learn more about him, and find ticket information at his website http://www.mindoflogic.com

Logic – One

Logic – The Spotlight

Logic – All I Do

written by Evan Lowe