Hold Onto Your Butts – New Heroes Reborn Trailer Released


Holy jeez guys, a new full length trailer for Heroes Reborn came out today and I am speechless.

We’ve seen the teasers trailers but this is the first time we actually get to see what we can really expect. Spoiler: this is going to be freaking killer. I kind it wish it was a series relaunch and not just a miniseries, but oh well.

Heroes Reborn has a hand full of returning characters, such as Matt Parkman (Greg Gunberg), Mohinder Suresh (Sendhill Ramamuphy), The Haitian (Jimmy Jean-Louis), H.R.G. (Jack Coleman), and my personal favorite, Hiro Nakamura (Masi Oka). They’ve really added to their ranks with quite a few cast additions, most notably Zachary Levi. We don’t know what to expect of the new additions yet, such as who will be good, who will be bad, and what freaking awesome powers each person will have but judging from the trailer we should all have high hopes going into the premiere on September 24, 2015.

Oh, and screw the cheerleader. There, I said it.

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“Respect My Craft” – Tim Sale

In this consumer-based industry, it can be easy to forget the years of hard work that the people in the business put in. Behind every panel, it takes a skilled writer, artist, inker and colorist to make the product complete. Behind each scene goes hours of preparation. Hush Comics’ weekly article “Respect My Craft” will dive into the history of these comic book and pop culture greats that will hopefully give a new perspective on how the men and women behind the pen (or stylus) contribute to the collective awesome-ness of the nerd world, or at least give you a reason to invest in their work.


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Name: Tim Sale

Profession: Comic book artist

Notable Work: Batman: The Long HalloweenSpiderman: Blue

“I remember the moment I truly decided to go into comics–I was working at Taco Time, looking outside at a nice summer day. I said to myself, ‘If you had an ounce of sense, you would work really hard on your comics so you could take your artboard out there and lie in the sun!’ Ironically, it turns out that I can’t draw outside.” – Tim Sale


He was born in 1956 and attended the School of Visual Arts in New York. He even took some workshops under John Buscema. But what is most impressive about him, is that he is color blind.  He can only work in black and white. Tim got his start in 1983 working on the series Myth Adventures and later the fantasy series Thieves World.

He made a real name for himself once he started to collaborate with writer Jeph Loeb. Sale and Loeb were asked to Batman: Long Halloween after the success of their Batman Halloween shorts graphic novel Batman: Haunted Knight. Long Halloween takes place within the Batman: Year One continuity. Long Halloween received mostly good praise and led to the sequel Batman: Dark Victory, which introduced Robin into the origin story. Together they also created Catwoman: When in Rome, a parallel storyline focusing on Catwoman. For DC the team, he also produced Superman for All Seasons.

batman-the-long-halloween-rogues1 (1)

Tim Sale and Jeph Loeb teamed up again to do the “Color” books for Marvel. These books focused on Daredevil, Spiderman, and the Hulk. The duo started a series for Captain America, but only one issue has been released since September 2005. These color book focused on key moments in the characters life with colors that reflect the characters emotions.  Yellow for Daredevil represents fear, Blue for Spider-Man with sadness for the death of Gwen Stacy, and the Hulk is represented in Gray. The gray in hulk, at least from my point of view, just represents Banner’s struggle between himself, Betty Ross, and the Hulk. Captain America: White has only received a #0 issue so far and I have been waiting a long time for the continuation of this story.


Sale and Loeb also paired together to work on the show Heroes. Sale was the creator of the paintings done by the character Isaac. He also did the art for the 9th Wonders! comic seen in the series often being read by Hiro.  In fact, whenever there is an illustration created by any of the character Tim Sale did the actual art. I was very happy that the producers decided to use such a strong talent like Sale for series.

Tim Sale has been my favorite artist for many years now. My first experience with him was coveting a small black and grey Batman statue a local shop had. It was $300 and just had a small tag with his name on it. From there I researched him, found Batman: Long Halloween and never turned back. His art stands above the rest.


None of the media in this article belongs to Hush Comics; it all belongs to their respective properties (DC Comics, Marvel Comics). Join us tomorrow as we continue our countdown to Denver Comic Con with Star Trek: TNG‘s Klingon Worf, Michael Dorn.

Weekend Wrap-Up… February 23, 2014

The Olympics are finally over, and all I could think about was that NBC’s CommunityArrow, and Scandal are coming back to the air!

To christen Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show debut, Justin Timberlake hooked back up with the formal SNL comedian for the fifth installment of “The History of Rap” and it was epic! This came after an incredible “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing” skit with Will Smith.

There’s trouble in paradise here in Denver, as Denver Comic Con is having some internal issues, low-lighted by accusations of fraud and embezzlement. The two accusers are holding a town meeting to elaborate. We’ll give you guys the full scoop as it unfolds. Remember, there are two sides to every story.

Heroes will be making a comeback, by way of a 13-episode event. While the director, Tim Kring, will make a return, there will be an entirely new cast of heroes – hopefully with new powers. It’s not the Heroes we need right now, but it’s the Heroes we deserve.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer comics have been fairly lackluster according to resident Buffy expert Adrian Puryear, but there will be 3 issues of season 10 written by Nicholas Brendan himself.  Perhaps those issues will be more noteworthy than all the other comics?  In addition, James Marsters will be penning a graphic novel set during the final televised season.  Will in be Spike-centric?  Let’s hope!

Space Jam 2 is a real thing, regardless of whether or not LeBron James is going to be in it. To say that I’m skeptical about this would be a massive under-statement, but I know I’ll go see it anyway.

The hilarious independent comic book Burn the Orphanage, inspired from 90’s video-games and pulp style, will have a sequel out this May entitled Reign of Terror. We’ll be lucky enough to meet Sina Grace at ECCC, but I suggest you all download the first two issues of Burn the Orphanage and keep up

Vince Gilligan’s (you know, the guy who created Breaking Bad) upcoming crime drama, Battle Creek, has found itself its first cast member in Kal Penn (HouseHarold & Kumar). He’s a very entertaining actor, and I think he’d be great for the detective role.

The Green Goblin has reared his ugly head in this Amazing Spider-Man 2 still. What do you guys think? I kind of miss the purple hood, personally.

Matt Ryan, who voiced the main character in the Assassin’s Creed IV video-game, will be playing the title role in the upcoming Constantine TV series. He definitely looks the part, and I was a big fan of his voice work in AC4.

Will Smith is in the talks to start in Brilliance, based off the sci-fi novel that was released last year. The concept sounds goo enough that we will be reading the book. Another Will Smith sci-fi?  Well, we kinda think the man can do no wrong, so we’re looking forward to it.

The Suicide Squad will be joining Arrow on March 19th. The Suicide Squad (as it is now, a group of criminals offered to go on suicide missions for reprieve) is over 25 years old, but hasn’t been able to catch on. But, I mean, Michael Jai White and Sean Maher together?! Geek. Out.

This is a good week for new comics, as: Fantastic Four, Tomb RaiderX-Files Conspiracy: TransformersVandroid, & The Revenge all debut.

The Walking Dead continues with “Claimed” tonight. If you’re not caught up, check out our most recent reviews. Abraham, Eugene and Rosita have made their debut, and Rick is recovering from the ass-whoopin’ that the Governor put on him, so I expect much of the screen-time will be given to them. Predictions, questions, gripes? We want to hear them all.

Written by Sherif Elkhatib and Adrian Puryear