Hello Kitty to be a Major Motion Picture in 2019

It may be four years from now, but Hello Kitty is getting her own movie.

There isn’t much information on the project right now. What we do know is that the budget for the film is between 160 million and 240 million. For comparison, on the high end of that spectrum The Dark Knight Rises cost 230 million and on the low end, Fast and Furious 6 cost 160 million. Both those films were major blockbusters and appealed to a lot of different people.

While I absolutely love Hello Kitty, this budget seems really high for such a limited audience. Sanrio Inc. plans on releasing the film worldwide, so maybe it will profit. This project just doesn’t scream “blockbuster,” however.

The movie will be overseen by Sanrio Inc. Chairman Rehito Hatoyama.

Like I said, I love Hello Kitty. I noticed recently in my local mall that the Sanrio store closed. How profitable is she in the U.S. anymore? I really wonder what the plot will be. And if it will be a cartoon (slightly weird) or live-action (really weird). Will she be a human dressed like a cat? Or will she just be a cat? What about Choco-Cat? I guess I will have to wait until 2019 to find all the answers.

Source: Deadline