Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 13, 2015

#SixSeasonsAndAMovie!  Community is coming to Yahoo! on March 17th.  Screw St. Patrick’s Day because the Greendale is back.  Source: Yahoo!

Remember how there will be a Green Arrow DLC for Lego Batman 3?  Well here is the trailer, and it is hysterical:

Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle has joined forced with ReedPOP, the group who puts on shows like C2E2 and New York Comic Con. Looks like this is the last year ECCC will be affordable. Source: ECCC

The team that brought you Gone Girl is going to remake Hitchcock’s Strangers on a Train. And yes, Ben Affleck will star.  Source: Deadline

In Sesame Street news, Macklemore made a guest appearance with none other than Oscar the Grouch.  You know it’s gotta be a kid-friendly “Thrift Shop” rendition.

Woody Allen is going to make his first ever television series through Amazon Studios. Looks like famous people really are above us peons.  Source: HollyWonk

Finally, Ghost in the ShellThe Jungle Book, and Pete’s Dragon all have release dates.  April 14, 2017, April 15, 2016 and August 12, 2016, respectively. Phew… we were worried about our plans for going to the theater for the next 3 years.  Now, we don’t have to worry anymore!  Source: IGN