Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Feb 9, 2015

Big news! Spider-Man is FOR SURE going to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Straight from the big wigs themselves. Source: Marvel

This news has already caused a ripple in the release dates for four major films in the next couple years. Source: Marvel

If you know Hush, you know we love all things Breaking Bad. That’s why we jumped for joy when we found out that Better Call Saul had the highest ratings EVER for a series debut on cable television. You can read our reviews here. Source: EW

You knew the Joker was coming to Gotham, but now there’s a trailer to confirm it. Source:

A trailer for the upcoming animated series, Batman Unlimited, has hit the web. Source: Cosmic Book News

Don’t cry, Walking Dead fans, Beth (highlight text for SPOILER) may be gone from the show but you can see Emily Kinney again on The Flash, where she will play the Bug-Eyed Bandit. I hope we see more of Kinney in the Nerd Verse. Source: Instagram

IDW Publishing and Hasbro have rekindled the fire and extended their contract, allowing IDW to create books based on the TransformersMy Little PonyG.I. JoeDungeons and Dragons franchises, and more! Source: IDW

Looking for a much darker incarnation of Daredevil to appear on the Netflix series? You’re in luck! The series’ homepage shows that it will be rated TV-MA. Source: Netflix

Remember when Patrick Stewart said he wouldn’t be in X-Men: Apocalypse? Well, there was a catch. Seems that his best bro Ian McKellen will be in the movie. Yaaaay! Source: Oregon Live


Gotham Review – “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” S1E14


Edward Nygma is indeed crazy: So he put cut up body parts in the Medical Examiner’s locker. What’s the big deal? —Um, actually that is crazy! Nygma is finally showing signs of being evil, but by the same token, was M.E. was not innocent by any means. This is decent character progression for the nerdy forensics investigator, and even though he Frankensteined the locker, I can’t help but like the goofy guy.

Bullock likes redheads: Bullock was pretty funny this episode. He is still toeing the line between crooked cop and good guy, though. This week, he wanted to bang the redhead who hosts the phobia groups. And then he said this to Jim, “Unless she’s the killer, I think I’m in there.” The man has priorities.

Bruce gets bossy: Gordon comes to Bruce’s house to inquire about Selina’s admission that she did not see the Wayne’s killer. Bruce could have said, “Yeah, that’s ok Jim. You are still a nice man.” But no. Instead he took Gordon off the case, and told him that he did a crappy job of investigating in the first place. Then Alfred saw Gordon to the door like a BOSS.

Roadtrips can be full of surprises: At first, I thought it was corny that Maroni suggested a roadtrip for Oswald and himself in order to meet the guy with the thing. I thought Oswald was a nitwit for not knowing what was really going on. Turns out he did! There was the hilarious exchange about secrets (FYI, no oatmeal or coffee for Cobblepot), and we found out neither party is as dumb as they seem. Oswald took the gun, Maroni filled it with blanks, and everyone knows the truth about everything.

Gotham - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
I refuse to be canned meat!


Cobblepot uses the power of his cell phone: Maroni and Cobblepot’s struggle ends with Cobblepot in a car ready to be scrap at the junkyard. Cobblepot, for unknown reasons, still has his cell phone, and calls Maroni. This part is hilarious, because he calls their killer as they are doing the killing? But then he uses his brain and calls the junkyard guy, who ends up running because Cobblepot warns of the wrath of Falcone. He’s a liar, but at least he’s smarter than the guys who want him dead.

The menacing walk of a man with…: A baby pig! I didn’t know whether I should put this scene as a pro or a con, but because I played the scene over again three times, and laughed my ass off every time, I decided it was a pro. The second victim of Dr. Crane is a man with a phobia for pigs, or swinophobia. While that seems giggle worthy at best, the fact that Dr. Crane walks toward his victim menacingly, wearing all black, petting the cutest baby pig in television, and low “bum… bum bum bum, bum bum bum” music plays, all on a sunny day in Gotham, had me in stitches.


Captain Essen is still the worst Captain: This woman has no clue. She insinuates that Gordon is solely to blame for Arnold Flass being in jail. And that Flass and his crew are hurting people in the city because of what Gordon did. This could be foreshadowing, but couldn’t she, as someone in a position of power, put a stop to that? Also, she tells Gordon that the Medical Examiner will be the only one working on his case because that’s how it is. Actually, it’s that way because she suspended Nygma. Why didn’t she just say that instead?

Cut the ropes, then save the girl: Bullock’s lady love gets kidnapped by Dr. Crane (didn’t see that coming) and thrown in a pool because she is afraid of drowning. Bullock and Gordon show up to save the day, and Bullock dives in for the girl. But instead of taking her out of the pool immediately to do CPR, he first cuts the ropes off her, and then takes her out of the water. Apparently, she can’t breathe with ropes on her wrists.

Fish is on a boat: Fish’s scenes were pretty much useless. But what took the cake was the final scene. Whoever shot up the boat enters her doorway. She is dressed like Catwoman, he is dressed like a Black Panther (not the comic character) and they both raise their arms like cats and lunge at each other, all the roaring sound effects. This whole thing was ridiculously cheesy. But it looked fun enough that my husband and I tried to reenact the scene and carry out what could happen from there. In case you wondered, we ended up sliding because we were wearing socks on our tile floor.

Gotham - The Fearsome Dr. Crane
Come at me, bro.


Easter Eggs:

Dr. Crane and Dr. Crane: The man who was the “baddie of the week” was Dr. Jonathon Crane’s daddy-o. The young man who needed change for the meter was the future Scarecrow.

Professor Pyg: There was a slight reference (although it doesn’t seem intentional) to Professor Pyg, a character created by Grant Morrison in 2007. The man in the pig sty wearing a pig mask resembled the Gotham villain.

Adrenal Glands: Nygma and Thompkins both realized that the victims were missing their adrenal glands. Thompkins suggests that the fear chemical is going to be used for something. This is a possible nod to Scarecrow’s fear toxin to be used in the future.


Nygma’s job: Was Nygma even reinstated? It seemed kind of strange that he was the one who said it, not the Captain. It’s possible that he will just hang around without Captain Essen even knowing, considering she has no control of her department.

Flass will return: There were too many references to Flass in this episode to not include him in the near future.

Gordon and Leslie Thompkins will be known: Jim and Leslie kissed in front of everyone. We won’t be getting too many shots of Barbara’s sweet apartment for awhile, but Leslie is better looking than that apartment anyhow. On a serious note, Jim and Leslie have more in common. He can actually tell her and trust her about his job. It will be hard to defend him getting back with Barbara if that even happens.

Hush Comics gives “The Fearsome Dr. Crane” a C+ for incorporating story lines from past episodes, some character development, but still taking itself too seriously.

All images belong to FOX and DC Entertainment. They are credited to Jessica Miglio.

Gotham Review – “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” S1E13


Edward Nygma is reminiscent of Spike in BtVS, before he became a vampire: He’s so adorkable! This week, Nygma writes Kringle a poetic greeting card, a la William the Bloody, and is made fun of, a la William the Bloody. You’d have to be a Buffy fan to get why I liked this aspect. Now if only Nygma turned into a vampire and killed them all. Gotham would be much better.

Some subtlety: At one point Bullock talks about Flass, narcotics cop, having nice things, insinuating that Flass deals the same drugs he finds. It was a nice the writers finally decided to hint at the fact rather than practically break the 4th wall and tell us that Flass was a bad guy.

Gordon stating the obvious: At first, when the witness is murdered in the precinct, I thought, “Oh my god, they seriously just killed someone in the station. How dumb.” But the plot revealed why this was plausible. The best part though, was when Jim said “How the hell did this happen?!” because we were all thinking it.

The depth of corruption is … deep: This episode featured more of the police department and how bad things really are in Gotham. From different officers involved in the drug trade, to the fact that they use warrants from the Commissioner to move their stash houses. It’s pretty scary, but good they are finally showing this more.

Victor Zsasz and his Angels are insane: I’m calling them his Angels because it’s kinda like he’s Charlie and they are demented crime… doers. Anyway, even though the girls are over the top, I cannot get enough of Victor. He is a man who knows his mission, and carries it out oh-so-well. And thank god someone is trying to kill Fish and Butch.

Gotham - Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
Looks like someone is getting ready to DISCO!


Penguin’s Moral Compass: Gordon final uses the “Bullock Method” and asks Cobblepot to get info on Arnold Flass. When he asks about how to repay Cobblepot, Oswald replies, “friends don’t owe friends.” Oswald Cobblepot may be a lot of things, but his loyal to those he regards highly.

No good deed goes unpunished: Gordon feels pretty high and mighty when he arrests Flass in front of the department, but when he finds out that Delaware, one of the detectives in the ring who was involved, was tortured by one of Cobblepot’s cronies (which was one of the best scenes of the episode), Gordon because to realize the error of his ways. Gordon wrestling between right vs. wrong in this crooked town could be a great plot point moving forward.


Fish Mooney erotica: Was the point of the torture nothing more than telling the audience that Fish Mooney is ultra sexy in a 50 Shades of Gray way? Because…ew. Otherwise, there seemed to be no point to it. We already know Carmine Falcone is ruthless. We didn’t need to see her orgasm through suffocation.

Puppy Love disguised as Grown-Up Love: Bruce and Alfred return from Switzerland and immediately look for Selena. While this isn’t surprising, because Bruce still thought that Selena knows the man who murdered his parents, he also really does like her. The thing that makes this a con is that once Bruce gives her the snowglobe and asks her to move in with him, she freaks out. Perhaps I would freak out, too. Especially because this is happening with someone who is like 10 YEARS OLD. Too weird.

Captain Essen is the worst Captain ever: How does she not know that practically all the cops under her are really bad guys? How does nothing get approved by her? How is it that Jim got the evidence that Flass was the killer, but Captain Essen didn’t know? Why would she approve the death of the witness as a suicide instead of a homicide? Whyyyyy?!

Bad guitar music: TWO different scenes featured guitar riffs from 1985. O.K., that isn’t proven, but they were bad anyhow. Between Gordon’s interrogations (two of those in the last three weeks) and Penguin’s bender in his club, I feel like guitar riffs should be banned. Straight up. And Gotham needs to higher a new music supervisor.

Penguin’s Club: The whole thing was strange. First of all, why was there an old man orchestra playing? Why was his mom so obsessed with it all? Are all club owner’s moms so proud of their accomplishments? I have too many questions. Also, the fact that Fish walked in when Penguin was drunkenly announcing the club opening to no one was very predictable.

Gotham - Welcome Back, Jim Gordon
I’m old, but still think I am hot.


Easter Eggs:

Arnold Flass is an ass: Arnold Flass, created by Frank Miller, is a very crooked cop. First appearing in Batman: Year One, as Jim Gordon’s partner. He is close to Carmine Falcone, beats people up for fun, and even beating up Jim Gordon and threatening his family. That does not end up well for Flass in the end. We shall see if Gordon retaliates on Flass more than just “locking him up.”

The Dark Knight: When Bruce is playing chess by himself, the last move we see him make is moving the black knight, or the “Dark Knight” in a king’s knight play. It was a cute little nod to the future of the young man.


Flass and Gordon will have beef: Gordon may have the support of the Captain, but that doesn’t mean he has the support of Flass’s crew within and outside the department. If he ever is out of jail, he will gather a crew to beat up Gordon, and possibly take Barbara hostage, since she still has to matter to the show. The season will end with Gordon doing something really bad to Flass, like taking him out in the woods and gagging him. But this is only in the hopes that the show follows the comics.

Bruce and Selena gonna be enemies: Now that Bruce knows the truth about Selena’s lie, it is unlikely they will continue their romance, if you can even call it that. Looks like Selena is destined to be bad.

Fish Mooney will not leave town: Maybe she will jump out of the river, kill a homeless man, and eat his sandwich! I was hoping that she was wouldn’t come back, but since there has been no major news about Jada Pinkett Smith exited the series, there is no way Mooney will be gone for long.

Butch will turn: Now that Zsasz is more than likely torturing the Butch, he will turn on Mooney. I have no reason to think this other than I really just don’t like her and want her gone.

Poison Ivy will begin to use Oil of Olay: Is it just me, or did that chick age like 30 years in the face? And never get taller?

Hush Comics gives “Welcome Back, Jim Gordon” a D+, because even there seemed to be more pros than cons, those cons really outweighed the pros. Gotham is shooting itself in the foot (or stabbing itself in the back with an ice pick) with the same story, different day outline. Also, there was no Morena Baccarin this week, and that sucks.

All pictures belong to FOX and The CW.  They are credited to Jessica Miglio.

Gotham Review – “What the Little Bird Told Him” S1E12


Dr. Leslie Thompkins is hot… and hotter than Barbara Keane: Morena Baccarin is a beautiful woman. Why is this a plus? Because pretty much everything else about this episode sucked. Also, she can act better than the rest of the cast. And now that she and Jim Gordon have hooked up, it looks like she is here to stay… for a while at least.

Bringing back characters from the past: Other than the mob families, bad guys of the week usually stick to their week. It was nice to see Victor Zsasz and The Electrocutioner make a return. Not to mention, Zsasz is scary as hell.

Edward Nygma is needs to move: Poor Nygma. He likes the girl. He knows it. And even though she dresses kind of nerdy, she is so not into him. I feel bad for the guy… I do. If I didn’t know his fate as The Riddler, I would say he should move to Central City with The Flash. He would fare better in a group of nerds like himself.

Gotham - What the Little Bird Told Him
Poor little nerd. He just wants love!

Despite the rest of the mob, Carmine Falcone is a BAMF: And I don’t mean that in a great way. I mean, he choked his mommy doppelgänger Liza to death. Without any qualms. That is so bad-ass, but in the most terrifying way possible.


The Barbara Keane story line is BORING: And in fact she is boring. I have made fun of #Gaytham mercilessly because I thought it was a way for FOX to be “cutting edge.” Now I realize that without Barbara having a female lover on the side, she is utterly yawn-worthy. Why should I care that she is now staying with her parents? They clearly don’t care about her. Who would believe that she is “happy” with Jim if she needs to stay with her mommy and daddy for a few days? And talk about some pretentious white people. Even their house was too white. In the words of Jimmy Fallon, “Ew.”

The Electrocutioner was pointless: Yeah, it’s cool he came back, but his ONLY worth was to electrocute The Penguin (which he did unintentionally) which lead to The Penguin having a moment of amnesia and admitting to Maroni he was working for Falcone. All of this seems highly unlikely and very, very silly.

The Electrocutioner’s Demise: Did the baddie of the week just get taken down by Jim Gordon and a glass of water? Yes. And while I have seen that work in other shows (Buffy did it), they weren’t asinine. This was so anti-climactic; the whole thing was a giant let down, especially after The Electrocutioner was taking people down in an awesome Magneto style.

Gotham - What the Little Bird Told Him
Always saving the day… and it’s so predictable.


Jim Gordon, Civilian vs. Jim Gordon, Detective: Ok. Let’s get this straight. ANYONE in Gotham can walk in on a police meeting discussing sensitive evidence regarding a high-profile case. Including Jim Gordon, who is technically a civilian. Then, he extorts the Commissioner, with no repercussions. Then he BARELY solves the case (and by barely, I mean not at all) and gets LUCKY by having The Electrocutioner showing up at the station. He also got lucky that someone had a glass of water on their desk. Then at the end, he gets his job back. Easy as pie… or just throwing a cup of water. Can you tell I’m bitter about the water?

The entire god damn plot: The whole “he’s working for you, but also for you” and “she’s working for you, but also for you” and “I’m going to take over!” thing hit the fan this week, and it was God awful. Fish Mooney with her finger twitch and thinking that she could just arrange for Falcone to move was proof that she is a dim wit. And Falcone second guessing that he should go was dumb. And Maroni carrying Oswald into the police station was dumb. And… it was all dumb.

Gotham - What the Little Bird Told Him
You work for who? Is anyone even keeping track anymore?!


Also: The music! It’s soooo bad. Get rid of the music and I can take you more seriously Gotham.

Easter Eggs:

Commissioner Loeb: The man who comes in to take on the Arkham Asylum case is Commissioner Loeb. He was created by Frank Miller in 1987 for the Batman: Year One arc starting in issue #404. He is the Commissioner of Gotham when Batman begins his war on crime. Eventually, he falls to Carmine Falcone’s corruption and sees Jim Gordon as a threat. In Gotham, he is played by Peter Scolari, who has been a character actor in just about everything ever.

“What the Little Bird Told Him”: The title of the episode is a not-so-subtle reference to Oswald Cobblepot’s nickname, The Penguin, and his way of being a snitch. Which is a thing the show likes to say a lot.

Penguin gets a club!: At the end of the episode, Oswald is rewarded for being a snitch by getting Fish’s nightclub. Maybe now people will actually show up… I digress. In the comics, Oswald is known for his business dealings, particularly by using a nightclub as a legitimate business to cover his illegal dealings.


Jim, Leslie, and Barbara love triangle: Ugh, but true. Considering Barbara Keane is supposedly Barbara Gordon’s mom, the three may end up in some sort of an affair. Fan boys can only hope this will end in a ménage.

Bruce and Alfred: Where the heck are they?! I predict that Alfred is really in the MI-6 and is training Bruce to be an agent. Just kidding. But really, where are they?

Fish Mooney or Jada Pinkett Smith: The preview for next week shows Mooney getting tortured. But who will enjoy it more? My bet is on Smith.


Hush Comics gives “What the Little Bird Told Him” a D for a bad plot line, under using characters, and silly, silly antics.


All pictures belong to FOX and The CW.  They are credited to Jessica Miglio and Jeff Neumann.


Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 12, 2015

Biggest news of the day: a brand-new trailer for Age of Ultron has debuted during the college football championship. It’s delicious. I might have to start building my own Hulkbuster.


I’m not sure how we missed this, but Tony Stark’s transparent phone seen in shots of The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron … is real. It won’t be released to the public, since such technology is reserved for billionaire, genius playboy philanthropists, but it will be an actual functional Samsung device. Source: International Business Times.


The final season of Parks and Recreation debuts tonight!


In other TV news, an introductory trailer has been released for iZombie, debuting on The CW March 17th, 2015 and based off the 2010 Vertigo series of the same name.


Okay, so don’t freak out, but Greg Capullo has posted some concept art for Batman: Endgame, including a drawing with Batman’s left hand replaced by a blade. As sweet as that sounds, hopefully Bruce Wayne does not go all Rick Grimes on us soon. Source: Twitter.


The Simpsons paid tribute to Charlie Hedbo in very classy fashion. Source: Time


Martin Luthor King Jr.’s biopic, Selma, is doing something pretty cool. Check out the link below for select cities that are giving away free tickets to the movie for 7th-9th grade students. Don’t be sad if your city if not among the list, because more will be announced tomorrow. Source:


The final season of Boardwalk Empire is out on home video today. This show had one of the greatest finales in recent memory, and neatly wrapped everything up by the series’ end. Link: Amazon.


Gotham will be coming to the circus! The Flying Graysons have been confirmed to appear on the show after some behind the scenes photos surfaced. I wonder if this means the appearance of Tony Zucco. Source: Ben McKenzie’s LiveJournal.


Still butt-hurt about the new lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode VII? Sucks for you! This fan has taken the time to show the world why this crossgaurd design is superior to the traditional one.


Mark your calendars, because The Late Show starring Stephen Colbert will debut on September 8th. Source:


Telltale Games (the ones behind story-driven games like The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us and Game of Thrones) will soon be making a new, original game as part of their expansion, which includes Borderlands and Minecraft titles. I’m personally happy to see a creative (and affordable) change in the market – proving that not all games need to be “epic” to  be enjoyable. Source: IGN.


Lando is back! Original Star Wars star Billy Dee Williams will reprise his role as Lando Calrissian in next week’s episode of Star Wars Rebels. Taylor has been reviewing the series thus far and has given it high praises, so if you’re on the fence about it, Lando’s appearance may give you the push you need to see it. Source: EW.

Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 06, 2015

New Comic Book Releases: G Willow Wilson takes over the all-female X-Men, Mortal Kombat X digital release, and some unique new books in: Ant Man, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and IXth Generation.

Check out our latest feature, Best of 2014, for our take on our favorite: comic books, movies, TV shows, collectibles, music and video games.

Hardy har har. Everybody got a great laugh out of the itty-bitty Ant-Man trailer; here’s the full-length teaser. It should erase any hard feelings you had about the upcoming movie. Source: YouTube.

IDW Comics is acquiring Top Shelf Comics (March). I don’t think this will make any severe changes at IDW, but it is nice to see “the little guys” stick together. Source: IDW.

The first episode of the mid-season for Gotham, “Rogues’ Gallery” is in the books and our review is up.

In a week, Marvel Comics previews Star Wars #1, and in preparation, have released a butt-ton of variant covers for it. Bleeding Cool has been nice enough to gather them all in one neat little post. Bleeding Cool.

An Eisner Award-winning writer is coming to Spawn, via Todd McFarlane. Source: Facebook.

In television, Empireblack-ish and American Horror Story all make their debut tomorrow.

Hector “Tio” Salamanca from Breaking Bad joins Constantine as Felix Faust.


Gotham Review – “Rogues’ Gallery” S1E11

Oh thank you, Jesus; TV season is back. Right out of the gates, Gotham is back with a variety of new things going on. Jim Gordon has been demoted by the mayor himself to work security at Arkham Asylum, where he will meet Doctor Leslie Thompkins and all hell will surely break loose. While we were very welcome to have Gotham come back, the show is still plagued by the same issues that have done it a disservice all season long.


The Freak Show: Gotham can be laughable at times, but there is absolutely nothing fun about a looney bin. There are a few scenes here that set the tone for a darker and scarier rest of the season. Just like it should be.

Leslie Thompkins: There’s really no stopping me from turning into a drooling fanboy when I see Morena Baccarin on screen, but I will attempt to stay level-headed. The newest addition to the show has big shoes to fill in from comic book lore, and has been solid so far.

By himself but not alone: I jumped for joy when Gordon’s former partner Harvey Bullock showed up. Their once-awkward partnership has gained quite a bit of chemistry, and will be one of my favorite components of the show going forward.

Butch starts earning his nickname: In what could have been a very lame twist, Fish Mooney’s fight-hand man ends up getting a lot of brownie points for being a soldier.

Speaking of Fish Mooney: It could be the off-season drought of TV, or it could be the lack of screen time she got, but I found Fish’s character to be much more palatable (haaaa….) this episode. Let’s hope the trend continues.

gotham rogues gallery 2


Penguin is not a peacock:  After Robin Lord Taylor’s Oswald Cobblepot became our hand-down favorite of the show, it was a little disappointing to see him put in his place so abruptly.

Spoil the mood tunes: Every time that a legitimate threat is formulating, Gotham feels the need to let us know just how dark and suspenseful it is – with some Danny Elfman-esque effects. Severely corny and outdated 25yrs later.

Barbara is a FLOOZY: This episode broke whatever attachment I had to Barbara. Not only is she slummin’ it up with Montoya, but she’s added zero value to the show and was dumb enough to believe that a little girl who answered the phone is sleeping with Gordon. What a winner, Jimbo.

Shiiiiiiiiit: Isiah Whitlock, Jr., known to most as The Wire‘s Clay Davis, makes a cameo here as the Director of Arkham Asylum. He must have not learned a damn thing from those federal inditements, because his quick exit was a major let-down for me.

No Waynes: While the Bruce Wayne and Alfred angle had a lot of progression before the break, they were noticeably absent from “Rogues’ Gallery.” I could do without Bruce, honestly; I just want to see Alfred crack heads.

gotham rogues gallery 3

Easter Eggs:

Tempest: The beginning scene has the inmates performing Shakespeare’s The Tempest, the plot of misdirection and deceit is quite relatable to the events in “Rogues’ Gallery.”

Jack Gruber: The mastermind being all the different ECT experiments is, thanks to next episode’s preview, the Electrocutioner, most recently an Arkham Origins villain. He sure doesn’t look the part, but whatever.

Aaron Helzinger: Poor guy – ya try to do the right thing and what happens? Bam, lobotomy. Helzinger is a very minot character from the  early 90’s, a man with spontaneous fits of rage after having his amygdala removed.


Hugo Strange: Quite… strange… how this Gruber is so much like Hugo. From the electro-compulsive therapy to the need to want to play with the inmates’ minds, even down to the black gloves and the way his face looks, everything about this Gruber guy screams Hugo Strange.

Leslie Thompkins: Every TV Asylum needs a sexy doctor, and Leslie Thompkins fills, no… floods, that position. Seriously though, Dr. Thompkins is one of Batman’s most trusted civilian allies. In the comics, an aged Thompkins offers asylum to all those in need of help, good or bad. She’s the poster-child of the Hippocratic Oath, and with any luck, the best damn rebound that Jim Gordon could ever hope for.

gotham rogues gallery 5


Don’t be a (Hugo) Strange(r): Gruber’s escape from Arkham will have serious repercussions, from Gordon’s position at the joint to the series of murders Gruber will surely commit before being apprehended.

Sparks fly between Thompkins and Gordon: If you are not rooting for them to hook up, then I don’t know what are you doing.

Bye, Bye Barbara: After her latest outburst of stupid, I have every reason to think that she will be stuffed in the metaphorical refrigerator sooner than later.

Butcher’s block: After Butch’s latest show of loyalty, and emergence as kind of a badass, Fish Mooney will eventually thank him in kind with cement shoes. That’s just what bosses do.

Selina doesn’t actually know a damn thing: This future Catwoman is an absolute USER. Like the kind the Eurythmics used to sing about. There’s no way she actually has anything relevant to say about the Wayne killer.

gotham rogues gallery 6

Hush Comics gives “Rogues’ Gallery” a C+ for being unable to rid itself of the laughably implausible plot devices when there is a perfectly good drama waiting to be fleshed out.

All pictures belong to FOX and DC Entertainment.  They are credited to Jessica Miglio.

Hush Comics’ 2015 Midseason TV Preview

TV season is upon us! No more having to make conversation with your boring roommates. Now you can live vicariously through all the fantastic shows that are returning to action. Make sure you’ve got plenty of DVR space, because there are some great programs coming your way. Check out the list below to see which ones you need to see.


Gotham – FOX, January 5th

Jim Gordon may not have done so well in the eyes of the mayor, but he has led us to the heart of Arkham, and that is A-OK with me. We also get to meet Leslie Thompkins, played by Morena Baccarin (Firefly‘s Inara), which should automatically bring in a slew of fanboys and horndogs, alike. Gotham’s bleak future will likely have a see-saw effect on Gotham‘s future.

Eye Candy – MTV, January 12th *NEW SERIES*

Hot tech genius hunts a serial killer. Based off an R.L. Stine (Goosebumps) novel.

The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore – Comedy Central, January 19th *NEW SERIES*

This show is replacing the time slot left by the Colbert Report. No pressure, Larry. Another Daily Show alumnus gets the spotlight. Has great potential.

House of Cards – Netflix, February 23rd

Ahh! I only have a month and a half to catch up on two seasons of House of Cards before the 3rd season is available to stream. Everybody is talking about this show, and I look forward to catching up on it.



Agent Carter – ABC, January 6th *NEW SERIES*

A spin-off of sorts from last year’s Captain America 2: Winter SoldierAgent Carter will flesh out the creation of S.H.I.E.L.D., with name-drops and Easter Eggs from the Marvel Universe. Peggy Carter is one bad chick, and the timeline of the show has me even more interested.

Parks and Recreation – NBC, January 13th

It had to happen eventually. Parks and Rec‘s 7th and final season will be only 13 episodes long, and surely leave a gaping hole in the sitcom world. As sad as it will be to end, I’m sure the finale will be worth it.

The Kroll Show – Comedy Central, January 13th

I have no idea how this show is still a thing. Nick Kroll, who you may recognize from The League, has quietly held this sketch comedy show for two seasons. Good news is that this will be the last one.

The Flash – The CW, January 20th

This line-up of comic book shows had one of the craziest series of cliff-hangers I have seen, and the entrance of the Reverse Flash was no exception here. Look forward to more meta-human nonsense and hopefully some clarification to the giant mystery that is Harrison Wells.

Justified – FX, January 20th

Another long-running series is coming to an end. Raylan has come a long way as a character, so it will be interesting to see how the series wraps up.

Marvel: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – ABC, March 3rd

After the crazy reveal at the mid-season, Agents is taking a prolonged break to avoid competition with Agent Carter. The weird, crawling pace of this show can be frustrating, but I just close my eyes and say, “it’s Joss Whedon; he has a plan.”



Empire – FOX, January 7th *NEW SERIES*

Terrance Howard and Taraji Henson face off as ex-spouses vying for control of the record label they helped create. It’s a continuation from Hustle & Flow, probably the last movie I ever expected to live on as a TV series. Could be interesting.

black-ish – ABC, January 7th

Anthony Anderson’s racially-charged sitcom comes back for more.

American Horror Story – FX, January 7th

AHS: Freak Show has been one of the most interesting installments thus far – but by far the least frightening. There have been clues alluding to an inter-connected story, but with only 3 episodes in the season left, it had better cut to the chase. More clowns!!

Man Seeking Woman – FXX, January 14th *NEW SERIES*

This is the End (and How to Train Your Dragon)’s Jay Baruchel stars as a mid-20’s guy looking to get laid. Or true love. It’s not rally clear yet. What a concept. Hopefully there is more substance to this show, because I find Baruchel hilarious.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – FXX, January 14th

This show remains one of the last standing long-running sitcoms on television. It’s a winning formula that has kept a cult following for nearly a decade.

Arrow – the CW, January 21st

Uh, I need Arrow, and I need it now. After the mid-season cliff-hanger (heh, not exactly), I have been in hysterics about what the heck is going on in Star City. There are SOOO many loose ends here – what a spectacular show.

The Americans – FX, January 28th

Just ten years ago, Keri Russell and Phillip Jennings were known for their roles as cutesy-wutesy characters in family shows. Now, they are murderous Russian spies living next to an FBI counter-terrorism operative during the Cold War. If you love Murrica (or hate it, whatever), you will watch this show.

Fresh off the Boat – ABC, February 4th *NEW SERIES*

With all the sitcoms dying out, it’s great to see a new one pop out. This is like an Asian-American version of Everybody Hates Chris, where the show’s creator, chef Eddie Huang, tells a loosely autobiographical version of his life. Note: this show will air regularly on Tuesdays starting February 10th.

CSI: Cyber – CBS, March 4th *NEW SERIES*

I will usually be the first one to wave off a new CSI series, as I have found them extremely formulaic and unprogressive since their inception. CBS must have heard my cries because after having two of their spin-offs cancelled (NYLA), they finally decided to catch the show up to current times, targeting cyber villains. Oh, and Bow Wow is in it. Sold.


Archer – FX, January 8th

Last season of Archer took a wildly different approach by dissolving ISIS (no relation) and making the group a bunch of outlaws. It was quite entertaining, but I sincerely cannot wait for the show to get back to its roots this year.

Big Bang Theory – CBS, January 8th

Will Amy and Sheldon finally consummate this relationship in coitus?

This is Not Happening – Comedy Central, January 22nd *NEW SERIES*

I’m always a sucker for new stand-up comedy. It’s great background noise, and I feel the most accomplished when I can clear it from my DVR. This is Not Happening is a simple concept; comedians tell stories of things that have happened to them. It’s like listening your friends, but likely much funnier, and you can hit fast forward when you don’t think they are funny.

Scandal – ABC, January 29th

Seriously, stop being a bitch baby and watch this show! I consider this my guilty pleasure because I do know how utterly insane the storyline has gotten, but I can’t stop watching. Kerry Washington is just too beautiful, and Joe Morton (Olivia’s dad) is downright terrifying.

How to Get Away With Murder – ABC, January 29th

How many dead girl phone penis shots does it take to convict a guy, jeez! This super raunchy, ultra dramatic show is back after a bombshell of a mid-season finale. It might seem a bit ridiculous to the casual viewer, but if you can just enjoy the ride, you’ll enjoy yourself.


Fridays & Saturdays

Glee – FOX, January 9th

Say goodbye to Glee, you guys, because this sixth season will mark the show’s last. The concept has been great; the show has given power and a voice to so many under-represented groups in our culture. Jane Lynch has been phenomenal, and it’s still the only place you can find Gwyneth Paltrow singing Cee-Lo’s “Fuck You.”

King of the Nerds – TBS, January 23rd

King of the Nerds may be the only reality competition show I have ever been excited for (aside from maybe Skin Wars). Pitting a variety of nerds against each other to see who is the nerdiest results in one of the funnest displays of geekiness on TV. Chances are you will hate everybody who is good at this in one way or another, but living the competition vicariously through them is as close to the show as most of us will get.



The Simpsons – FOX, January 4th

You know… The Simpsons, man!

Bob’s Burgers – FOX, January 4th

Bob’s Burgers didn’t win Best Animated Series of 2014 here at Hush Comics for no reason. The show is hilarious, and one of the few out there that I really do not care what happens in it. Archer voice actor H. Jon Benjamin is perfect in this role as the only normal one in a home full of lunatics.

House of Lies – Showitme, January 11th

This is one of those that nobody watches because it’s A) on a premium network and B) not easily pirated… so I hear. Don Cheadle (Denver, represent!) is amazing in House of Lies, the story about a marketing exec who chases the high life more than his own life. The characters are dynamic and the main characters have just hit a huge road bump. I can’t wait to watch this live.

Girls – HBO, January 11th

Girls is coming back and it feels like it’s been forever. Hannah was accepted into the University of Iowa writing program, so it looks like she and Elijah will be out there, Shosh is finally a real adult. And Jessa and Marnie are still the same. What I’m really looking forward to is Ray’s story. He’s by far the best character, and I hope that something good finally happens to him. Plus, it isn’t Girls if we don’t get an awkward sex scene in the first episode, so there is that to look forward to, as well. Did I mention this is an adult-themed show?

The Walking Dead – AMC, February 8th

It’s off to Alexandria we go! I mean, right? It has to be… The Walking Dead gave us a big kick to the shins and ran away to end the midseason last year, and we haven’t quite recovered. All I know is that the walkers will get more and more disgusting, and more people will surely die.

Better Call Saul – AMC, February 8th *NEW SERIES*

No description necessary. Will we watch this show? You’re goddamn right.

Last Night Tonight With John Oliver – HBO, February 8th

Hot damn, are we in for a treat this day or what?! In one evening, we’ll get to enjoy Hush Comics’ Best TV Series of 2014 (TWD), what will likely be 2015’s Best New Series, and also the 2014 Best New SeriesLast Week Tonight, the exposé news show from John Oliver that tells it like it is, no matter who he offends.

Battle Creek – CBS, March 1st *NEW SERIES*

We know Vince Gilligan is a genius, so anything he creates carries a life-time seal of approval from us. In addition to Better Call Saul, Gilligan is also producing Battle Creek, a cop dramedy set in Battle Creek, Michigan. Before the success of BrBa, Gilligan couldn’t even get networks to look at Battle Creek, one Heisenberg later, and CBS ordered a full 13 episodes without even seeing a pilot.

Last Man on Earth – FOX, March 1st *NEW SERIES*

It may be a tired concept, but with all these post-apocalyptic horror shows out, it’s refreshing to see a sitcom that answers “what would it be like to be the last man on Earth?.” Well, if you’re Will Forte (SNL), then it freakin’ rocks. It’s only been approved for 4 episodes – due to the highly likely chance that it will crash and burn.

Game of Thrones – HBO, April…ish?

No official word as to when GoT is coming back, but we do know that the story gets even further spread apart than it has already been. Characters will change like never before and I am extremely excited to see how the Martel family reacts. The only bummer so far is that there will be NoMor Hodor or Bran this season.





Best of 2014: TV – Best New Series

Another year is in the books, and we here at Hush Comics couldn’t pass at the chance to rank our favorites of this year’s releases in all types of mediums. Some of the winners will surprise you; heck, some of the results surprised  us. The results are completely subjective, and therefore were chosen with infallible logic. We would love to hear your opinions on what we have chosen, or if you thought we missed anything. This should be a fun review before we gear up for 2015.

hush best of 2014
Click on the link to take you to the “Best of 2014” homepage.

Best New TV Series

  • Constantine (NBC)
  • The Flash (The CW)
  • Gotham (Fox)
  • How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)
  • Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

WINNER – Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver has done one thing for Americans who subscribe to (or steal) HBO: made them feel down right stupid.  Me included.  But you know what is so great about that?  John Oliver gets to educate us on our own country, and many other countries, too!  Being British makes him sound automatically smarter than us young Yanks, but there is a lot of research to back up his exposés.  Thanks to John Oliver, I now know about FIFA, mass incarceration, payday loans, beauty pageants, and of course the Russian Space Sex Geckos.  It could be construed as a comedy, but John Oliver and crew are masters at educating through humor, and sometimes, even doing something about the issues they have talked about. – Adrian

Second Place – The Flash (CW)

The Flash Best of 2014 TV Series New Series Runner Up 1

DC and Marvel have been duking it out on the big screen for years now, but this year DC has declared an early victory in the battle of the small screen. Jumping off the success of Arrow, the CW’s newest superhero show, The Flash, made its debut in November. Since then, the series has introduced a butt-load of DC characters – and hinted at even more to come. I love this show because it has BALLS.The Flash is still susceptible to the “that’s so C-Dub” tropes, but it has an enjoyable cast, impressive special effects, and more Easter Eggs than we know what to do with at times. After only two months, The Flash can already keep pace alongside Arrow. – Sherif

Third Place – Constantine (NBC)

Constantine Best of 2014 TV Series New Series Runner Up

John Constantine is one bad man, and it’s about damn time we get a television show that shows us that. The best way I can describe the show Constantine is that it’s the guy version of Charmed, but much more terrifying. Or a way better version of the 2005 Keanu Reeves movie. The show itself has even dug itself out of an early grave, as it was handed the time slot most associated with shows sentenced to death – Friday nights. Anybody with a social life or without a DVR was almost guaranteed not to be able to catch Constantine, so the fate of the series rested on the hardcore fans of the demon hunter. In spectacular fashion, the voices of the fans (and a surprising amount of casual viewers, as well) convinced NBC, the same jerks that canceled Community, to move the show to a more feasible time slot. So there’s one demon down; now they just have to get renewed for a second season. – Sherif

RUNNER UP – How to Get Away With Murder (ABC)

How To Get Away With Murder Best of 2014 TV Series Best New Show Runner Up

Well, I’m not surprised us at Hush felt that How to Get Away with Murder was one of the year’s best shows. For me personally I was hooked by the first episode, and since I don’t have a television, I found every which way possible to watch it as soon as it was available. I never hit fast forward and always found myself hovering at the edge of my seat holding my breath. I was riveted by the storyline, the characters and the nature in which everything unfolded. And I was honestly and genuinely surprised by the mid-season finale. What I find most intriguing about the show is how it articulates its reality and the ways different characters deal with murder. The emotion is raw and intense and at times hard to stomach, not to mention the sexy-time is wonderful. If it’s not a show on your watch list it should be. Binge it right away so you’re ready for when it comes back. Because we are all wondering what is to come next for all of these dynamic characters. – Jené

RUNNER UP – Gotham (Fox)

Gotham Best of 2014 TV Series New Series Runner Up

I’m not going to lie… new TV this year was pretty bad, but somewhere near the top of this pile of suck is Gotham, a show all about the humble, murderous roots of Batman’s hometown.  Joy!  Kinda.  As my brother so aptly put, “it’s a show about Batman without any Batman.”  That’s not completely true.  Adolescent Bruce Wayne is a part of this show, but this series focuses primarily on Jim Gordon pre-Commissioner title and his police partner Harvey Bullock.  The show had its moments – mostly anytime Robin Lord Taylor (Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin) was on screen.  Strung together by a series of fairly unrelated events and peppered with B-list (maybe even D-list: Balloon Man?) villains, Gotham provided mild relief from the boredom plaguing Monday night primetime.  It wasn’t a bad show.  It wasn’t a great show.  But for trying something new and delving into the DC universe, Fox and Gotham get props and for at least an earnest attempt at creating something special. – Taylor

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Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 02, 2015

The guys at Marvel Studios are cruel, cruel people. To hype up the upcoming Ant Man movie, they released an itty-bitty teaser of the upcoming film. I sure got a laugh out of it, and I hope that the studio can be as jovial with the movie going forward. Source: YouTube.

It’s truly not a New Year until Hip-Hop artist Mad Skillz winds down the previous year with his “Rap Up”s. Behold: “2014 Rap Up.” Source: YouTube.

Yargh, maties; this might be news for all you scurvy torrent dogs out there. The Pirate Bay may back up and operational within the next month. It’s all speculation, but the site that was a hub for illegal downloading before being shut down a month ago could be back up and running soon. Source: Yahoo!

Ready for all the tag team glory of Green Lantern and Green Arrow?? Well, lucky for us, Green Arrow #37 (out next Wednesday!) will see one of the best team-ups in the comic book histories. Source: DC Comics.

In Marvel news, Jessica Drew will be getting a bad-ass new costume in Spider-Woman #5 and it looks pretty freaking cool. It’s reminiscent of the redesign that Babs Tarr gave Barbara Gordon in the new Batgirl series, but much cooler looking. Source: USAToday.

While Gotham might not be the show we are most excited to return, the fact that Inara (Morena Baccarin) from Serenity/Firefly is gonna be playing Dr. Leslie Thompkins should be enough to sell the second half of the season. It will be great to see her back on screen.
  Source: IGN.