Gotham Review – “The Scarecrow” S1E15


Bruce’s spiritual journey: The best part of the episode was Bruce’s journey through the woods. Hiking through the nearby woods was a trip that Bruce would make with his father. The young man decided he needed to continue the tradition, and off he went. He had a hard time with it emotionally, especially after coming upon the pile of rocks his father and he had made. When he found one with the initials “TW” engraved, Bruce raged out, but understandably so. Later, he fell and sprained his ankle. After making a splint of twigs and climbing his way back up a very steep hill, he finds Alfred waiting for him. Alfred knew that Bruce was hurt, but made him make the journey on his own. They then watch the sunrise, just like Bruce used to do with his father. The relationship between Alfred and Bruce is growing with each day, and it is beautiful to watch. Honestly, I would love a show where they were the main characters and everyone else was just…gone.

Gotham - "The Scarecrow"

The Fear Toxin: The effect the Fear Toxin has on Jonathon Crane are truly terrifying. I was genuinely scared for him when he kept seeing the scarecrow. It would be enough to drive someone crazy.

Fish becomes Big Mama: While I still cannot stand the overacting by Pinkett-Smith, I think bringing Fish down to a really low point by putting her in a prison, and then showing the audience that no matter what, this woman can flourish. All the overtly sexual scenes were awkward to watch, but the payout at the end with her killing the boss man was worth it.

Oswald’s Party: Oswald tries to invite Gordon to his club opening, and Gordon declines. It was a good touch for Oswald to remind Gordon to play nice. The actual party made me feel a little sorry for Oswald, though; not many people showed up, and he was clearly sad about it. But at least the sequined girls are gone, granted the music is still terrible.


Gordon and Lee’s Courtship: They weren’t so subtle about wanting to do it on the third date. They could have gone without saying anything and we would have known the sexual tension was there. In addition, Leslie, or “Lee”, can’t keep her hands off Detective Gordon, even in her new workplace. Leslie was a likeable character, mostly because of the actress who plays her, but if this trope continues, she’s nothing more than a Medical Examiner in a refrigerator.

Gotham - "The Scarecrow"

No explanation of how Fish is in “prison”: While that whole scene was decent, we still have no explanation for how Fish arrived in the strange prison.

The acting: There were two actors, who weren’t even the main actors, just really got to me. The main man in charge of the prison group, Mace, doesn’t look at anyone in the eye. He just stares off into the abyss. I’m sure he was directed to do this, but people with the label “boss” look people in the eye. Also, the lady who said, “They took my eyes!” seemed less in shock about it than anyone watching. I should have felt terror, but instead, I chuckled. It’s wrong, I know.

First order of business, redecorate!: When Oswald is allowed to live and the club is officially given to him, there is a lot of talk about redecorating. Like, too much talk. But I will say, the purple umbrella look is cool.

Nygma vs. Cobblepot: When Oswald went to GCPD to deliver a club invitation to Gordon, he runs into Nygma, who tells him he knows who Oswald is. Then he lets him know that Emperor Penguins keep their eggs on their feet. The whole thing made it clear these two don’t like each other. Unless this is a plot point that will be further explored, and soon, it seems a little ridiculous. None of Batman’s Rogues Gallery likes each other per se, but they all worth together. And The Riddler and The Penguin are known for doing so.

Falcone, Maroni, and Judge Turnbull sitting in a tree: First of all, Falcone and Maroni acting like they’re friends is gag-worthy. But even more gag-worthy is when Falcone delivers Maroni a notable judge in Gotham, Judge Turnbull, literally wearing a gag, after presumably getting caught having sex with a much younger man. The homophobic undertones here were a bit too much to handle.

Easter Eggs:

Scarecrow: When Jonathon’s father was first forcing the Fear Toxin into his son, Jonathon ran away and behind him was a Scarecrow. Of course, this is what he sees when in his drug-induced state. Jonathon will eventually become the Scarecrow.

Nygma’s Concoction: Not a huge easter egg, but when Bullock was in Nygma’s office, he found a beaker with a green liquid in it and smelled it. Nygma quickly took it away. The Riddler is a noted scientist, and he really likes the color green. I’m sure that is the only connection there.


Dr. Leslie Thompkins will become collateral damage: If my previous predictions about Flass coming after Jim Gordon are true, then his best bet is to use Gordon’s best asset, Leslie. Now that she works in the same building as Jim and refuses to back down on the PDA, people will know they are together and that spells bad news. This is all if the writers decide to carry the storyline through.

Quote of the Week:

“Son of a mother bitch.” – Sal Maroni, a man whose brevity is the soul of … the opposite of wit.

Hush Comics gives “The Scarecrow“ a C for continuing to be absolutely mediocre, but still being a show about Gotham and Batman, so I’m stuck watching it despite the absolute lack of character development.

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