Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Mar. 20th, 2015

God of War III is being remastered and released on PS4. Say goodbye to your boyfriends, ladies. Source: IGN

Snoop Dogg and Menace II Society director Allen Hughes will be making an HBO show about LA in the 80’s and the effect Reaganomics had on different communities. Color me intrigued. Source: Rolling Stone

You can now bring ScarJo home! Ok, just Black Widow. And not really her.. but the Hot Toys figure of her. In my defense, it looks so much like Scarlett Johansson, it’s a little creepy. But really, really cool. Source: Hot Toys

Emily Kinney (The Walking Dead‘s Beth) will play The Bug-Eyed Bandit in The Flash. I am just glad she is getting roles. It’s just too bad it will likely only be one episode. Source: