Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… April 9th, 2015

The LEGO Dimensions video game was announced today. I’m really hoping there will be some Community references in there (The Darkest Timeline anyone?) considering Joel McHale is the human who starts it all.

This is Jamie Bell as The Thing in the new Fantastic Four movie. At least CGI was better than it was in 2005. Source: Empire

The Thing


Geeks Who Drink will be hosting a Marvel Edition of their trivia night on May 2nd. Check the link for the bar hosting the super geeky event in your area! Source: Facebook

A new Avengers 2 poster was revealed by Marvel today. What a Vision it is!

Speaking of vision, or lack there of, here is the Daredevil red costume for the Netflix series. Source:

Only two months until Orange is the New Black season 3, and we finally have a trailer!

Wanna play around in Game of Thrones? Well of course you do! You can play the mobile game for free for a month at the link. Source: IGN

The iPhone finally got diverse. Source: The Guardian

True Detective season 2 released a teaser today. There are a lot of long looks and Rachel McAdams.

The guys who brought you The LEGO Movie, Christopher Miller and Phil Lord, will be directing The Flash film. So then it should be… funny? Source: THR

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is getting a spin-off. And that’s about all we know. Source: EW

MTV has released the trailer for Scream: The TV Series. And honestly, I’ll watch it. Source: MTV

And I leave you with this: Human Centipede 3 (with the tagline Annals of Horror).