NOOOOOOO!! Channing Tatum Leaving ‘Gambit’

Channing Tatum

Nothing is confirmed yet, but with this news spreading like wildfire, it seems like it is true.

Channing Tatum will no longer be Gambit.

It is unclear exactly what went wrong. Actresses were just being tested with the leading man. It is also unclear whether Tatum will still be producing the film.

This news seems really surprising. Tatum has championed this film similarly to what Ryan Reynolds did for Deadpool. Tatum planned on producing and acting in the picture. He has been talking about it on the press circuit. He even went to SDCC. I just don’t understand.


[Disclaimer: All view points presented in this article are totally and completely biased.]

Source: The Wrap

‘Gambit’ Finally Finds Its Director



Rupert Wyatt, director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes, will be the director for the much anticipated 20th Century Fox movie Gambit.

I’m not totally sure how I feel about this. I loved Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but I guess I think of Gambit as a funny character and PotA was not a funny movie. I found myself feeling sad through most of it. It’s not that I don’t think Wyatt can pull off comedy, I’m just saying I am leery.

Channing Tatum is set to co-produce the film.

Gambit is slated to hit theaters October 7th, 2016.


Image Credit to Marvel.

Source: EW

‘Gambit’ Will be an Origin Story According to Channing Tatum

In a recent interview, Channing Tatum confirmed the new Gambit movie will be an origin story. He has seen the script from Josh Zetumer (RoboCop) and says it is “killer.” Additionally, Chris Claremont, creator of the character, has given his input and approval to the script.


Tatum, who will star as the mutant from Louisiana said,

“I grew up in the South; my father’s from Louisiana. We’d go to New Orleans and I heard all the dialects. It felt so different from the rest of America; it has its own ancient culture. So I identified with that. And he always felt the most real of the X-Men to me. He’s kind of a tortured soul and he’s not a good guy. But he’s not a bad guy, either. He walks his own path. And of course he plays cards and drinks and is a martial-arts badass!”

Gambit will open in theaters October 7th, 2016.