Gotham Review – “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” S1E18


Men Running with Knives: In reality, this part wasn’t intended to be amazing. But it was. The Asian gang members who Gordon and Dent go to talk to chase them out of their underground poker game, through an alley with arms flailing while holding butcher knives. It should be noted in cinematic history, not just Batman history.

Loeb’s Background: Not much has been said about Commissioner Loeb’s background other than being corrupt. I thought the story about his daughter, Miriam, killing his wife was very interesting. Considering it was a new take on the character, I was pretty impressed. Also of note is that Miriam is played by Nicholle Tom who was the voice of Supergirl for many years.

Gotham - "Everyone Has a Cobblepot"


Pretty much the whole Loeb storyline: It was entertaining and new. Loeb vindicated Flass. He uses Bullock as a witness for Flass because Bullock also has a Cobblepot. Falcone is behind it all (although we don’t get to see him). Loeb is just as scared as the rest of the police are of Falcone. Loeb gets blackmailed by Gordon and now Gordon is up for President of the Police Union. It was all clever and evil.

Bullock: Bullock did some cool things this week and had even better insight. Interrogating the man who knew about Loeb and Falcone’s hidden files by hanging him out of the car was pretty bad-ass, although against protocol. But more importantly, he warned Gordon not to get into owing Penguin favors. When Gordon was able to get Bullock’s file, he told Gordon that good things don’t make up for the bad things he did. Pretty smart, Harvey Bullock.

Penguin shows his really bad side: Back at his club, Penguin is holding the farmer couple hostage who were holding Loeb’s daughter. He tells them he only has one ticket out of town (by the way, it’s Arizona… no one is that excited to go to Arizona), forcing them to fight to the death. The wife wins, and Penguin shoots her, declaring he only had one bullet left. It was truly sinister and a good reminder of who Gordon is really in cahoots with.


All the Fish Mooney crap-ola: The whole thing was bad. She snaps her finger, which I am so over. She is totally freaked out about having a blue eye, which is a silly concept in the first place. The basement people are bad actors. The manager becoming a Franken-person with breasts and woman’s arm was laughable. The fact she worked her way to upper management with no real explanation as to how was bad writing. And Dr. Dulmacher trying to make a joke about Salsa night on Tuesdays was in poor taste. Oh, and they are on an island – no one saw that coming.

Gotham - "Everyone Has a Cobblepot"

Not enough Bruce and Alfred: I love these two. The show should really just be about them. We got a brief scene of Alfred telling Bruce they don’t tell the coppers on their mates. Selena Kyle showed up because we can’t forget about her, and Bruce tells her he will find out what Reggie got away with through the Wayne Enterprises Board Members. It’s very interesting, and I need more.

Going nowhere with Riddler: I feel like we are in the same loop with the Riddler. Edward brings Kristen Kringle flowers after catching her snooping in his office. Turns out she is dating someone else now. Who isn’t a dick like Flass, but still. The same story over and over will get boring. Give is something more with him if so many scenes will be dedicated to him!

The Farmers: The acting was bad. Becky Ann Baker, who portrayed the farmer’s wife, is a good actress, so this says more about the director than the actors. And the writing was predictable. The wife coming out with a shotgun when the police aren’t forthcoming was easy to see. It all turned out to be so over-the-top, I laughed throughout. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t supposed to.

Gotham - "Everyone Has a Cobblepot"

Easter Eggs:

Ummm….: I didn’t really catch any this week. Let me know what I missed!


Gordon is in deep: I don’t really know what will come of him now being backed by Loeb for President of the Police Union, but I do know that it will come with a cost. Hopefully, Flass won’t find out what Gordon did, but that seems unlikely.


Hush Comics gives “Everyone Has a Cobblepot” a B for giving us some impressive original backstory, but for being a little predictable. The episode was a little forgettable and cleared a lot up about the GCPD. With the next episode not airing until April 13th, I wonder how the show will entice viewers to come back.

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