Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Jan 11, 2015

The Golden Globes happened.  There were jokes, laughs, and many boring parts.  You can see all the winners here.  Check out Common’s acceptance speech for his (and John Legend’s) win for Best Original Song in a Movie, “Glory”, for Selma.

The Disney Channel is making a made-for-TV remake of Adventures in Babysitting.  C’est la vie… there will be no “don’t fuck with the babysitter” line.  Source: E!

This is Firestorm’s costume in The Flash.  It’s pretty cool, but looks like it could get upgrades over time.

DC character Vixen is getting her own animated show online.  Don’t know Vixen?  She is basically an Animorph, but she doesn’t look like the animal she has become.  Source: Superhero Hype

Yesterday at TCA had a lot of CW related announcements.  Among them:

Brandon Routh, aka The Atom, maybe getting his own show.  Source:

Arrow and The Flash both got renewed for next year. Source: EW

And yeah, Harrison Wells is the Reverse-Flash – or rather, a Reverse Flash. Source: CBR