Shut Up and Take My Money: 300 Helmet Licensed Replica

The money in our bank account is limited, so how unfair is it that there are endless gadgets, collectibles and toys out there that demand to be purchased? Let us help you sift through the crap, so you don’t can save that hard-earned cash for the things that deserve it. In other words, we give you the power to go to the counter and say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”


Item: 300 Helmet Licensed Replica

What it is: What is it? IT IS SPARTA! The universally recognized headpiece from Leonidas and the 300 elite Spartans can be yours. Lucky for you, you don’t need to stab a wolf, kick a dude down a well or have a twelve pack of ab muscles. All you gotta do is put up the cash and order it online. This isn’t your average replica; it’s forged in hell itself…. Okay sorry, getting carried away. The helmet is made of steel, plated in brass and lined in leather. That last bit lets you know that this baby was meant to be worn, not put on display like some boy-loving Greek.

How Much it Costs: The retail price of this glorious headpiece is over $300. It’s a steep price for a replica, but when you think about movie and show replicas, it’s rare to find a collectible that embodies the spirit of the source material so fully. There are other options if you can’t throw down the full votive, there are tons of awesome-looking hand-made helmets that also bring glory to Sparta.

Is It Worth It?: Oh hell yeah it is. It is literally the coolest thing you can buy for the dollar amount. And you can wear it anywhere, literally anywhere. I mean, have you personally ever made fun of a Spartan helmet? No, you haven’t, because anybody that rocks a Spartan helmet is one bad mutha. Only thing is, you need some Xerxes type wealth to comfortably afford this. You could always spring for the hand-made models on eBay, but if we’re talking about a home-made model, I’d rather get my hands on a 3-D printer and make my own than spend $100 on somebody else’s work – as cool as it may be.


Bottom Line: It is almost too awesome to pass up. I can’t even imagine how cool it would be to go see 300: Rise of an Empire this weekend and find somebody in the seats wearing this. I couldn’t even get mad at him for blocking my view. All things considered, I wouldn’t mess with this collectible due to the price tag, but it is a beauty.

Written by Sherif Elkhatib