The Flash Review – “Crazy for You” S1E12

Every show is bound to have an episode with filler, but the great thing about The Flash is, even with this episode being filler, we still get some great reveals about the future along with some of the best Easter Eggs in the genre. This week’s villain was a bit of a letdown, but was used as the backdrop for some of the most important details this show will use to progress forward.


The Firestorm Matrix is here: Firestorm is more than just a man with powers; Firestorm is actually a fusion of 2 beings, 1 dominant host and 1 corporeal entity. In the comics, Martin Stein and Ronnie Raymond are fused together when caught in a mixture of TNT and a nuclear explosion. Many people have become part of the Firestorm matrix, including the introduction of Jason Rush from two episodes ago. This is straight from the comics and it is nice that they were able to work straight from the source instead of having to adapt it for the show.

Barry Allen is moving on: While we all know that he is destined to be with Iris in the end, it is nice to see him play the field a bit until that time. This opens the door for all sorts of interesting characters that could last longer than an episode. Already we have a spark between Barry and Caitlin and we were just introduced to Linda Park(which should lead to the inclusion of another very important character).

The Flash - Crazy for You
I love you Iris, but I love me more. Especially in my cool suit.


Gorilla Freaking Grodd: I made the prediction a few episodes that he was in the pipeline and I am so happy that the creators didn’t make us wait that long. The way they chose to include him is interesting though; I can’t tell if they are setting him up to be a major recurring villain or if it is such a masterpiece of CGI that they want to do the slow burn similar to Godzilla movies. The little bit that we already got to see is promising though. This show has already done great things with CGI and this appears to be taking that to the next level.

Barry is continuing to get faster: Just as Clark Kent developed powers throughout Smallville, Barry Allen is developing powers very quickly. He is using his powers in new ways and it is just a matter of time before we get some time travel or vibrating through walls/bullets. They have already alluded to it in this episode by having Barry be just fast enough to catch a bullet, I can’t wait until he realizes he has nothing to fear from guns.


There wasn’t enough Caitlin Snow: She was a powerhouse in this episode, which is something that has been building up all season, and it still feels like we didn’t get enough. This is more of a minor gripe than a hit against the show. The creators finally seem to be revealing their plan for this character.

This week’s villain is a little bland: Peak-a-boo is an interesting enough character in terms of powers, but it felt like she was a sort of weekly throwaway with the treatment she got. Being a newer character with less of a backstory, it is not surprising that she didn’t get a quality backstory or even too many decent scenes. She was more of background filler because they had to have a villain for the episode.

The Flash - Crazy for You
Intense glares are scarier than we are.


Easter Eggs:

Linda Park: Her inclusion is very important because she is the future wife of future speedster Wally West. While the inclusion of Wally West should mean the death of Barry Allen, It would be interesting to see how they try to make this work, or for how long they might keep Barry Allen dead.

Let me make you jelly, Iris.
Let me make you jelly, Iris.

You’re not the only one who understands vibrations: Cisco Ramon is destined to become Vibe, arguably one of the worst superheroes ever created. In the comics, he is able to create sonic waves of considerable force. It is unclear if/when he will become this character and how the transition will happen, but this was an interesting nod to that future.

I guess I am faster than a speeding bullet: Just a fun jab at the friendly rivalry The Flash has with Superman over being the fastest man alive.

Cisco is wearing a Big Bang Theory t-shirt: It is funny because The Flash is the group’s favorite superhero on Big Bang, and they always try to dress up as him when there is a costume party.

Hush Comics gives ” Crazy for You” a B+ for more references to the future of Cisco, amping up screen time for Caitlin, and teasing more of Gorilla Grodd.

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