Shut Up and Take My Money: Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

The money in our bank account is limited, so how unfair is it that there are endless gadgets, collectibles and toys out there that demand to be purchased? Let us help you sift through the crap, so you don’t can save that hard-earned cash for the things that deserve it. In other words, we give you the power to go to the counter and say, “Shut Up and Take My Money!”


Item: Gunnar Advanced Computer Eyewear

What it is: Now that school is back in session, it’s that time again to spend hours in front of the computer studying and typing papers. If you are anything like me, not only will you be spending tons of time on the computer, the majority of your downtime will be spent in front of the television or computer screen playing video games. These glasses are a god-send for those of us that get eye-strain from those long hours in front of the screen. According to Gunnar’s website:

“GUNNAR computer eyewear is engineered to reduce digital eye strain while increasing contrast, comfort, and focus. All GUNNAR glasses include our patented lens technology with our proprietary shape to protect your eyes from drying air currents, enhanced focusing power to improve detail for clearer vision, and custom tints and coatings to filter out harsh artificial light and glare.”

How Much it Costs: With different styles coming and going along with accompanying sales going on at different websites the lowest that I have found a pair for is around $50 and they go all the way up to $150. If you have to get them with a prescription the website tops out at $350 for some of the higher end models, but lands pretty comfortably in the low $200 dollar range for most of the models. If you don’t have to get prescription, or can wear contacts like I do, I highly recommend looking for a sale on non-RXed models.

Is It Worth It?: If you sit in front of a computer for school or work or spend a considerable amount of time playing video games, then I would highly recommend buying a pair. I bought these on a whim and wasn’t sure they would be of any real value but after spending many late nights of writing code for classes I came to realize that my eyes felt much better on the nights when I wore these glasses. I also noticed that I could wear my contacts longer without getting a headache from dry eyes due to these glasses as well. These are something I would definitely recommend to have lying around the computer/gaming desk.

Robert doesn't just own GUNNARs, he swears by them.
Robert doesn’t just own GUNNARs, he swears by them.

Bottom Line: If you spend any time in front of a screen consider buying a pair. With such a low price point for entry, even if you aren’t crazy about them you still won’t have wasted a ton of money for something that can improve your overall eye health. Otherwise I see no reason to buy these, unless you are a D-bag or middle schooler that likes to wear colored lenses for absolutely no reason.

Written by Robert Michael