Community Review – “Intro to Recycled Cinema” S6E8


Chief Starr and the Renegades of the Galaxy: I really wish there was a way to see this whole movie. #whoisglipglop

Elroy: He may have only had like three or four lines, but they were all hilarious. My personal favorite was his question about how a green pool ball with a “3” on it got into his RV and what sport it was from. He’s like Pierce, but the writers don’t hate him so he’s not a pompous lonely old racist. He’s just funny.

Jeff vs. Chris Pratt: It’s no secret that Jeff obsesses over any other person, particularly men, who have an allure or are seen as more charming, talented or handsome than himself. Abed’s movie needed a “Chris Pratt Type” and once his name came up Jeff kind of just went on a downward spiral from there. He apparently has a strange fixation with Pratt, and his accusation that he was given CG muscles in Guardians of the Galaxy was hilarious.



Who are These People: Each time I watch a new episode of Community, I notice that the characters have drifted further and further from who they once were. While I like Frankie and Elroy, I think maybe the balance of the group really can never be the same without Troy, Shirley, and maybe even Pierce. I can accept that things will never again be what they once were with Community, but this week’s episode kind of solidified the feeling that this is not the study group we once knew. They were once cool people with bright futures who ended up at a community college. These people, while funny and loveable, are losers.

Individual Plot vs. Overarching Storyline: While the individual episodes have been funny and had pretty good plotlines the overarching story that is supposed to drive each one is weak. “Intro to Recycled Cinema” was a good example of just that. Of course they are all jealous of Chang’s Hollywood success, but they make Abed’s movie in an attempt to get $500,000 for Greendale, to save it. Even though it is still operating throughout all of this.


Final Ramblings:

I’ve said it enough already, but Community isn’t what it used to be. The lack of original cast members does have an effect, and maybe Greendale has gone through too much to pretend to operate like a normal(ish) place anymore. Community is still funny, the group is still a loveable gang of ragtag misfits but something just doesn’t fit the way I hoped it would. When I’m looking for pros to write in my reviews I find that I can come up with individual moments that were great (Abed in the Frisbee pile) but I struggle to find real and true story elements that meant something or took the episode to great places. The show just seems to be chaos now. Funny, funny chaos.


Hush Comics gives “Intro to Recycled Cinema” a B- because while it was funny the plot may have lacked motivation.

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