Chris Pine Joining the DCCU – but as Which Character?

His new name shall be Capatin Kirk Steve Lantern.
His new name shall be Capatin Kirk Steve Lantern.

Do you like Chris Pine? Of course you do, everybody does. Well now you can prepare to see a whole lot more of him.

Not only has Pine signed on for a fourth Star Trek movie, but it seems the rumors about his place in the DCU had some truth to them. Last month there were conflicting reports, one that Pine would play Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman’s love interest in her upcoming movie. The other was that he was being looked at to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern… remake? Reboot? I’m going to go with Re-do.

Either way, it came out today he has apparently been offered both roles, and once he makes his decision, DC will plan accordingly. This is a very odd choice, it is rare that a studio wants an actor regardless of which character he will play and both roles will have such great and differing impacts on the DCU. Rumor at this point is that Pine is more keen on playing Hal Jordan, but we will keep you posted with updates as more news breaks.

What do you think about Chris Pine in the DC Cinematic Universe? Who would you rather see him play?

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Star Trek: Into Darkness Review

Movie Review – Star Trek: Into Darkness

Genre – Sci-fi, Adventure
Director – J.J. Abrams
Cast – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch
Alluring element – The next edition of one of the most beloved space-adventure franchises of all time
Check It Out If You Liked – Star Trek (new and old), Star Wars, Pretty much anything with the word “Star” in the title
SCORECARD (each category ranked on a 10-point scale):
Plot – 8
Acting – 9
Representation of Genre –10
Cinematography – 9
Effects/Environment – 10
Captivity – 9
Logical consistency – 8
Originality/Creativity – 7
Soundtrack/Music – 8
Overall awesomeness – 9


Fellow Hushers… I am ashamed.  As the closing credits rolled for Into Darkness I felt only SHAME coursing through my veins!  …Shame upon MYSELF!!  Shame that I, a self-proclaimed sci-fi buff have not given more of my devotion to the glorious story that is Star Trek.  As some of you may be aware, I’m a ride-or-die Star Wars fan.  I’ve been using this fact to excuse my vast lack of knowledge about all things Star Trek for some time.  I’ve never seen an entire season of any one of the many TV series and I’ve only seen one Star Trek movie – the 2009 reboot and predecessor to Into Darkness.  At the same time, I’m not completely ignorant.  I do know all the major characters and their roles, I’ve got a decent hold of the different alien species and planets, and I understand the premise of Star Fleet and the basic storyline.  I’ve got the fundamentals, you could say.  After seeing the newest Star Trek film, I am no longer satisfied by having just the fundamentals.  Into Darkness has convinced me to cut the excuses and dive headlong into the vast body of the Star Trek universe.  I vow that before the end of the year I will join the ranks of Trekkies out there.  My point being – Star Trek: Into Darkness is an awesome film and you’d be a damned fool to miss it.  Keep in mind folks that this is all coming from a SW Fan Boy.

Into Darkness starts out with the Enterprise crew as we left them at the end of Abrams first Star Trek film. Kirk, Spock, Uhura, Bones, Scotty, Chekov, and Sulu are all in action and on a mission!  The opening sequence lands the team on planet Nibiru.  A vibrant and bizarre jungle world with an indigenous and underdeveloped population whose very existence is threatened by an enormous volcano on the verge of a massive eruption.  Not only that, but those same natives the team is out to save happen to be quite unfriendly and aggressive.  Mix in that the Enterprise crew cannot allow themselves (or their vastly superior technology) to be seen by the locals and it all makes for an amazingly captivating start.  The film then transitions into what will be the main plot.  We’re taken back to Earth and in London where a devious and mysterious plan begins to take form under the direction of one man – John Harrison.  Harrison begins committing acts of deadly terror aimed at Star Fleet.  This eventually kicks Kirk and crew into gear to go out and hunt this man down.  And to aid him in his mission Star Fleet Admiral Marcus provides the Enterprise with new, top-secret torpedoes.  This all seems great to Kirk, but to the Enterprise’s lead engineer, Scotty this all seems very, very bad.  Let me tell you from personal experience folks, it’s not a good idea to ignore an engineer’s recommendation.  As the manhunt gets underway, the situation evolves as stunning revelations begin to surface.  Before long the Enterprise team is faced with extreme challenges that if left unbeaten could throw the entire galaxy into unfathomable chaos and destruction.

I loved the 2009 Star Trek.  It was so well executed in the way it allowed for new fans and old fans to enjoy the revamp without tarnishing the origin stories.  The bar was set high for the imminent sequel.  Well, as high as a “sequel bar” can possibly be set, because, face it, sequels are never better than the original.  Right?-WRONG!  Okay, 99 percent of the time the sequel isn’t better, but folks I’ve got to say that Into Darkness may be part of that 1 percent (and this is a 1 percent I’m actually willing to get behind).  At the very least I’d say that it was of equal caliber.  This is not to say that Into Darkness was just more of the same.  The movie makers did a great job of taking familiar characters in a well-established universe and creating something new.  Again, I can’t speak in context to ALL of the Star Trek stories, but in relation to the 2009 Star Trek this new film was just as exciting and intense.  I’ll go out on a limb and say that fans more dedicated than I were pleased with, or at least appreciated, what Abrams and team put together.  [SPOILER ALERT: I especially think true fans will appreciate the surprising twist of John Harrison’s true identity.  Though I’ve never seen the movie, every nerd in the galaxy knows the merciless and deadly cunning of…KHANNN!!! END SPOILER ALERT]

The whole film felt like one big roller coaster ride – if you like roller coasters that is.  So many things went right!  The action scenes were powerful, but not overwhelming.  The plot drove the movie and in good pace.  The effects stunningly accentuated every detail and moment.  The characters undergo constant growth and development.  The bad guys are relatable which makes them scarier.  Oh now I’m just gushing. <<both hands on cheeks>>  It’s difficult to find critique in this film.  I will say that some aspects of the story were predictable and others somewhat misplaced.  None of it is distracting, however, and all of it carries purpose.  I wish I had a Trekkie sitting next to me as I wrote this so I could ask their opinion and critique of Into Darkness, but to the average sci-fi lover’s mind and eye, this film is excellent.  Hush Comics gives Star Trek: Into Darkness an 87 out of 100.  This summer is going to be hot people, and I’m not talking about the weather.  Start off in great fashion by going to see Into Darkness in theaters.  Being a Fan Boy, my usual sign off is “may the Force be with you.”  But, just this once I’ll leave you with “live long and prosper.”  Hush on Hushers!

Written by Taylor Lowe