Arrow Review – “Broken Arrow” S3E19

Arrow came back this week with a bang. There were a lot of surprises and a few disappointing moments. Let’s get to it!


Roy’s prison fight: The one thing I will miss most about Roy are his often fight scenes. His fight in the prison is one of the best I have ever scene. I could do that every week. It almost makes me sad he broke out of the prison. The only thing that was dumb was the line, “these are my arrows” because that is just silly.

Ray and Oliver: Oliver’s speech to Ray about the dangers of relying on his suit was pretty powerful, and I am sure it will prove to be important in the future. But the best part was when Oliver controlled the ATOM suit while Ray fought Deathbolt. Sweeeet!

Roy’s plan: Roy, Felicity, and Diggle planned Roy’s prison escape way before Oliver could interfere. It was a pretty brilliant plan. And since actor Colton Haynes is leaving the show, it makes a lot of sense that Roy needs to leave Starling City for good. But it is pretty sad.

Malcolm brings up a good point: Malcolm tells Oliver that his days as Arrow are over. This is the most honest thing said during the episode. Arrow cannot exist in a city that hates him. Unless Barry Allen turns back time, and then this whole season will be for naught. Also, Ra’s will start killing Ollie’s loved ones. If that isn’t the truth, I don’t know what is.

Arrow - "Broken Arrow"

Ray: I was pretty annoyed with Ray at the beginning of the season. But now he is one of my favorite characters. He is a genius, but he is also happy and funny. It is rare for someone to be happy on the show. He was excited for he and Oliver to team up (which Oliver was not as excited, and a good use of humor), and he did pretty well saving the day. So when Felicity hugged Oliver just a little too tightly at the end and Ray looked hurt, I was pretty upset. Thanks for finally getting to me, Brandon Routh.

Arrow - "Broken Arrow"

Thea gets some truth: When searching her place, Detective Lance tells Thea she is either complacent or the most naïve girl he has ever met. I gotta agree there. She is both, but mostly naïve. Especially when she went all out on Ra’s at the end. What did she think was going to happen.

Arrow - "Broken Arrow"

Thea’s end: She obviously will come back in the Lazarus Pits and then be Speedy, but the fight scene and stabbing were surprising nonetheless, and in a good way.

Laurel: Because she was barely in it.


Deathbolt: It seems like a pretty big deal that A) Meta-humans are in Starling City and B) he is not a meta-human because of the particle accelerator. They barely even focused on him, and he looked like lame Cyclops.

Screwy timeline: Ray and Felicity pick up where they left off in last week’s Arrow, and don’t discuss their trip to Central City in The Flash at all. Additionally, they talk about the “love” incident. I would like to think that was talked about before they took a trip to a different city together.

The Flashbacks: I know that all the flashbacks are leading up to something big, and we have five episodes to go still, but I am getting bored of the story line. I don’t feel like it is leading anywhere as of the moment. Not to mention, Amanda Waller just isn’t believable.

Captain Lance: I understand that Captain Lance is mad about Sara. But is treatment of Team Arrow is absolutely unprofessional.

General Population: Why in the hell would a high-profile criminal like Roy be in general population? While I appreciate the prison fight scene, there is no way a guy like that would be out with the public.

Felicity needs self-defense: If Felicity is going to run off into danger, then she needs to learn to at the least break away and run. It was really frustrating watching her be choked by Deathbolt.

Easter Eggs:

Meta-human: Deathbolt got his powers when a plane he stole was struck by lightning over Arizona.


Oliver will become the demon head to bring back Thea… and others: Thea and Sara will both come back via the Lazarus Pits when Oliver finally decides that being the head of the League of Assassins is the coolest duty in the DC Universe.

Detective Lance will die: Storywise, there is nowhere for him to go. He can’t spend his whole life with a vendetta. He has got to go.


Hush Comics gives “Broken Arrow” a B+ for some really shocking and game changing moments, but for lack of detail to the smaller things.

All images belong to The CW and DC Entertainment and are credited to Cate Cameron.